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Autoresponder with landing page

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Landing page autoresponder means an automatic response when a lead submits a form on a landing page. The response could be an email message, text message, thank you popup or a  document download.

Features of Landing Page Autoresponder

1. Lead notification

Send an instant message, email or text in reply to a landing page submission. Assign scores on landing page submission, autoresponder open, click and more.

2. Marketer notification

Notify marketer about the landing page submission. Send daily, weekly or monthly landing page submission and autoresponder summary.

3. Sales person notification

Notify sales person on email and mobile about landing page submission. Automatically route lead to relevant sales person based on zip code, interest or any other criteria.

Autoresponders integrated with LandingPage

You can integrate your landing page with any autoresponder that provides you with the RAW HTML code, not the Javascript version. 

We integrate with Aweber, Get Response and Mailchimp, directly without the need for the raw code - see below or the step by step video in the HELP section of your account.

For other autoresponders - you need to choose the "Custom Code" option is step 3 of Create Page and paste in RAW HTML code.  This will insert your opt-in form on the second page of your landing page , which in turn adds any leads to your list in your autoresponder.  See below or the step by step video in the HELP section of your account.


Use the dropdown arrow to choose Aweber as your AR Type


Use the dropdown arrow to choose GetResponse as your AR Type

To find your Campaign Token:

  • Log in to your GetResponse account

  • Click the down arrow at  "Your Current Campaign" (top right of dashboard window) and scroll down to click on "Campaign List"

  • Locate the campaign to which you want subscribers added and copy the campaign token


Use the dropdown arrow to choose MailChimp as your AR Type

Watch the video below and learn how to connect landing page to autresponder.

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