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Funnel scripts example

Funnel Scripts is a type of copy-generating SaaS platform by marketing pros Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson, and is a product under ClickFunnels. 

The two share their ideal and most effective draft scripts to help users create compelling and marketable copy that is engaging for audiences and can lead to conversions. 

The sales copies they help users create are based on the user’s target market, user needs, challenges, and issue-- all centered around how one’s product or service can solve them all.

What does Funnel Scripts look like?

The moment you log into your Funnel Scripts account (i.e. after you purchase a membership) you’ll be bombarded with quite a lot of content-- this could be a good or a bad thing.

On one hand, there are a massive amount of features and walkthroughs that could be valuable. On the other, the learning curve is a little intimidating.

You’ll be able to use a number of quick-start videos to learn how to use Funnel Scripts, and the videos are quite comprehensive. The downloadable wizards are neatly listed below the quick-start guides. The sidebar is where most of the action happens. 

There, you can access your dashboard, the Funnel Scripts blog (tutorials, updates, etc.), a number of popular scripts, and more. The scripts are broken down into subtypes, including Expert Secrets scripts, DotCom Secrets scripts, etc. 

Once you click on a script, you’ll be taken to a base page for that specific script that is accompanied by a video tutorial. Once finished, simply start the template process and fill in the required fields with your desired information. 

The input fields provide a somewhat adequate direction for you to take with the copy. Once finished, you only need to click “build” and wait for the template to generate your fresh new copy.

Funnel Scripts will save you time and money when creating content online.

I use Funnel Scripts for my clients’ (and my own) content for: websites, sales letters, sales funnels, email headlines, email content, webinar headlines, webinar scripts, social media posts, blog posts, video scripts, Facebook™ ads, and more.

If you don’t feel you have the knowledge, time, or money to write content that converts

This is one of the best valued software products on the market to help you write content. It will save you SO MUCH TIME!

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