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What are uses of Jarvis AI Software

What if there was a tool that could handle the bulk of content creation for you? Jarvis is that tool. It’s an AI copywriting software formerly known as that can create fresh and unique articles, blog posts, tweets and more!

Jarvis is a context-aware software program that recognizes your voice and executes commands. It was designed to run on Windows Vista and XP. What makes this application special is that it comprises various sensors. Although it was designed for two older versions of Windows, it works on Windows 10 just as well.

The application lets its sensors “listen” on various locations on your PC and perform actions once certain triggers are activated.

To put it shortly, Jarvis learns from you, then tries to predict your actions based on context, depending on the rules you set for it. Jarvis is one of the best PC talking tools ever built.

Jarvis doesn’t take over from the content writer or the blogger. Instead, it helps to make your job easier. It cuts down the workload and makes you more of the person steering the ship rather than having to do all the rowing.

How Jarvis can help with content creation

There are three main features within Jarvis and three plans that correspond with it.

The starter plan and templates

The lowest cost price way to use Jarvis is with the Starter Plan. Here you can access 50+ short-form copywriting templates and can create content in 25+ different languages.

But what are the templates? Well, they are a way to create content elements with a few basic prompts.

An example might be the Pinterest description one – you’d enter the title of the post, a quick description of what it is about (the meta description works well here) and the keyword for it.

Jarvis will then create the Pinterest description. You can have it create multiple variations at once and pick the one that works best.

Other templates I love include:

  • Blog post outline

  • Persuasive bullet points

  • AIDA sales framework

  • PAS sales framework

  • Content improver

The key to understanding all of these is that they won’t create an entire sales page from one template. But you can build them up to make a sales page, a blog post, emails or anything else.

You can also specify a tone of voice which can be something like ‘friendly’ or ‘professional’. You can even try the name of famous writers or entrepreneurs – if there’s a lot of their content out there, it can use it to create a similar tone of voice. Experiment and see!

The Starter Plan does have a limit of 20,000 words per month but there are ways to earn extra word count.

The Pro plan and long-form editor

The next level is the Pro plan and the major difference here is that you get the long-form assistant. For me, this is where the super-powerful stuff starts to come in.

There are two routes:

  • Start from scratch – blank document, write what you want and can access the templates

  • Blog post workflow – put in some information about the content you want, get help to create the title and first paragraph then have the document workflow and templates available

With the long-form editor, you can create blog posts. You can use templates within it so you could make an outline then get Jarvis to help create the content under each heading.

Now, Jarvis does need some prompting and guidance. It looks back over the content you’ve written and creates what it thinks you want. It doesn’t always get it right. But the trick is you need to prime it to get the best content.

Simple starters phrases work well – ‘Jarvis is great for copywriting but you need to…‘ would be an example. It would then look at the brief for the blog post you create at the beginning and start writing what it thinks would go next.

The Pro plan is unlimited words and also allows you to access Workspace documents. So you can build your blog posts or sales pages in the app then move them to WordPress or wherever you need.

Boss Mode and Commands

The final and newest option is to have Boss Mode and Commands. This takes the long-form editor and adds the ability to simply tell Jarvis what to do.

So if I tell him to:

  • Jarvis, write me a PAS about the above

  • Problem: Writing content is hard.

  • Agitate: We all know that writing blog posts, social media posts and newsletters are important to do but it can be difficult to find the time or motivation.

  • Solution: Jarvis is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to create content for you based on your keywords or topics of interest. I use machine learning technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning algorithms to generate text from scratch in various formats including blogs, web pages, social media posts, newsletters etc…

This is what the tool created and could be used in social media content, on a sales page (if this was a product) or in email. By hitting Cmd+Enter at the end of the sentence, Jarvis knew what to create.

Now again, you need to learn what you can tell it and how clever it is. But even in the few weeks since launching the Boss Mode, it seems to be getting better at understanding what I want!

The benefits of using Jarvis

I know I’ve seen a lot of people who come to the very active and helpful Facebook group that the company runs and say they can’t get it to work for them. But the basic issue is that the output is only as good as the input.

You need to guide Jarvis and give him something to work with to get the best results. But some of the benefits of using Jarvis for me are solid:

  • Cuts down time to create some blog posts – on basic topics, it can write paragraphs or even sections with the right prompts and guidance

  • Helps to create different ideas or angles for content – it often comes up with things that I wouldn’t have thought about myself

  • It makes those tedious jobs easier – things like meta descriptions, Pinterest descriptions and even snippets to use on sales pages are so much easier

  • It is fun to use – as someone who loves new development, the idea of using AI to help create content really appeals

Are there any downsides to using Jarvis?

I would say the main downside to using Jarvis is that you need to learn how to use the app to really get the most out of it. It doesn’t take over the job for you but it can do some of the heavy lifting.

The way that AI tech works, there’s some stuff Jarvis isn’t great at. The guys behind the software say that it has ‘read’ about 10% of the internet up to 2019.

So this means stats, data and news may not be up to date. That’s not to say that you can’t use it for these things, you just need to do some fact checking or use templates to recreate content that recent news.

No doubt the day will come where you’ll tell Jarvis to write a blog post with ‘x’ keywords in this tone and it will do it. But we aren’t there yet and I don’t mind that. For me, it is a writing assistant, not a content writer replacement!

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