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Builderall Website Templates

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Builderall the website hosting and marketing platform is fast becoming the #1 website builder.

One of the particularly impressive features of Builderall is the huge range of templates that it provides for its users. It has an extensive range of templates available for users.

Whether you are looking to create a whole website, a sales funnel, a standalone landing page, or something else, Builderall provides a selection of beautiful and fully optimized templates that you can use to design your final piece.

Templates also cater for a wide assortment of niches and industries. Categories include…

  • Events

  • Music

  • travel

  • Health and Beauty

  • Design Agency

  • News

  • Education

Once you have chosen your template, it can then be fully customized within one of the Builderall Builders. These templates provide a great starting point, and can be especially useful for those who either lack web design experience, creativity, or time.

Builderall also provides a number of blank templates, enabling users to start their creations from scratch.

Whether you’re looking to design a whole website, a sales funnel, or an individual landing page, Builderall caters for this with a huge selection of attractive and fully optimized templates.

The templates also cover a big range of niches and industries, so whatever field your business is in, there will be a template to suit your brand.

Templates come by type too. So, whether you’re creating a lead capture page, sales funnel set, webinar page, membership page, thank you page, or anything else, there’s sure to be a template to suit the situation.

Once you select a template, you then have the freedom to customize it with one of the Builderall builders listed.

Most of the templates offer a great starting point for creating a unique landing page. They’re especially useful for those who lack web design skills, creativity, or time to build a template from scratch.

But if you’re a wizard with web design, don’t worry, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Builderall also provides several blank templates for those who want to create their perfect pages from scratch.

Web Page Templates


Builderall has over 1,000 templates to choose from when you want to start building your website. You really can build an entire website using only the templates.


The templates are... template-y. Your website won't look unique. That's important to some business owners, and to other's it isn't important.

Also in case of Email Templates, You can send regular ol' emails, OR you can send a beautiful, professional looking HTML emails from Builderall.

HTML templates can make you seem much more polished and professional than you are, which is important if you're a small or startup business.

Builderall has plenty of these templates for you to choose from.

Not a knock on Builderall, but I personally am not a fan of HTML emails. I think that customers have become blind to them (they all look like a 'coupon' email from Target), so this feature isn't important to me.

Watch this video and learn about responsive website templates in detail.

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