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Free Vs. Premium Builderall Affiliate

Builderall was created with the goal of bringing together in one platform all the tools necessary for a business of any size to be present in the digital world. The platform constantly receives new tools and/or updates to current tools, we are always seeking to improve the experience of our customers.

Builderall was first launched globally in 2017 and It was sales success. We were the first platform ever to put all the tools you need to create a real funnel in one dashboard and the public loved it!

But since we were the first ones who paved this road, we have found a lot of things that we should be doing better to compete with all other tools at the same time and deliver a solid platform so our customers can trust and rely on their businesses.

Aside from some new features and the amazing World's first Drag and Drop Real Funnel Builder, what we are bringing to the marketplace with Builderall 4.0 is a solid, robust, complete, modern, bug-free platform with cutting edge technology, so entrepreneurs around the world can be confident in building their businesses in our structure.

Affiliate Business

Builderall does not have just an affiliate program, we have a business program. Our affiliates promote Builderall as a perpetual offer and make of Builderall their own business just like an owner.

They bring their own affiliates, clients, and since we have a great customer retention rate and the 2nd tier leverage, they are step by step building a business and growing their solid and recurring monthly income!

Are Builderall Affiliates Getting Results?

Every Builderall Funnel Club user gets affiliation automatically approved. If you are not a Builderall user, you can still become an affiliate, but an application is required.

Builderall pays more than $1 million in commissions worldwide each month to thousands of affiliates. We have hundreds of affiliates earning more than 5 digits every month just with the Builderall opportunity, plus another 5 to 6 digits in their own businesses using Builderall tools.

How Can I Become a Builderall Affiliate For Free?

Typically, being a Builderall member requires $69.90 per month, but with Builderall’s Leveraged Affiliate Program, you can use the platform for free and still earn as an affiliate member.

Instead of paying to join, the Leveraged Affiliate Program works with a point-based system, and you earn points by generating more leads.

The program awards points for leads through one of two methods:

  1. Self-Consumption Points: For every dollar that you earn from using one of Builderall’s plans, you receive three points.

  2. Direct Sale Points: For every dollar that you earn from directly selling a Builderall Plan, you get one point.

If you can earn at least 140 points, you will earn commission on recurring sales and first-level sales with Builderall. Instead of paying for a Builderall plan and getting 147 points automatically, you’ll have to earn the 147 points yourself each month. If you don’t, you won’t be able to earn a commission.

Sign up with Builderall’s free 14-day trial and login to unlock the Leverage Affiliate module. You don’t need to provide credit card details to use the free trial.

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