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Is funnel scripts worth it

Russell Brunson, the founder of Click Funnels, has once again given the “little guy” powerful online marketing tools previously unavailable.

His new software, Funnel Scripts, makes copywriting a cakewalk. Entrepreneurs without access to an expensive copywriter can now have a high-quality copy with the click of a button.

Let’s face it.  Copywriting can make or break your business. So many people seemed like they had everything right but they still fail. Why? It’s the copywriting.

To be honest, I was worried when I realized that what stood between me and success was a high-quality copy.

I’m not a copywriter and whether I paid a professional or spent countless hours teaching myself, I knew it would be a huge investment.

That was until I learned about Russell Brunson’s new software, Funnelscript.

The software is so easy to use.

All you have to do is enter some information about your product and Funnel Scripts does the rest. It’s that simple. If you’re like me, you hate writing.

I would be happy if I never had to know a thing about copywriting and Funnel Scripts makes that a reality.

Just ten minutes, I can have high quality copy for all my online marketing needs.

Just to name a few, Funnels scripts can create

  • Sales Copy

  • Call to Action

  • Video Sales Letter Scripts (VSL)

  • Lead Capture Scripts

  • Webinar Scripts

  • Special Offer Scripts

  • Facebook Newsfeed Scripts

  • Email Scripts

  • Headline & Subject Lines

With Funnel scripts, I’m able to take my product to the next level.

Funnel scripts: Is it perfect?

Funnel Scripts isn’t the first software to offer copywriting services, but it is one of the few that offer such a high level of customization and efficiency.

Is it perfect? No, few softwares are. But if one thing is certain, Funnel Scripts absolutely comes through on its promise to deliver fast, easy and high-converting copy without the need to hire an expensive copywriter.

Afterall, Funnel Scripts is the only legitimate way to avoid spending massive amounts of time and money on copywriting.

Ultimately, not investing in Funnel Scripts leaves you with two options:

  1. Invest tons of time and money until you find a script that converts.

  2. Hire an expensive copywriter (with no guarantee on ROI)

Why start from scratch when you can unlock the copywriting secrets of Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards for LIFE with Funnel Scripts?

To be perfectly honest, there’s no one else I’d rather learn copy from than Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards… But that brings up a good point, Funnel Scripts does not require you to learn copywriting from scratch.

Russell and Jim decided to combine their copywriting knowledge into a Monster-software package that does most of the heavy lifting for you.

For me, that was enough reason to join Funnel Scripts immediately when I first found out about it. On top of that, the fact that they over-deliver with so many unreal bonuses makes the decision a no-brainer.

People have paid $25K to learn the information inside Jim’s Copywriting Secrets, Master Class, alone! And that’s just one of the many bonuses that comes with the one-time purchase of Funnel Scripts.

After using Funnel Scripts for over a year now, I’d recommend for any online business owner to seriously consider the one-time investment for lifetime access to Funnel Scripts.

In my experience, it pays for itself with the first script you use. Still not convinced it’s worth the price?


Funnel Scripts being an online copywriting software by Jim Edwards has gotten quite a lot of of popularity over the years.

Plus the free version which comes as free headline generator for your funnels and pages is cool for those stuck on what to write. Well, if this tool is worth it or not depends on the level of your business and what you desire to achieve.

Funnel Scripts is definitely worth it if you plan mixing your own copy creativity into your business. As Funnel scripts can only get you so far.

It'll help guide you and give you inspiration on your overall copywriting. Remember it's a software and not a human. Having someone that knows what they're doing and what works for you specific market and actually does the research will get your further.

The thing is Funnelscripts was meant to be a quick start in writing your own copy. It will get you an idea of what to write and the structure.

However, hiring a copywriter will get you a message your audience will relate to and understand. It will move your audience to take the desired action and buy from you. Or if possible tweak it yourself to be more human after getting that of Funnel scripts.

Funnel Scripts not only help a total noob, provides copy that converts. It saves time.

As I’ve grown in business, the importance of outsourcing and using time savings tools has been key to my success.

You can quite literally have a sales letter typed up in minutes using the power of Funnel Scripts. Then you tweak from there.

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