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Why you need Gohighlevel to grow SMMA or Agency in 2023?

Most business owners will simply focus only on inbound marketing, performance marketing, or basically any other type of marketing only to later complain they were unable to reach their marketing and sales goals. The reasoning behind this is usually the obstacles behind any one of these marketing approaches.

Growing your business is the primary goal of GoHighLevel, but it combines all fields to create the best strategy to scale your business and achieve lucrative results.


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GoHighLevel is the all in one sales and marketing platform that’s taken the marketing world by storm. It’s designed by marketers and used by thousands of marketing agencies around the world.

The GoHighLevel platform will save you money, save you time, and enable you to make more sales without the stress of using multiple systems bolted together with zaps.


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The software offers landing pages, sales funnels, CRM, email marketing, SMS marketing, reputation management, a social media scheduling tool, membership areas (course), call tracking, AI conversation bot, and more on a single platform. That’s right, you get all the functionality of those individual platforms consolidated into one.

GoHighLevel Benefits

Go High Level will save you money

HighLevel consolidates the functionality of multiple platforms into one and charges you less for it whilst doing a better job. Take a look at the table below and calculate how much you could save.

You'll save time

The automation capabilities will be an absolute game-changer for you and your business. If you do something more than once you should create an SOP and then automate it as much as possible. The automations we’ve set up are saving us hours of work each week.

This enables us to spend more time on revenue-generating activities. We’ve automated our:

  • lead nurture sequence (text, SMS, voicemail drops) – to increase the number of appointments made

  • appointment reminder sequence (text, SMS, voicemail drops) – to dramatically reduce the no-show rate

  • sales proposal process – automatically generating proposals for signing and then paying with daily reminders to the prospective client to do so. As soon as they do, they are automatically placed into our onboarding process

  • onboarding process – save us hours of back and forth manual communication with a simple step by step automated process

  • testimonial & review generation process


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Easy Duplication with snapshots – If you have lots of clients in the same niche you can save hours by duplicating entire client campaigns from one sub-account to another.

I’m talking everything you need: landing pages, sales pipelines, calendars, soap opera sequences (nurture sequence), calendars, appointment reminder sequences. Our build out time for a client campaign has dropped from taking a whole day to just a couple of hours.

You'll make more sales

With GoHighLevel you will have more time to focus on sales and client retention. You will be able to:

  • easily track where your new leads are coming from

  • know the prospecting channel that generates you the most sales

  • split test landing pages and sign up pages (Agency Pro Account only) to improve lead generation

  • connect your google my business and implement call tracking, 2 way messaging, missed call text notifications

  • connect your Facebook & Instagram business pages and easily respond to messaging

  • add a chat widget to your website and respond quickly to all incoming inquiries & questions

  • easily take payments and implement bump offers on your sales pages

  • resell GoHighLevel as your own rebranded whitelabelled product (SAAS mode) with different levels of features at different price points. To do SAAS justice I would need to dedicate another blog post to it.

  • and so much more!

GoHighLevel has enabled me to scale my agency whilst increasing client retention. Clients now stay with us for 14 months on average compared to 3 months pre-GHL!

GHL enables you to implement solutions that fix your clients problems. This makes your clients happy and happy clients will keep paying you money.


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GoHighLevel has taken the marketing automation by storm and it shows no signs of slowing down. We’ve been using it for our agency and clients for the past year and a half, and we’re continuously impressed with the development team and the ambitious roadmap they have planned.

GoHighLevel comes with a built-in email and SMS marketing platform that you can use yourself and provide to your clients.

You can do a couple of things with this feature:

  • Send personalized emails to contacts and leads directly from within the HighLevel CRM

  • Create email templates that you can re-use again and again

  • Send broadcast and direct outreach emails to a list of contacts or leads

  • Send SMS messages to contacts and leads

  • Create sophisticated email automations that send emails to contacts and leads depending on triggers and actions they’ve taken

  • Create sophisticated SMS messaging automations that send SMS messages to contacts or leads depending on triggers and where they’re at in a campaign

This is really powerful because it allows both you and your agency clients to communicate with leads in a manual or automated way directly from within HighLevel CRM.

You can also nurture existing clients.

After all CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. What better way is there to manage and nurture your customer and client relationships by sending them a helpful email or SMS message?

HighLevel CRM makes it unnecessary to use tools like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Drip or ActiveCampaign. Say goodbye to these third-party email marketing platforms and use GoHighLevel’s built in email marketing and SMS functionality.


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I rarely come across a tool that gets me as excited and has so many use cases and so much potential as GoHighLevel.

It’s a completely game changer and without a doubt the #1 best platform for marketing agency owners. The platform is so feature packed that it might make sense to use GoHighLevel even if you’re not an agency owner.

Any business that generates leads, books appointments and sells digital products could save a tremendous amount of money by switching to the Agency Starter Account.

And if you run any sort of agency and feel like your clients could benefit from any of the features I walked you through in this GoHighLevel review, it might be worth getting the Agency Unlimited Plan and using GoHighLevel as a white label software to compliment the services you already offer your clients.

For example, even if you’re an online course coach (I scaled an online course coaching program to 7-figures) and don’t even run an agency, you could use HighLevel to provide clients with a white label online course platform at a monthly recurring fee to generate residual income.

My friend found a way to re-sell GoHighLevel to artists in the music industry and built a thriving SaaS business.

He doesn’t even own an agency. He was just creative enough to see the potential of GoHighLevel, benefit from the white label feature and profit from it in a smart way.

I believe you can and should do the same thing.


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(Enter value within affiliate upgrade field = fp_ref=abdullah-marketing31 )

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