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Getresponse nameservers

Public nameservers are what identifies a certain web hosting server to the other computer that are trying to access content on that server. Nameservers would only be changed if the website was being moved to a different hosting provider.

They may initially be moved if the domain name is maintained by one hosting provider but the website will actually be hosted with another. Either way, a change in nameservers means relocation of a website to another host.

Domain Name System (DNS) is a public resource of information about a domain that only the domain owner can edit. The DNS holds relevant details for sending email on behalf of a domain, such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC policy records.

When you want your domain name to appear in your GetResponse landing page URL, you need to update the nameservers (configure DNS) to point your domain to our DNS server.

Note: Use a subdomain for your landing pages if you have a website at your root domain.

Landing pages are one of the list building options you can use in your GetResponse account. They let you encourage visitors to check out your products and services and sign up to your list.

You can use one of the professionally-designed templates or build your own from scratch.

It's very easy to be able to assign your own domain or sub domain to a landing page that you create with GetResponse ,and you're going to do that within the landing page settings.

That's after you actually create your page itself - you're going to make your way to the settings to configure for your landing page and here in the landing page URL settings is where you'll be able to set this up.

Tthere's a couple of things to note about this - the first is that utilizing a GetResponse sub domain for this landing page is always required basically in case anything ever happens with your own domain or your own website or the URL of your own that you give to this landing page.

The page can always be live on a sub domain hosted with GetResponse but of course if you want to be able to share this link that you assign with your own domain or subdomain.

That is what you would use, but you will always fill out this element here using a GetResponse sub domain and by default it takes the page title that you gave for your landing page and puts it here.

But you could of course edit this to be whatever you would like, and choose perhaps a different domain here if you don't want to use the one that's pre-selected.

But of course if you want to actually have your landing page also be associated with your own domain or sub domain you'll do that there just beneath as well.

Now another thing to mention before you actually do that is you remember if you do do this you need to go ahead and make some changes in your DNS settings for your domain or add a cname entry to your sub domain.

And so these texts here that I'm hovering on lead to great FAQ's, so it's very clear step-by-step instructions for how to change your DNS settings. So that if you pointed your domain to this landing page this would explain exactly how to do that.

So that whenever people visit your website, your domain, they would see this landing page that you have just created. Or if you're wanting this landing page to be associated with one of your subdomains then you would add a cname entry.

So you need to make sure that you make these changes before you expect for this landing page to be live on either your a domain or your subdomain because it can take usually around 24 hours, sometimes up to 48 hours for those changes to be propagated across the internet and for us to be able to see that these settings have been made properly.

So make sure you do this ahead of time before you really need for this landing page to be live on your own domain or sub domain.

And really quickly just in case there's any kind of confusion, just to clarify a domain is your, that's your domain, and a sub domain is simply of course like it sounds like a sub page of that domain.

So usually it could be something like blog dot or support dot

Pricing promo - different - it's a different space of your website because your domain is your home page, so if you expect for someone to go to your website your home page and see the landing page that you've created and GetResponse, then you should totally edit your DNS settings and set that up here.

But if it's a different page on your website, a sub domain that you have, you need to do the cname entry option.

So that's very important to do first, and then after you've made your settings you made your changes in your settings you can assign your own domain and set up the URL here.

You'll see there's a drop-down menu with some other domains and subdomains I've previously added. You can simply choose from one of these but you can see if I choose one and it's not yet active, so you can tell that they're still verifying the DNS record for this particular domain.

So it's not going to be active at this URL address of course, it's just an example, but you can see you would see this you'd also see this information.

If they were not able to verify the domain I would need to go back and double-check my DNS settings, so you'll have these ones that you've previously added in case you've done that before and this is where you would add a new sub domain or domain.

So if you wanted to simply add a new domain here you would just type in your domain com, if you would edit the DNS settings, or if it's going to be a sub domain for example you would write whatever the sub domain is.

Promo your domain com, if you've added the cname entry to your sub domain and so I'll just make this a little different because I've probably added this example before.

And you would just simply click Add and then you can see it goes ahead and it pre fills it for you and then you also see it's got this additional box here called a directory.

A directory is basically just like a page pad, and it's a really cool option. If you would like to be able to use one domain or one sub domain but have multiple pages actually hosted on that domain or set domain, this is most easily probably described if you had multiple products.

So if you were wanting to promote or highlight a few different products each with their own individual landing page, but you want the page hosted within a particular domain or sub domain, then you could just simply set up the directory here and this could be called product one.

And then you would be able to set this specific URL just like this up with your product one landing page and then you could create another landing page that's associated with promo one your domain com for example.

But it's a different product so it'd be product two for a different landing page so basically if you see this directory here as it shows it's completely optional.

But it's a cool idea to be able to host host multiple pages within one domain or sub domain, so that's what that means there,. So it's quite simple - the main things are to remember to change your settings first, and then choose your desired domain or subdomain or add a new one here.

And one other thing I want to show you about managing your domains for your landing pages, so we can assume this is set up as I would like it to go, and then I want to show you via my account.

You can go to domains and this is going to refer to your landing page domains that you have.

So this is an easy and kind of comprehensive area to be able to manage all of your domains because you saw whenever I was in the landing page settings that whenever I would select one of those domains from the drop-down it would give me this information.

But here we can see it all compiled compiled in one easy place, so you would see all of the status information here whether we're still checking the or if the domain was not able to be verified.

And you need to double check your settings.You'll also see by hovering over them you can remove them if you have some old domains or some domains you were simply testing you don't want to keep it too messy, you can simply remove them and of course I should let that if these are all testing domains so of course they're not active or verified.

But if you indeed did have some verified properly domains or subdomains they would simply be green checkmarks and you would see easily that they're active.

You're also able to add new domains or subdomains here as well so just remember it's very easy to access from my account domains access all of your landing page domains and manage them, add them, remove them, and check on the status.

But within the landing page manage and then be able to go to actions edit settings that's where you're going to be able to manage your the actual landing page URL settings that you have or whenever you're creating a new page.

And you make it to the settings, that's where you'll be and managing all of those as well so hopefully that's pretty simple and you all feel comfortable and ready to go ahead and set up some domains or subdomains.

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