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How to get getresponse api key

An Application Program Interface (API) is used by one program to manage another by remote control. For instance, with an API key you can access GetResponse Web services and manage contacts individually or in bulk operations and provide access to summary campaign results.

In order to use GetResponse API an API KEY is required.

  • GetResponse users can obtain it from my account section after logging into the GetResponse account.

  • GetResponse360 users should login to server with owner privileges and visit "My account" → "Use GetResponse API".

Warning: Please note that the API KEY unambiguously identifies your account and allows all who know this very API KEY to manage contacts, messages etc. Please keep your API KEY safe and do not share it with any unauthorized persons.


  • GetResponse users should use URL.

  • GetResponse360 users have a unique URL that will be provided to them by an Account Manager.


GetResponse API is JSON-RPC based and supports both 1.0 and 2.0 (with Notifications and Batches) specifications.

Installation & Setup

Step 1. Install Extension

Step 2. Obtain GetResponse API Key

  1. Discover your API key over at See for assistance.

Step 3. Setup API key

Non Subscribers:

  1. Navigate to wp-admin->Leads->Settings->Extensions

  2. Input GetResponse API Key (found here)

Inbound Now Subscribers:

  1. Navigate to wp-admin->Inbound Pro->Settings->Extension Settings

Step 4. Setup Inbound Form

After saving your api keys access wp-admin->The Inbound Now Plugin You Are Extending->Create Forms and open/edit the Inbound Form you would like to integrate GetResponse with.

Click the checkbox to enable GetResponse integration for this form and then select which list your would like form submissions to be sent towards.

Map Your Fields!

When creating our Inbound Form Fields we need to make sure they are mapped to the correct field type so our extension knows what they are and can tell that the first name field represents the leads’ first name, and last name is set correctly to the last name field map.

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