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Why All Marketers Need ClickFunnels


I admit it, I was late to the game…not just on understanding what a sales funnel is in the marketing world, but with getting into Clickfunnels and learning to build my own. You see, Clickfunnels is a majikal marketing platform that truly makes it easy to sell anything.


A physical product, yourself, a digital product, a health supplement, a webinar, an online course…pretty much anything. It’s first and foremost a sales funnel builder, and it’s an alternative to building your own landing pages within something like Wordpress, and having to mess around with endless plugins.

It’s also an e-commerce platform that allows you to sell subscription products, build membership sites (for your online course or whatever), opt-in pages, or e-commerce sites.


It’s brilliant for multi-level sales pages, because it has upsells, downsells, cross-sells, offer pages, and offer bumps that are automatically built in with its sales funnel templates.

In the recent past, the sheer volume and expense of things you’d have to put together to sell something online was OVERWHELMING. The list would look something like this:

  • Website — $3000 — $15,000 for a designer/developer, depending on how much customization you want

  • Shopping cart — $29 — $299/mo

  • Email marketing platform — $29/mo and up

  • Web hosting — $50-$250 per year

  • Membership site (you need this for online courses or subscription products)$79 — $599/mo

  • Online course platform (like Thinkific) — $29 — $449/mo

why 1.PNG

There’s a lot more I could add to that list, but I think you get the idea. With Clickfunnels, you pay a monthly fee (starting at $97), and ALL of that is included.

Atthe end of the day, Clickfunnels is kinda like Sales Funnels for Dummies (not literally dummies, hopefully you’re all picking up my reference here). You don’t have to hire anyone to create one for you (though you certainly can) and you don’t have to be tech-savvy — you just start with one of their pre-created free templates, and then it’s drag and drop from there. Easy-peasy.

OK, ok…that said, it may take you awhile to get acquainted and comfortable with all the Clickfunnels features — there are a lot of details you’ll have to figure out once your sales funnel is built. Things like what domain you’re going to assign it to (you can buy one for an easy $20 through Clickfunnels or attach it to an existing domain), your SEO data, if you’re going to integrate it with your email platform, creating split test pages, testing your live funnel, etc, etc.

. . .

Creating my first Clickfunnel, which was a Video Sales Page with an upsell, downsell, and offer wall (arguably one of the more complex funnels) took me a good 6–8 weeks…that was with working on it a little every day, and having lots of back and forth with their awesome support team.


It also probably took me longer because I got impatient (which Russell Brunson says happens with most entrepreneurs) and ditched his admittedly fun and useful Clickfunnels game (their training tool) to just start building.

You could create a much simpler one, like say an email opt-in page (perfect if you just want to build an email list in exchange for something like a free downloadable checklist) in a couple of days. But I decided to get ambitious and try selling a health supplement product right off the bat. That ended up being quite the endeavor as I hired someone to create a Facebook ad campaign for me to actually drive traffic TO the funnel.


Ah yes, this is a very important part of what happens AFTER your funnel is complete. But you’ll get there.

. . . 

Before I leave you to go explore the truly exciting world of Clickfunnels (and it really is addictive and compelling because the possibilities of what you can do with this platform are truly endless), I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the next round of the AWESOME One Funnel Away challenge, which now starts every two weeks.

The challenge started when the man and legend Russell Brunson asked 100 Clickfunnels millionaires (what he calls his 2 Comma Club winners because they made a million dollars off a single funnel) what they would do if…they lost EVERYTHING and had to start over from scratch in just 30 days. So yeah, that means they had NO product, NO email list, NO money, and no reputation. What Clickfunnel would they build and why?

This information was first released as a free virtual summit consisting of interviews with these millionaires where they walked you through their 1–30 day action plans. There was a catch though…these interviews were only available to watch for 72 hours and then they disappeared.


Naturally, it being Clickfunnels, the upsell was to join the One Funnel Away challenge. This not only got you access to all 30 interviews and bonus behind-the-scenes footage forever, but also individual coaching from Russell and his 2 Comma Club Winner coaches Julie Christine Stoian and Stephen Larsen for just $100. That’s an amazing deal.

ClickFunnel is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to resources and capabilities it has to offer.


Here the following features that you ClickFunnels will facilitate you with;

  • The ClickFunnels community can exchange funnels and users will build highly converting funnels that they can often share among the community members. If you start with ClickFunnels first, this is great because your own funnel doesn’t have to be designed.

  • After you have gained experience with ClickFunnels, you can create a highly customized funnel for your offer/site. The drag and drop editor is really simple to use and your funnel page includes a wide selection of elements.

  • A Large Community. That is a huge advantage, as it ensures a lot of assistance and information is readily available. Will you need a clear landing page advice? Please ask any of the ClickFunnel experts or search for your question and you will find someone who has answered your query already!

I’ve gone through the One Funnel Away challenge myself four times now. Because of this challenge, I launched a new funnel for my copywriting business, have appeared on 5 podcasts, started a Facebook group, gained new clients, started JVs, and make over $2K in affiliate sales. Plus, the network and community you gain through doing the challenge are truly priceless.

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