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Builderall for business

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Builderall is a great option for anyone who needs marketing tools to grow there business. In case you didn’t already know, Builderall is a business-in-a-box type platform that offers a multitude of marketing tools for you to build an online business.

To give you a perspective of what is included within the Builderall package, here are just some of the features that anyone can get for just $29 a month!

  • Drag and drop responsive website builder

  • App Creator

  • Email marketing autoresponder

  • Media design studio

  • On page SEO tool

  • Script generator

  • Unlimited pages an subdomains

  • Premium local hosting

I have been using Builderall since I started my website Passive Incomeing (see link below). I have written a full review on Builderall and it’s affiliate program which may be of interest to you.

Builderall is a Business in a Box Program, it has a lot of uses that I’ll list below but the primary one is its Funnel/Website Builder and its Email AutoResponder, you can also use Builderall to create a Digital Product and a Digital Store to advertise it.

So what you would do as a Business owner is:

  • Find or create a product

  • Build a sales funnel to display it

  • Run traffic to the funnel from sources like Google or Facebook

  • Make sales or capture emails

  • Send regular sales letter emails to your list using the autoresponder

Builderall can do all of the above except for running traffic. Watch this video to know how to build a Sales funnel or Website with Builderall, it shows you what Builderall is capable of:

Get your 14 day free trial of builderall here (No Credit Card required)

What Are The Best Parts of BuilderAll?

Best part #1: Canvas Funnel Builder

The Canvas Funnel Builder was one of the major new features in the latest BuilderAll release.

It lets you map out your entire sales funnel by linking the different pages you need together.

You can start from one of the pre-made templates or create a new funnel from scratch.

Once it is all setup, you press a button and BuilderAll will build it out for you. Then you can modify all the pages it generates inside of the Pixel Perfect Builder.

It’s a really promising feature that I will talk more about later in this review.

Best part #2: BuilderAll is constantly evolving

Unlike a lot of other SaaS products I’ve used, BuilderAll is regularly trying to improve their software.

In the past two years I’ve been using them, they’ve pushed out two major releases, each packed with more features.

It’s always important to know that a platform that you are heavily invested in is actively being updated with improvements.

Best part #3: Potentially lucrative Affiliate Program

If you like the BuilderAll, it has really good potential for promoting it as an affiliate. The new BuilderAll 3.0 completely overhauled its affiliate program. It’s a bit more complex, with different points, levels and tiers, but there are some nice benefits that come with the changes.

I recommend that watch this video by Shelly Turner to fully understand how it works.

Here are the best parts the affiliate program:

  • 100% commissions on your referrals’ first month payment.

  • $8/$20 recurring commissions depending on the referred plan.

  • $8/$15 retention bonus every 3 months your referrals stays on.

  • Earn a $50 car bonus for every 690 points you earn.

  • Earn up to 4 tiers of affiliate commissions.

The car bonus is especially nice, when compared to ClickFunnels’ Dream Car program.

First, every recurring payment you earn goes towards your bonus versus having to maintain a certain number of active affilites.

I also like how the bonus starts at $50 and it’s not capped at any fixed amount. So if you somehow reached 1,000 recurring payments, you would get an extra $5,000 a month.

And lastly, it’s really just an extra bonus. You don’t actually need to lease a car to get it paid out to you.

Best part #4: It’s an affordable done for you solution

Purchasing all the pieces of a complete marketing tech stack can be quite expensive.

Selling a product online requires at least a sales funnel builder and email autoresponder which will easily cost you more than $100/mo.

Add in web hosting, link tracking, chat bot software, social proof software and webinar and your costs can quickly skyrocket even more.

However if you go with the BuilderAll platform then you can get all these capabilities and more for an affordable fixed price.

Final Thoughts on Builderall

Builderall is a complete online business platform and digital marketing system. It provides all the tools you will need to launch and run a successful business, ensuring you don’t need to spend time and money sourcing and purchasing numerous stand-alone products.

Furthermore, Builderall is constantly evolving, enabling it to stay up to date to date with its users’ needs. So if you are looking for a fully integrated platform to create and manage your new or existing online business, it’s time to check out Builderall, it’s definitely one of my favourite landing page builders.

By putting your business on the BuilderAll platform, you will definitely be able to save a good chunj of money, because you don’t have to purchase separate web hosting, an autoresponder and a host of other recurring software tool expenses.

It also has a really nice affiliate program, which gives you a nice incentive to build up a good team of affiliates under you.

Yes, there is some quirkyness of BuilderAll, then there really is a lot you can do with the platform. It just requires a bit of time to learn it.

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