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Builderall Vs. Clickfunnels

If you’ve been running an online business for a while now, you must have heard of sales funnel builders and how you can use them to maximize your conversion rate.

Builderall and Clickfunnels are incredible sales funnel platforms that help businesses promote, sell, and deliver their products and services.

As a merchant, you have an excellent idea for a new product or service. You understand that this product will assist people, and this service will help life become easier. You want to bring your idea out there, introduce it to the world, and sell it online.

You’ve known about online sales funnel applications for funnel hacks such as Clickfunnels and Builderall, but you don’t know which one to choose? So right now, we’ll walk you through the details of each platform and help you come up with your decision.

What is Builderall?

Builderall is an internet marketing application that offers you all the essential tools to effectively operate an online business. They provide you with a website builder, a sales funnel builder, and an app creator.

In addition, the platform enables you to control your email subscriber/ email list, send an endless number of emails, generate membership sites, build blogs, and integrate with Facebook.

Builderall was launched in 2011. It has been drastically increasing popularity with businesses across the world for its cost-effective online marketing software. With over 20,000 happy users and 67,000 hosted domains, they are thriving on.

Builderall is an all-inclusive digital marketing platform that offers all the necessary tools required to manage an online business efficiently.

Eric Salgado developed Builderall in 2017 to enable small business owners and entrepreneurs to manage their marketing, sales processes, and online presence with ease. Though it is relatively new as compared to Clickfunnels, it is becoming a favorite among online marketers around the world.

At present, it has over 40,000 satisfied users and has published over 500,000 websites. Going by this data, they must be doing something right.

Whether you’re looking to build an attractive website, landing page, blog, mobile app, or sales funnel, Builderall allows you to do all of these in a single platform. It removes the need to purchase multiple marketing tools.

What is Clickfunnels?

Click funnels was born in 2014 to bring an all-in-one solution for e-commerce businesses. They have supported businesses in acquiring more prospects, driving more sales, and boosting their revenue through their prevalent high-converting sales and marketing funnels.

Creating funnels has never been easier based on the demands of your business. With the aid of funnel template designs, you can build and customize a funnel for each digital marketing aim. For instance, there are sales funnels, leads funnels, and events funnels.

It provides a number of pre-built templates and funnels sets that are easily customizable using its drag-and drops editor. You can also display these on your domain, add it to a site using HTML, and share on social media.

What’s the Main Difference Between Builderall and ClickFunnels?

The main difference between Builderall and ClickFunnels can be found on the homepage of each service’s website.

Builderall says, “All The Tools You Will Ever Need To Quickly & Easily Grow Your Business Online.”

ClickFunnels says, “Quickly Create Beautiful Sales Funnels That Convert Your Visitors Into Leads And Then Customers… (Without Having To Hire or Rely On A Tech Team!)”

When you put those headlines side-by-side, the main difference becomes quite obvious.

Builderall is sort of like a digital marketing agency as a service — they can help you build websites, organize sales, create product pages, and lots more.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, builds high-converting sales funnels.

And while ClickFunnels has a ton of other features that we’ll talk about here shortly, its real bread-and-butter is helping online entrepreneurs collect leads, sell products, and grow their business through the use of sales funnels.

Because here’s the thing: for new online brands that don’t have pre-existing trust in the marketplace, a website serves as more of a brick wall than a door…

It doesn’t help people make a decision… it confuses them.

And that’s why ClickFunnels created the sales funnel…

With a carefully crafted sales funnel, new online entrepreneurs can take a prospect who’s never heard of them before, build immediate trust, get their email address, and sell to them within just a few days!

Whereas a website is kind of like handing someone a business card and hoping they take action, a sales funnel is like guiding them personally through every step of the sales process, from A-Z.

And that’s where ClickFunnels shines.

Ultimately, Builderall builds websites with lots of neat features… and ClickFunnels builds high-converting sales funnels.

That’s the main difference.

Top Features of Builderall

Need info on what on the best features and what Builderall is used for? Great! Let’s dive into some of the top features it offers:

  • Email Marketing: Mailing Boss is Builderall’s very own email autoresponder service. You’ll have no limitation to the number of emails you send, or email campaigns you create. This tool will allow you to create engaging emails, target your potential clients, and then implement behavioral triggers to increase your conversions.

  • eLearning: If creating tutorials or online courses is on your agenda, this platform might just be the one for you. You can create tests, classes, individual lessons, and much more. It even enables you to lock your contents, which is excellent, as only a select number of users can have access to it after paying for it.

  • eCommerce: Whether you’re selling digital, physical, or affiliate products, this platform will help you do so. You’ll be able to build an all-in-one eCommerce business. It enables you to manage and promote goods, receive payments, and even create an affiliate program.

  • Customizable Templates: This software offers a wide selection of sophisticated and professional templates. Whether you’re trying to create a blog, website, landing page, or sales funnel, you’ll have no problem finding a template that fits your project.

  • Design Tools: You’ll also find a number of design tools to create interesting images and videos. Some of the tools include Image Spinner, Video editor, Photo Studio, and Design Studio.

  • Hosting: The software uses its own content delivery network and dedicated servers to host any pages or sites designed on its platform. This ensures that your content and website load faster, and downtime is as minimal as possible.

  • Membership Sites: Builderall allows you to create your own membership website, where you can charge people for a one-time or recurring subscription fee for accessing the content. Alternately, you can build a private area within your website and block access to specific posts and pages. To have access to it, users will then have to either login or make a payment.

  • Drag-and-Drops website & Sales Funnel Builder: The software offers 3 intuitive website builders, namely- Responsive Builder, Pixel Perfect Builder, and Mobile First Builder.

  • Webinars: The Webinar tool on this platform allows you to stream pre-recorded or live webinars from your site.

  • Integrations: It has integration with numerous third-party services and providers. These include Shopify, PayPal, Aweber, and many more.

  • Split Testing: You can split test your content, web pages, design elements, and sales funnel to find out which design works best for you.

  • App Builder: Lastly, the App Builder lets you build IOS and Android applications.

Top Features Of Clickfunnels

If you have been searching for what is Clickfunnels used for and what ere are some of the top features that Clickfunnels offer – here you have it:

  • Analytics: This tool inspects your funnels’ analytics and enables you to learn how your funnels are performing. Using this data, you can monitor your user behavior, page views, conversion rates, and much more.

  • Split Testing: It enables you to split test the text, colors, design elements, and any other characteristic of your funnels. In doing so, you’ll be able to find out which designs attract your audience, and more importantly, which design produces more conversions.

  • Integrations: Clickfunnels integrates with numerous third-party services and tools. These include Zapier, Shopify, and WordPress.

  • Email Marketing: You can link your account with various email marketing services like Hubspot, Aweber, MailChimp, etc. Similarly, by opting for their premium package, you can have access to Actionetics, which is a marketing automation tool.

  • Webinars: You can even host a webinar using one of their many webinar funnels.

  • Membership Site: Like Builderall, it offers numerous membership site funnels for you to advertise your website. Likewise, users will have to log in to access the content.

  • Backpack Affiliate Program: This feature enables you to manage and design an affiliate program of your own. With Backpack, you can track conversion and sales from your affiliate efficiently.

  • eCommerce: Promote and sell your products easily via funnels. Whether you’re selling digital or physical commodities, with this platform, you can receive payments online. It also integrates with ShipStation. If you ask me, this is a good option for those who want all their shipping and packaging taken care of.

  • Drag and Drop Funnel Editor: This feature enables you to customize each webpage of your funnel. Add design elements, alter the background, change texts, and much more.

  • Pre-built Templates and Funnels: It offers several pre-built templates and funnels, making it easier for users to design attractive and professional funnels. You can even pick a blank template to create your funnel from scratch.

  • Support: With their Clickfunnels knowledge base, you can have access to an extensive support videos, PDFs, and much more. You can even connect with their community via support forums, Youtube, and Facebook that will guide you through the process to scaling your business.

Builderall Vs. Clickfunnels: Drag & Drop Builder

Both platforms incorporate drag and drop tools for users to customize their templates easily.

Clickfunnel Drag & Drop Builder

Clickfunnels offer a single drag and drop option which is capable of customizing all the templates and funnels available.

That said, the software also incorporates a different funnel dashboard. Here you can personalize most of the funnel settings, how the site looks accross different devices, add new blocks, and even edit HTML & CSS of your site.

In other words, you’ll have it all. Within the editor, you can add various design elements to the funnel. You can even upload images and any media or look for stock photos from Iconfinder, Pixabay, and Unsplash. Additionally, you can incorporate videos from Vimeo, Wistia, and Youtube.

Builderall Drag & Drop Builder

Builderall offers 4 drag and drop editors, namely:

  • Pixel Perfect Editor

  • Responsive Editor

  • Mobile First Editor

  • App Creator

The Pixel Perfect option is Builderall’s original editor. If you opt for this editor, you’ll have to build your site three times – desktop version, tablet version, and mobile version.

For some, this might be a plus point as you can control how your site looks across different devices. While for others, it might be inconvenient to create three websites.

If you want the software to make your website responsive, go for the responsive editor option. With this editor, you only need you to create your website once. The rest of the tasks will be altered by Builderall to make your site responsive on all devices.

As the name suggests, the other two options are just as effective in creating apps or mobile-specific products.

Evidently, both platforms offer excellent builders that allow you to design stylish and professional sites and web pages. Therefore, personal preference will be the only deciding factor when it comes to choosing between the two tools.

Builderall vs Clickfunnels: Email Marketing

Email marketing service is another excellent feature found in both the platforms. It helps you to create email campaigns, send emails, target a specific audience, create autoresponder and much more.

Clickfunnel’s Email Tool – Actionetics

All your emailing needs can be solved straight from the Clickfunnels dashboard:

You can create lists, send emails, and automate your campagins.

What else you might need, right?

On top of that, Clickfunnels developed a simple follow-up tool known as Actionetics.

Although it enables you to easily design, operate, schedule, and send emails, it is more than an email autoresponder. Here are some other things you can do with it:

  • Track email metrics

  • Build follow-up funnels

  • Incorporate emails with funnels

  • Create email campaigns

Builderal’s Email Marketing Tool – Mailing Boss

Builderall’s email marketing system, Mailing Boss, lets you design, send emails, and design email campaigns with ease. You can make also make use of the pre-built design elements and email templates to make sure your emails are professional and attractive.

Some other useful features include:

  • Monitor campaign analytics

  • Add new subscribers manually

  • Track new subscribers

  • Send personalized emails

  • Target emails at a specific audience

More importantly, by using Zapier you can integrate Mailing Boss with over 10k apps. For example, Shopify, Facebook, MailChimp, Gmail, WordPress, and Webinar.

Builderall vs Clickfunnels: Price Comparison

The pricing option is another important area where both platforms differ. So, here’s how Clickfunnels & Buirdell compare with one & another.

Clickfunnels Pricing Plan

Clickfunnels provide 3 packages that include everything a funnel builder might need. & These include:

  • Startup($97/month): With this plan, you’ll have access to the editor, templates, and several other features. You’ll also be able to create 100 landing pages, twenty funnels, and gain up to 20k visitors a month. You can also connect or register with three domain names.

  • Etison Suite($297/month): With this premium package, you can access Actionetics, Backpack, create unlimited landing pages and funnels. Aside from these, you’ll also gain an unlimited number of visitors and connect as many domains as required.

  • Two Comma Club ($2,497/month): Well, if you are making 1 million a month, paying 2.5k a month is kind of nothing. And that’s also what Clickfunnels is famous for – boosting their user revenues through the roof. & this plan includes every feature you might need.

Builderall Pricing Plan

With Builderall, you’ll have two different packages to pick from. These plans are quite cheap as compared to Clickfunnels while providing excellent features. Their packages include:

  • Essential($69.90/month): With this plan, you’ll be able to link fifteen domain names, and use Mail Boss to deliver unlimited emails. You can also protect all your sites with SSL certificates and access all the apps.

  • Premium($69.90/month +$199 one-time fee): This is their flagship plan and is the perfect solution that will help companies and entrepreneurs to start and manage a successful business. The sites built using this package will get a premium CDN hosting, access to the affiliate program, and unlimited eCommerce sales.

Evidently, Builderall’s pricing options make it quite accessible and ensure that there is a package for every budget.

Clearly, Builderall is a relatively cheaper alternative with numerous applications and tools and is perfect for those building a new business or site on a budget.

Whereas Clickfunnels, although on the more expensive side, offers more advanced features, making it an ideal option for bigger companies looking to maximize their conversion rates.

Builderall Vs. Clickfunnels: Pros & Cons

Builderall Pros

  • Offers all the essential marketing tools one needs to manage an online business.

  • Affordable plans, making it suitable for every budget.

  • A user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to build sales funnels, websites, and blogs.

  • Features Mailing Boss, which is a high deliverability tool.

  • Offers a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Builderall Cons

  • You need to subscribe to their Business Plan to earn a commission for promoting the software.

  • It isn’t able to create responsive web pages. An essential factor to keep in mind when picking a builder since most of your audience won’t be viewing your page on a desktop. They would rather use their tablets or mobile phones instead.

  • Requires you to design three web pages to ensure that it looks decent on all devices.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • Offers a platform that allows you to build complete, multi-step funnels with upsells and down sells.

  • Has the Share Funnel feature, making it possible to share your funnels with anyone. Current users can access the funnel with just a click while non-users using your link to sign up will help you earn a commission.

  • Build membership sites with restricted contents that can be accessed by only those who pay for it.

  • Opting for the premium package enables you to use Actionetics and Backpack, which are both highly advanced features. The former can serve as an alternative for your existing email autoresponder while the latter allows you to design your very own affiliate program.

Clickfunnels Cons

  • Quite expensive if you’re on a budget. Just the basic plan costs $97/month while their premium package costs $297/month.

  • The basic $97 package doesn’t have Actionetics nor Backpack. You can create 100 landing pages, just 20 funnels, and gain 20k visitors per month.

  • Customer support can be a bit slow.

The final words

Are you ready to make your decision?

Now you have an overall picture of what Builderall and Clickfunels can do. Which platform works best for your business. If you are operating a new business and searching for an economical all-in-one solution with some unique features, Builder can handle that. If you’re going to create high-converting funnels to appeal leads and drive sales, Clickfunnel is for you.

Consider carefully and make the right choice!

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