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Builderall: An Honest Review

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

As Builderall comes complete as a package, it offers plenty of conveniences and saves you spending money separately on extra tools like sales funnel creation software, email marketing services, content building plugins, and more. That means you don’t have to waste money and time sourcing and buying various stand-alone products that may or may not integrate anyway.

Builderall tools

Builderall comprises of at least 30 useful features that enable small business units to build all the online requirements they will need to start an online business venture or to promote and sell products efficiently on online platforms thus increasing purchases.

1. HTML5 (Drag & Drop) Sitebuilder

This is the first thing that will amaze you in this builderall review Build Professional Websites, Virtual Stores, Sales Pages, Lead Capture Pages, or any other type of internet marketing page with their incredibly intuitive Sitebuilder.Easily build the website you imagined with their Drag & Drop technology and dozens of other integrated applications.​

Builderall allows you to create your website in three different builders, so you can see how your site looks on mobile, desktop, and tablet. That means you can offer your target audience a unique and streamlined user experience depending on whether they visit your website on a desktop, tablet, or mobile.

It also helps make your website search engine friendly, so your ideal audience can find you! The three builders are called the drag and drop pixel perfect builder, the drag and drop responsive builder, and the mobile-first drag and drop builder. 

The three site builders are all ‘what you see is what you get’ drag and drop editors, and the key difference between them is the responsive view. While having the option of three builders gives you ultimate control on how your site looks across all devices, it means that you can spend a lot of extra time designing your website for each device. 

As you can imagine, it can a bit addicting trying to perfect your site for every appliance. If you don’t want to spend hours and hours doing this and would prefer to design your site once, you can opt for the drag and drop responsive builder.

With this builder, Builderall takes care of making sure your site is responsive across all devices. All the builders work in a similar format. Users can easily drag and drop elements across the page, change colors and text, add additional elements, and much more.

As well as creating landing pages, the site builder tool can also create infographics. Resume designs, Pinterest designs, Kindle covers, Google Plus headers, Facebook covers, EBook Covers, business cards, blog header designs, and advertising images, plus more. 

The easy-to-use drag and drop interface and lots of other integrated applications also allow you to build attractive, professional and effective websites, virtual stores, lead Capture pages, and sales pages. It’s a completely versatile tool!

2. Responsive Page/​Blog Builder

In this builderall review you can Manage your pages in minimal time with their responsive Website/blog builder. Organically reach top results in major search engines like Google with their optimized system. In addition, create responsive opt-ins and squeeze pages.

This feature allows you to manage your pages in the short possible time.  Your pages can rank high in major search engines like Google and Yahoo with its optimized system.

It's also worth mentioning there are literally hundreds of templates you can choose from for most major niches!

3. E-mail Builder

The Builderall review for this is that you can Quickly write and send highly converting, customizable e-mails using their responsive E-mail Builder and HTML5 Drag & Drop technology. Use templates and campaigns to demonstrate your expertise, product, or service value and quality to the members of your list.

4. Professional ​E-mail Marketing

Another main feature of Builderall is the MailingBoss email marketing tool. This feature allows you to create emailing marketing campaigns. Unlike many other similar platforms, MailingBoss has no limits to email campaigns meaning you can send unlimited numbers of emails to an unlimited number of recipients.

With MailingBoss you can manually add new subscribers, or you can import new subscribers from your website or landing pages that may feature an opt-in form. You can organize your leads and lists by using tags and behavioral triggers.

When it comes to creating a new email marketing campaign, you can use pre-designed elements and templates to help you quickly build an effective and attractive campaign. This makes creating a new campaign super easy, even for those who have never done it before.

Once you implement your email campaigns, you can monitor their success by analyzing the campaign statistics. You can also target your campaigns at groups of people who are divided by segments. That way you can customize emails better leading to improved conversion rates.

However, while MailingBoss works fine, it isn’t the best email marketing solution on the market and the format is a little difficult to get used to.

This rings especially true when compared to popular email marketing services out there such as MailChimp, SendInBlue, and GetResponse. Sadly, MailingBoss just doesn’t stack up. The top menu bar isn’t very clear and organized, and there are barely any submenus which make navigation confusing. 

For example, ‘subscribers’ and ‘lists’ are separate in the main menu when you’d assume that subscribers would be under the lists section. Also, you can’t view the email sequence of autoresponders easily. 

And as you create various emails, they’ll each appear under the ‘email sequence’ section at random, and it won’t be clear in which order the emails must be sent. You must control it in the ‘workflow’ section instead. As you can imagine, this can get a little confusing and frustrating at times.

The pros are that the simplicity of MailingBoss’s email templates is quite refreshing. To create an email, you just drag and drop elements from the left-hand menu.

The block elements are visual instead of just basic descriptions (e.g. ‘text with image’ and ‘button’) and this makes it easier and quicker to tell which blocks you want to use. And as the templates are so simple, if you just want to add simple paragraph text and an image, you can do that without having to fuss around with a pre-made, complicated template.

In comparison, many other marketing platforms only offer elaborate and premade templates, not giving you many options for a simpler design.

5. Animated Videos Creator

As it sounds, the animated video tool allows you to create full animated videos. You can add animations, text, sound, and many other exciting and eye-catching effects. The tool library offers tons of backgrounds, animated characters, and sound effects to add so you can jazz up any video. You can even include a video you’ve already created and can add these features to it before exporting or embedding the video to your website. The text to speech feature is another feature of the tool, however, it could do with some ironing out. The way it works is that you type in text and the program reads the text out for you in a variety of voice types. The voice types are quite humorous, so take them with a pinch of salt! The ‘English UK male’ accent is ridiculously high pitched while the ‘English UK male 2’ is a female voice. ‘English US male’ is also a female voice but with a strong Spanish accent. So, you may have to do a bit of digging to find a voice you want to use. The video tool is only available for the premium package though. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the different packages later. You can download the finished product to your hard drive. That means you can use it how you wish, for example, you can upload it to YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms.

6. Floating Videos Creator

The floating video is another unique feature offered by Builderall. This feature lets you upload videos you’ve filmed with a green screen or a similar color background to only display the objects in front of the screen.

These types of videos are great for grabbing the attention of your audience on your landing pages. All you need to do is design your video, install a pixel to the landing page to display the video and let it run.

Surprise and impress your visitors by sending your message in a unique way with their exclusive Floating Video technology. Boost your authority by making a floating video for your website in minutes, without the need for expensive professional equipment.

7. Design Studio Mockups

The design studio allows users to create stunning images and videos for your website, products, courses, eBooks, social media, plus more.

You can add videos or images into a specific area of an image, such as a mobile device screen, a picture frame, a TV screen, or any other type of space.You can also upload your own video or image frame and can decide the area where your video or image will be displayed. 

Confused? Here’s an example. You can choose an image of a home office with a computer screen on the desk. On the computer screen, you can embed an image or video clip. This can be quite a cool effect, depending on the nature of your company. 

It’s super easy to complete too and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes per image.

In the photo studio section, you can edit photos, add effects and text, edit the size and backgrounds.

However, it seems to be a work in progress feature as the tool only seems to contain random stock photos and not much else. If you want to create beautiful 3D images for your website or products, you can also do so with the Builderall image spinner.

While the design studio is quite a nifty tool, it’s not a necessary feature but is appreciated all the same.

8. Interactive Presentations

Craft an interactive way of communicating with your website visitors with the Builderall Interactive Presentations Tool. Download your work, create a custom URL, and integrate your demo with your existing website, all with their professional presentation tool.

The feature works like PowerPoint, except you have a lot more options. However, in terms of use, PowerPoint would still be the preferred option.

9. SEO Tool

Builderall’s on-page SEO tool assesses every part of your website’s search engine optimization, offering you a score and giving you advice on how to improve it.

Giving Your Website the Perfect SEO Fuel for GoogleReach nearly perfect SEO optimization on all of your pages! With their SEO reporting tool, you have all the information you need to make your page optimized, greatly improving your page rank. ​Why would you want a website that doesn’t get organic search results?

Their platform not only allows easy optimization of your keywords, but also teaches you to do it the right way. their tool makes a complete reading of your keywords and shows the necessary corrections for your website to be among the first organic results in the search engines. All you need to do is enter a keyword you want to rank with along with your website address. 

The tool will then instantly deliver all the information you need to make your website optimized based on your chosen keyword, improving your visibility in search engines. One advantage of this tool is that you can create a report of not only your Builderall pages but of any URLs.

That includes your competitors! This gives you a real insight into what you’re up against. While separate from the SEO tool, what’s also great is that all Builderall templates are fully optimized for search engines too, making the job of SEO a whole lot easier for you. However, while the tool is very useful, it’s lacking in comparison to other SEO tools in some ways. For example, when compared to Yoast for WordPress, Builderall’s SEO report doesn’t save the information for you to keep as a reference. This can be quite annoying as every time you want to check a page you need to go through the same process of inserting the URL and keyword every time, even if you want to check one small thing.

10. Facebook Integration

Collect leads and create lists while building relationships with potential and existing customers. Builderall helps you capture and nurture these relationships with notifications, intelligent posts and apps, directly integrating into Facebook fan pages.

11. Browser Notifications

Instantly inform your visitors, followers, and clients of an event, promotion, or offer! Efficiently develop relationships with your visitors, followers, and customers with Builderall Browser Notifications, that they can see while they are online!

12. Lead Capture Tools

Advance your marketing strategy with sophisticated tactics and tools through Builderall. Now you can capture leads with Facebook logins, e-mail forms, quizzes, browser notifications, smart opt-ins, and more.

13. Heat Map Tool

A unique feature that Builderall offers that many other similar platforms don’t is the heat mapping tool. This is called the click map. The click map allows users to view where their audience has been clicking on each page. This helps understand browser behaviors and how they navigate your website.

That way you can analyze where on your page draws the most attention, and where doesn’t. This can help you customize your page with this information in mind so it converts better. For example, you can place a call to action button in a space that draws more attention.

Builderall also works with Google Analytics so you can monitor and track your audience and how they engage with your website.

However, it’s important to note that while the heat mapping tool sounds fantastic, it doesn’t always work and sometimes comes up as an error. Not great!

14. Android and iOS App Creator

Builderall enables you builds, edit and publish mobile apps. It allows you publish apps in different platforms for free. If you want make money with your apps, you have to create your own Amazon, Play and Apple app accounts. 

Most people look at their cell phones well over one hundred times a day. With the Builderall App Creator, your presence is felt as you are able to offer products and services directly through your customer’s cell phone. Product sales, table reservations, hotel booking, push notifications, image galleries, delivery service, etc. are among dozens of features made available to you.

Creating a company app using this tool is a great way to let customers learn your business information and gain access to discount sales and offers, make bookings, plus more. You can add a news wall to publish interesting blogs and news, social media links such as Facebook and Twitter, Shopify links, audio and video files, RSS feed, code scan, plus a lot more.

They also have tons of video tutorials for you to learn from. That way, you can bring your business to the hands of thousands of users.

Builderall: Why use it?

Builderall is a full fledged sales funnel builder comes with a lot of features as mentioned above.

One of the main highlights of BuilderAll is the Drag and Drop Site Builder. It runs HTML5 websites, membership, and blog site builders, and sales funnels, that will help you to achieve your targeted audience.

Builderall also convenient for your intended audience as it offers the opportunity for them to view the website from anywhere, which includes their mobile, website, or tablet.

The integrated applications, along with the technology of the tools, have provided a way to build professional and exceptional websites.MailingBoss is a professional Email Marketing tool that operates on creating and automating all your customer contacts.

This offers you a way to control your leads using tags and triggers along with running autoresponder campaigns, which allows you to send an unlimited amount of emails.

Is Builderall a scam?

I don’t think you can have a Builderall review without addressing this section. There is a misconception that people think Builderall is a scam. It’s hard to understand why this is the case since it is a real SAAS program that solves real problems for people.

But I think that the way some people promote Builderall can come across as scammy. You see, Builderall was heavily promoted in the online marketing community as more of a way to make money than what it was originally designed to do.

Part of the reason for this is because their affiliate commissions are high, so people who promote it as a way to just make money are only focused on the dollar sign.

So Builderall is definitely NOT as scam, especially if you use it as an all in one online marketing platform as it was designed to be used as. And if you are looking at Builderall as a way to make money, yes it does have a good affiliate program – but don’t expect to get rich off of it overnight.

The Final Verdict

Builderall is a great pick for both new and experienced affiliate marketers. If you are a total beginner, you can get started with a simple test website and have access to all the tools that can assist you develop it into a true authority in your chosen marketplace. Your site will be powered with the most innovative sales funnels available, equipped with all the features you will need to succeed online.

In Builderall you have everything in one single platform at a fraction of the price of most of the other tools that are out there right now. For online marketing veterans, you will have the ability to pick the best package to address the requirements you currently have while leaving space to expand while your empire grows. Builderall is best fit for entrepreneurs, service providers, digital professionals, designers, web agencies, coaches, networking professionals and anyone else who love making income online.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and get started.

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