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How does Funnel Scripts Work

Funnel Scripts is a platform that aims to replace your copywriter by providing you with custom sales copy for everything from sales pages to webinars and email sequences.

Funnel Scripts is your ten-minute solution for a very expensive and time-consuming problem: the copywriting you need for your business.

Ten minutes. That’s all it takes to generate a sales letter, the perfect headline, or an email using this software. Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours on writing your own copy to find out it doesn’t convert. Or hiring an expensive copywriter and hoping the sales letter converts.

Most professional copywriters charge a hefty amount, somewhere between $10,000-15,000 per sales letter.

Funnel Scripts:  How to Make Your Copywriting Easier 

The features just keep on coming. You will find some more useful features on the hidden bonus section that is right below “Navigation”. This section contains:

  • 5 fast shared funnels This includes pre-built funnels for different niches that you can import immediately into your Click Funnels account.

  • Copy writing secret master class & Inception secrets Both of these include recorded videos related to the art of selling to give you a better insight into marketing.

  • Funnel blueprints This unique feature can be downloaded into PDF format and it is exactly as the name suggests, a blueprint to using the different funnel scripts. It outlines different types of funnels and tells you exactly which script you should be using at what point in the funnel. This makes the user experience much more convenient

How Does Funnel Scripts Work?

Once you purchase Funnel Scripts, you’ll immediately get access to the software.

When you access and log into your Funnel Scripts dashboard, you will see 60+ scripts, 6 script wizards and a ton of bonus material at your disposal.

Ready to purchase Funnel Scripts?  Then go ahead and skip the yearly membership with their lifetime special offer.

Script Types

As you can it’s easy to generate a script using this platform. Now I would like to quickly show you the script types that you can generate. As you can see by the side bar above, there is a vast range of scripts available at your disposal which are grouped into a number of categories.

Let’s start at the top and work down.

  • Sales Copy & Video scripts . These include scripts for order bumps, one-time offers, and webinars.

  • Case Studies & Testimonial scripts These will assist in allow you to create compelling testimonials and case study stories.

  • Bullet scripts also include just a handful of scripts for creating bullets for sales pages, emails, and landing pages. Here you’ll find templates for ‘Brunson Bullet scripts’ and ‘FBM Bullet scripts.

  • Advertising scripts great for facebook ad copies to help define your audience and increasing conversions.

  • DotCom Secrets scripts are are based on Russell’s earlier book called DotCom Secrets, which is a good introduction for anyone looking to use sales funnels and how they work. This can include templates to use for Amazon affiliates etc.

  • Content Creation scripts allows you to easily create content by inputting key words. It can cover a how range of niches allowing you to generate compelling content to assist your audience in a purchasing decision. E.g. great for generating ‘Free Reports’ to use as Lead magnets.

  • Email scripts are to be used for your emails (duh!), whether it be for one-time broadcasts or automated sequences. This section includes templates such as ‘Auto Follow-Up’ and ‘Onboarding Email Sequence’.

  • Expert Secrets scripts: a These are based on Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets book which goes through how to use funnels to profitably market your products and services.

  • Title & Headline scripts this assist you in generating relevant titles and headlines you can include through out your emails, sales pages and blog posts etc.

  • Sales Letter scripts this allows you to quickly generate sales letters for your bridge pages. Whether it’s both short and long-form sales letters, you can quickly draft and publish high converting sales letters. .

  • OFA scripts these are the exact scripts used through out the One Funnel away challenge course. It’s all based on Hook, Story and Offer, as well as building your ‘Offer Stack’.

How To Use Funnel Scripts

Here is an quick inside look on what’s inside Funnel Scripts. Each script inside comes with a Video tutorial, and the layout is user friendly. Also the system for using all the features are the same.

Each script will guide you to quickly complete a form to help tailor the script for your sales page. An example of this form is below.

Also, when building a call to action script they go even deeper which allows you to get a more unique script on your hands.

See below what i’m talking about.

Then once you complete the form, you will be prompted by the software to automatically generate your sales copy script.

Then once you click the ‘Build Button’ you sales copy page will show like this, which is ready for you to copy and paste straight away!

Boom! You’ll have a script in no time to copy and paste to your sales page. My favorite function is just not just creating the sales scripts. It’s the Lead generation scripts where they tailor your optin pages to suit Cold, Warm and Hot Leads.

It’ optimizes your prospects right from the start and this gives you the best chance or converting leads whether they are hot, warm or even cold! Check out the picture below, it’s pretty awesome how this software can generate catchy lead magnet headlines for you.

Features of Funnel Scripts

The software comes with a bunch of tools that make your work easier and it is all very organized. Once you hit the dashboard you will see a ton of things. Don’t get overwhelmed, because there is a lot to take in on the first go.

But all the features are easy to understand and easier to use:

Readable Copies

The copies come out extremely well written and readable. Allowing you to save a lot of money by not hiring a professional copywriter. And there is almost every type of sales script available here that you can think of. This includes-

  • Expert scripts

  • Bullet scripts

  • Advertisement scripts

  • Sales Copy and Video scripts

  • DotCom scripts

  • Email scripts

  • Sales Letter scripts

Funnel scripts can help you make all these different types of scripts in an easy and less time-consuming way.

Downloadable Wizards

The downloadable feature allows you to work offline and create scripts. These downloadable scripts are the larger scripts which is why they have their separate versions that you can download and run on your computer.

This contains large scripts like the perfect webinar wizard, the VSL wizard, and even a master class wizard. These are actual profit-making, done, and tested scripts used by professionals.

For instance, the perfect webinar wizard is the same webinar format that Russel Brunson founder of ClickFunnels uses to sell all his information products.

Once you click on the wizard, you will find a tutorial video on the top that explains what that wizard is and how to best use it. For each copy, you are required to answer about 70 questions.

The more information the software has about you and your business the better engaging copies it can provide. Instead of starting from scratch these questions will help structure your script according to who you want to sell to and the offer you are providing.

Once done, the file will be saved as Word or PDF format. The numbers of scripts and wizards are updated all the time. It started off with 2 wizards and 19 scripts and now has over 6 wizards and 60 scripts. So, you are bound to find the right template and script for your business.

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