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Funnel scripts bonuses

Copywriting may seem easy since anyone can write a simple English paragraph, but it is much more than that actually. You need to have the proper skills needed to write an effective copy that will definitely generate sales.

Funnel Scripts is one of the coolest services I've gotten a chance to play with. Writing copy has never been my strong suit, so I love how easy it makes it to help me write highly converting copy.

The Funnel Scripts program generates a first cut draft of your sales copy script based on Russell Brunson’s marketing strategies and tactics that he explains in his book Dot Com Secrets.

These sales scripts and strategies have made Russell tens of millions of dollars on the internet.

Quick individual scripts can be pumped out in just a few minutes in Funnel Scripts. Full sales copy can be completed and ready for your website / funnel in under an hour.

Funnel Scripts lets you quickly generate customised sales copy from Russell’s scripts for headlines, video scripts, email sequences, ad copy and even long form sales page copy.

It is as simple as completing four steps to generate your sales copy script:

  1. Choose the type of sales copy script that you need for your website / funnel.

  2. Fill out the necessary fields in the Funnel Scripts form.

  3. Submit the form within Funnel Scripts and let it do its magic.

  4. BOOM! Out pops your steaming hot sales copy with an 8 figure marketers tick of approval. Impressive, hey!

Once you’ve got the script that Funnel Scripts has generated, you can review it and make any tweaks that you want so that it flows to your liking before you release it to the masses!

Russell has gone one step further and made this process even easier by including a handout that tells you when to use each script within your sales funnel.

But wait. Russell hasn’t even stopped there. As a bonus for everyone who joins Funnel Scripts, you will also get access to his Inception Secrets training program which goes into detail about all the strategy and secrets behind Russell’s copy scripts and why they convert so well.

So if any of you have desires to learn more about writing direct response sales copy, this bonus course will give you some amazing value and insights to becoming a better copywriter – all with the help of Funnel Scripts to speed up the process 100x.

BONUS #1: Inception Secrets

In Inception Secrets, Russell teaches you the secrets to selling anything to anyone and making it feel like it was their idea to buy.

Originally, Russell created this material for an exclusive live training with select marketers.

Become a master of getting inside of peoples’ heads.

BONUS #2: 5 Fast Shared Funnels

As a cherry on top, Russell throws in five high-performing funnels, including…

  1. Sales Funnel – use it to sell a service, product, coaching…you name it.

  2. Webinar Funnel – use it to promote a LIVE or EVERGREEN webinar or virtual conference.

  3. Invisible Funnel – use this funnel to promote a paid webinar after the free webinar is already over.

  4. Opt-In Funnel – use it to get people to subscribe to your email list.

  5. Free + Shipping Funnel – this is the funnel Russell uses to promote his free books and other physical items where he just asks them to pay for shipping.

BONUS #3: Funnel Blueprints

One of the most common questions that Jim and Russell get is which scripts are best for their industry, but that’s really the wrong question to ask…

The right question to ask is which type of funnel you want to try, and then put together the right headlines and scripts like a set of LEGOs.

Funnel Blueprints walks you through each type of funnel that you’re going to create, for example…

  • Magic bullet funnel

  • Invisible funnel

  • Self-liquidating offer funnel

  • Sales webinar funnel

  • Invisible funnel

  • Opt-in funnel

….whatever it is, Funnel Blueprints will walk you through how to piece together all the right scripts into a killer sales funnel.

As a matter of fact, it literally tells you which scripts to use so you don’t have to do any guesswork.

BONUS #4: Copywriting Secrets Master Class

It’s one thing to be able to instantly craft compelling copy, but what if you want to branch off from what Funnel Scripts provides?

Or… maybe you want to hone your copywriting skills and start writing for other people…

Copywriting Secrets is a full-fledged training course on its own, and it’s included for FREE with Funnel Scripts.

Jim originally taught it live to the 2Comma Coaching X (CCX) Group, which people originally paid $25k to be a part of.

Here’s a look at the modules:

MODULE 1: Copywriting Basic Training

MODULE 2: Your Perfect Customer Avatar (F.R.E.D.)

MODULE 3: Proven Copy Tactics

MODULE 4: Structuring Amazing Offers

MODULE 5: Make Them Thirsty, Then Sell Them a Drink

MODULE 6: Mother of All Copywriting Q&As

Over the course of six weeks, Jim taught his students every secret he knows about copywriting…and it’s all included as part of Funnel Scripts.

BONUS #5: Live Monthly Webinar Trainings with Jim

Funnel Scripts does an amazing job of giving you everything you need to instantly succeed with sales copy…

But what if you want to understand what’s going on at an even deeper level?

Each month, Jim conducts live group training sessions where he teaches you how to get better at…

  • Writing sales copy

  • Using the scripts

  • Writing your ads

  • Building funnels

…all you’ve got to do is tune in.

Plus, you get access to several years worth of training archives to go through at your leisure.

Final Verdict

There is no better tool than funnel scripts for copywriting. It will write all types of copies for your funnels. Everything can be done in an automatic system. Those who thought that funnel scripts is expensive do not also have anything about the price.

This is because you are getting the huge bonuses with funnel scripts. Funnel scripts bonus will be included the premium level courses, tools, and templates. You would have to spend a lot of money if you want to buy those separately.

Clickfunnels authority deserves a great appreciation for the bonuses. So if you do not want to waste time for your scripts and copywriting, then buy the funnel scripts today. This bonus can be closed at any moment.

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