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Who owns getresponse

GetResponse labels itself as the world’s easiest email marketing software to use to send out email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys and follow-up autoresponders.

GetResponse offers plenty of powerful features that have exceeded what most marketers would expect from an email marketing service provider.

There are a lot of unique features that make GetResponse stand out, not least of which are the landing page creator and the ability to engage your contacts through live Webinars.

GetResponse offers a variety of premium email marketing plans. There’s also a free trial plan that you can try for free for 30 days and build an email list of up to 250 subscribers.

Back in 1998, an 18-year old polish man set out to create an email-marketing program that would change the digital world forever.

The founder was Simon Grabowski, and that year he named his company Implix with GetResponse as the primary product. GetResponse would later become the company’s official name in 2014, an indication that the flagship product would be the main focus going forward.

GetResponse serves more than 350,000 paying customers in 182 countries around the world and reports over 1 billion subscribers every month.

Simon Grabowski is the CEO and founder of GetResponse. With only $200 in his pocket, Simon created the first version of GetResponse in 1998 to solve a business problem he needed an easy way to build an email marketing list and send drip content to customers at preset intervals.

The product worked so well that Simon established GetResponse with the mission to bring big-company technologies to small businesses. Over the years, his vision and leadership has attracted a team of over 300 highly-skilled employees to create an innovative online marketing platform known for great design, simplicity, and an unmatched user experience.

With more than 15 years in the industry, GetResponse has grown to become one of the easiest to use platforms for:

  • Creating and tracking email campaigns

  • Creating landing pages that convert

  • Creating marketing automation that enables you to individual target customers with information that’s relevant and valuable to them

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