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Builderall affiliate marketing

If you’re using Builderall for your business, you know how their comprehensive tools can help generate leads and increase your sales. But you see, Builderall isn’t just a marketing platform. It’s also an affiliate program that gives you an additional opportunity to earn money.

And by being part of this, you can earn commissions through sales and scale your business at the same time.

The Builderall Affiliate program is a two-tier system called the Builderall Business. The Builderall two-tier affiliate program means that members earn some commission when other affiliates that they have directly referred to the program sell Builderall plans.

Besides the lucrative benefits of the platform, its affiliate program is also quite a catch, attracting several marketers. Although the software is quite straightforward to use, the affiliate program may take a bit of time to get the hang of it.

Builderall affiliates earn three types of commissions from the program.

The personal sales commissions refer to the amount that you will gain from each of your customer’s first payment every time you make a sale in Builderall.

Every month, affiliates also earn some commission once their customer makes their monthly payment. These commissions are referred to as the personal sales recurring commissions.

Finally, as an affiliate, you will be able to make 2nd tier recurring commissions after your 2nd tier customers pay their monthly Builderall fees.

Affiliates can withdraw their personal sales recurring and 2nd tier recurring commission five days after the payment is made.

For the personal sales commissions, members have to wait for 35 days before they can withdraw their earnings. However, qualified affiliates get to withdraw their earnings after five days.

How much can you earn with builderall affiliate program?

Builderall sets the personal sales commissions at 100%.

This means that as an affiliate, you will make the total amount of your direct customer’s first payment of whichever plan they choose. Additionally, affiliates earn 30% for both the personal sales recurring and 2nd tier recurring commissions.

It is essential to state that affiliates don’t earn commissions from bringing in new affiliates. You can only make a commission after selling any of the Builderall plans to new customers.

With Builderall you don’t just get the tools. You also get in depth marketing training that will again save you thousands of pounds and help you to achieve your affiliate/business goals in the shortest time possible.

Who can join the Builderall affiliate program?

If I’m being truly honest, I’d say anyone who has internet access has the potential to be a successful affiliate. There’s absolutely no cost for you to get started, so you’ll never lose money. If you are:

  • A Builderall user who wants to earn back their monthly subscription fee (and maybe even more) while promoting something you already know works great…

  • An internet marketer who is looking for more opportunities to generate sales and earn money…

  • A full-time professional who is looking to add an income stream without sacrificing their career...

  • A business owner who wants to increase their business capital and practice their sales chops at the same time…

  • A newbie who wants to earn money by promoting a high-demand and easy-to-sell product...

  • Anyone who wants financial freedom…

Then you can be a Builderall affiliate. There’s no fancy certification required or upfront costs. All you need is dedication, and you can be successful.

How do you register to become an affiliate?

You can become a Builderall affiliate in five minutes:

1. Register You can read more about the affiliate program here. And once you’re sure you want to be an affiliate click the big button that says “BECOME AN AFFILIATE TODAY”.

2. Enter your details You’ll have to enter your name and email address, then create a password for your site. And once you press enter, you’ll get an option to upgrade to the Premium Plan. After that...

3. Congratulations! You’re officially a Builderall affiliate. You can start earning money when someone signs up using your link.

How do you get paid?

By clicking on Menu on the upper lefthand corner, you’ll see “Affiliates” which will take you to the Affiliate Dashboard.

From here, you can scroll down until you see a button that says “GET PAID”. Click on this to withdraw your commissions to your selected bank account or payment gateway.

There are two types of affiliates:

  • New Affiliates who have not earned at least $250 OR who has customers who haven’t been with Builderall for at least a month. They will have to wait 35 days before their payment clears for withdrawal.

  • Recurring affiliates who have earned at least $250 OR who have already waited 35 days for their first payment. They will only have to wait 5 days to withdraw their earnings.

No matter what type of affiliate you are, you will still need to set up your e-wallet to get paid. If you haven’t set it up yet, view the YouTube video on the Get Paid page.

Basically, you only have to enter your details as they appear on your legal IDs. After that, the company will email you with how you can proceed with the application. Once your details are verified, that’s it! You can start withdrawing your money.


Making money isn’t easy but with the Builderall Affiliate program, but you can earn depending on how much effort you will put into it. It won’t be easy but if you have a need to achieve goals and make the most out of it then Builderall Affiliate could be the right one for you.

Try to learn every bit of this system, business and perseverance, and for sure you will be a great affiliate of Builderall.

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