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Builderall: The beginners guide

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Builderall is a smart digital platform. It contains all of the tools that a company would need to run, grow and market your online business — all on one single platform. It’s intuitive, which means that you don’t need to use multiple plugins or additional tools. If you use a tool besides Builderall, you’ll need to use a handful of plugins or additional tools, or sometimes even specialist programs and apps to accomplish even one task.

With Builderall, you only need our platform, because it has absolutely everything you could ever need to successfully run your online business. What’s more? The platform was designed and tested by one team to ensure that everything is cohesive and runs smoothly.

Are you having a tough time choosing which platform to use? Perhaps, you have Builderall in mind but still in doubt whether it is the right platform for your online business? Rest your mind now as you are in the right place.

Is Builderall A Good Platform For A Beginner?

What is Builderall? It’s more than a website builder. You can build amazing funnels or use the ones that are pre-made. One of the first things you would need to figure out is what do you want to get into.

It’s a great option for anyone but like any other platform there is a learning curve. They offer hosting and DIY website builders. They offer an all in one marketing solution. Builderall has all the digital marketing tools you need to start an online business.

You can make money with local marketing, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, website design, or offering services to local businesses. In addition, you could even promote the Builderall product itself.

The platform is very flexible and provides all the business opportunities that we just mentioned. Naturally, you will need to learn some new skills and learn how to use the tools they provide effectively.

But you need to understand that no matter what platform you use it takes time to not only make money online but to learn how to use the tools they provide.

You’ll need to choose a niche and build yourself a nice website. Next you will need to create content to add to your site. Your content should be about your particular niche that you choose. Most people expect very fast results. When that happens and they do not get results, do you know what happens? They usually get frustrated and quit.

You need to understand that it takes 1-5 years of hard work to get the income you desire.

Getting enough traffic to your website in one of the major huddles you will face. You can go the free route or the paid route.

Who can benefit from builderall?

Builderall can benefit virtually anyone online. If you’re either just starting out doing anything from internet marketing to e-commerce, with a skill set ranging from newbie to expert. If you want an easy way to build web pages and email users (a big key to making money on the net btw), then chances are Builderall will work for you.

Let’s list of what types of online businesses stand to gain from using Builderall.


  • Being new to affiliate/e-commerce and having no previous knowledge of making websites, lead-capturing, and email marketing is very tough.

  • The drag-and-drop to build web pages is very easy to do.

  • There are enough tools to help you starting, and also there to help give you the edge as things get more advanced.

E-Commerce Owners

  • The design tools and app builders help you build a site that works well on all devices.

  • Easy integration with Stripe and Paypal among others.

  • Tons of Lead-Capturing and Email Marketing tools. Let people easily know of new products by sending out an email. Use the lists for big profit.

  • Integrate with external apps like Shopify and Amazon S3.

  • Integrates with 3rd party email marketing tools like MailChimp. MailChimp offers a free option when you have under 2,000 subscribers so this is a real gain here.

  • The mobile app building is amazing. This itself might be worth the entire cost.

So that’s a general list of capabilities. Let’s look at more specific uses:

You want to make a sales/squeeze/landing page. You can use the HTML5 builder to make the page graphically, and you can also use the Presentation Builder to make attractive videos for the page.

You collect emails on your site. You can use the Lead Capturing tools built into BuilderAll to capture those emails. You can put up those fancy popups. In the base package, you can handle 10,000 subscribers. In most email marketing platforms that would cost a good $50+/month. Not a bad part of the deal.

So Builderall can help you:

  • Build your pages visually

  • Manage/email subscribers for newsletters and new products

  • Manage e-commerce stores and payment services such as Stripe and Paypal.

  • Integrate with Amazon cloud and Shopify

  • Build a mobile app around your site

  • Build videos to put on your pages, emails, and upload to YouTube

  • Host unlimited sites

So pretty much nearly everything you would want to do and when you’re talking under $30/month you’ll be hard-pressed to find a reason why it wont work. Even trying it for a month is pretty low-risk for how easy it gets you up and going.

How to get started?

Builderall provides training courses so you can learn all of these tasks.

The first thing is to learn how to use the tools. Start with the pixel perfect website drag and drop website builder. They have hundreds of video tutorials to teach you how to use each and every digital marketing tool they have. There will be a learning curve when you first start.

Once you understand how to use the tools then start adding content to your website in the form of blogging. This will help you become an expert in the niche you decided to get into.

Next it will be time to start the training courses that teaches you different traffic generation methods.

Our advice is to get real good at one thing before you add on another traffic source.

Blogging and using YouTube videos are two great traffic sources to start with. The next thing you want to get real good at will be email marketing.

Copyrighting is an extremely important part of the total equation. Capturing emails using the Mailing Boss tool is your next step. Email marketing is for building that trust factor with your audience. Otherwise you are going to be just wasting your time and efforts.

Some start off using the sales funnels. They get frustrated and lose a bunch of cash paying for advertising before they get any results. What happens to these people? You got that right.

They quit and lose all of their investment in their online business.

So take your time and be patient.

Learn the skills you need before you move to the next step.

Learn before you earn

If it was easy everybody would be trying to earn money online. Like we said earlier, it takes hard work and time to have success online. Everyone wants you to sign up for this or that new shiny object. They all will make it sound like it so easy.

You know what? They are full of it. Do not fall for the BS stories that they are telling you. You need to learn a whole lot of new skills to have success.

You need to learn before you are going to earn a single penny. In addition, you are going to need digital marketing tools to help you get the job done. We work with two different platforms. WordPress and Builderall.

You will need to choose one or the other. None of the other site builders offer as much value as Builderall does. Plus Builderall has an excellent affiliate program and it’s one of the best ways to produce a recurring monthly income.

Not only can you get paid for building someone a website you can also receive a monthly income because they still need to pay for hosting.

Builderall for startups

Builderall is a good choice for many startups. The price is manageable, and it can do so many things that startups usually need to do (website builder, manage sales, email marketing, webinars and much more).

The only thing that would make it not a great fit is if you were a deeply technical startup that needed lots of custom development; but even then, you could use Builderall for everything else outside your custom requirements. There may come a time when you outgrow it, but if you're on a startup budget, you won't find so many tools and such a great price.

Is Builderall right for me?

Builderall is a fit for some businesses, but for others it's either overkill or too generic. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you buy.

Does your website need to sell products? Or is it just an informational website, with ads or contact information to your business?

Yes, our business sells products. Builderall could be a great fit. There are still some circumstances where I suggest products other than Builderall, but this could be a great fit for you - keep going on this quiz to find out.

No, we sell things in person, or we don't sell things at all. Probably avoid Builderall. Builderall is best when used for online businesses. It was not designed with offline businesses or ad-driven businesses in mind. Since you aren't selling anything online, you should check out something like Bluehost or WPEngine for your website.

How complex is your business?

If you sell multiple products, use multiple marketing channels, use a sales force, use different websites, or use dozens of pieces of software, I would consider your business complex.

Builderall might be overkill. It literally has dozens of functionalities, and if you only need one or two, then it might make sense to look at other products that are more specialized.

If you have a complex business, you should know that builderall is successful at bringing all of the complexity of multiple tools under one roof. Your CRM, website, email marketing, affiliate management, checkout and more can all be handled by a single product: Builderall. I'd recommend Builderall for your business.

Would you rather have an 'A minus' product for $50 a month, or an 'A+' product for $2,000 a month?

I want A minus product for $50 if it gets the job done, then why overspend? Builderall is for you. They somehow offer 30 different services, all very good, at an insanely low price.

I want A plus product for $2,000. We value having only business tools. Builderall isn't for you - it's a workhorse, not a race horse. Builderall is the budget friendly choice - but if you think your business needs a Ferrari rather than a Toyota to get from A to B, you should look elsewhere.


Builderall is a great option because it provides all the digital marketing tools you need to start an online business. They also provide the training you need to learn how to market.

You need to understand that it takes time to learn the skills you will need. It’s going to take hard work and time for you to have success. Using the money making sales funnels are a good idea after you learn the basic skills you need to market your products or services.

Builderall is ideal for anyone who wants to build landing pages or a website for selling products and services. It can perfectly be used by all affiliate marketers, website service providers, product creator, business owners, product creators and much more. Before our Builderall Review and taking a good look at it, I used to think it was a budget product. But Builderall is legit!

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