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Who are owners of Gohighlevel

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

GoHighLevel empowers businesses to grow their businesses by generating reviews from their customers, managing their listings across 80+ sites on the web, creating and managing conversations with their customers via all of the channels including social, SMS, and Google My Business.

GoHighLevel was founded by Shaun Clark & Varun Vairavan in April 2018. It has grown to serve over 1800 marketing agencies with almost 50,000 client accounts!

GoHighLevel was designed to take the time and frustration out of getting clients to convert leads. It enables agencies to quickly and easily create automated follow up campaigns, landing pages, survey forms, scheduling, and cold outreach campaigns. Think of Clickfunnels, Active Campaign, Calendly, Woodpecker, & Google Sheets… one software.

GoHighLevel provides new users a range of pre-made sales funnels, landing page templates, automated SMS & email follow up campaigns. Pre-made examples include Attorneys, Chiropractors, Dentists, & Pest Control. This makes it duplicating campaigns for new clients quick, easy, and, importantly, outsourceable to your VA.

The GoHighLevel support is also the best I’ve come across. They boast an impressive knowledge base (complete with videos), Facebook Group of almost 4,000 members, a quick-to-respond live chat, & even will jump on zoom calls if you need more in-depth assistance!

So now we have a clear understanding of what GoHighLevel is offering, let’s move on to my experience.

My experience using GoHighLevel

I learned the hard way. 

It took my Agency, Applichat, one month to grow from 1 to 5 clients.

But the results were poor, and opportunities weren’t converting. Not for a lack of trying; not for a lack of willingness; not for a lack of energy. The problem was I didn’t make it easy for them.

See, as marketers we often focus on the results of our campaigns: 10 appointments booked, 30 applications, 100 leads. But clients want sales, and it’s our duty to educate their staff how to close, and automate the process as much as possible.

I wasn’t doing this. GoHighLevel made it easy for me. I mainly love GoHighLevel for the follow reasons:

  • Automated follow ups to leads increases conversions.

  • Clients enjoy using a white-labeled CRM & find it easy to use.

  • Many channels of support make it easy for me to solve back end problems.

My experience using the CRM has been overwhelmingly positive because my clients started converting more leads. This led them to renew whereas before they would not have….and improved my agency's bank balance, referrals, & reputation.

GoHighLevel Benefits

So what are the benefits of ad agencies using GoHighLevel instead of combining Clickfunnels, Calendly, ActiveCampaign etc?

The GoHighLevel support rocks!

I’d marry it if I could. Seriously. Live chat responds very quickly, the Facebook group has other marketers willing to help you, and the team will jump on zoom calls to assist tough cases. Managing multiple tickets across different softwares just seems pointless when GoHighLevel handles everything.

You’ll Save Hours.

It took 4 hours for me to set up clients before GoHighLevel. That’s done to one with the software (in the same niche). How? Snapshots. These are a combination of your funnels, email/SMS campaigns, and automations rolled into a template.

You can then install this onto a new client account. It makes onboarding quicker, and saves you money as it’s easier to create SOPs for VAs to make edits within one CRM.


Before GoHighLevel I’d have to introduce clients to multiple third-party softwares like Calendly & ActiveCampaign. It worked, but I always felt the flash of my shiny agency dullen when requesting they pay other companies to manage aspects of the campaign. 

With GoHighLevel this isn’t the case. Instead, when clients sign in they will see your logo in the top left. I haven’t yet edited my URL, but it’s possible too.

You’ll Save Money (If You Have A Few Clients).

It wouldn’t be a complete review without talking about the GoHighLevel pricing. $300 a month for the agency plan (the one you’ll want). Is it worth it? YES. I managed to save about $40 per client with GoHighLevel and $176 from my agency costs.

What GoHighLevel has done is changed the game for agency owners. It's allowed us to save time and money that can be re-invested back into our business and staff. We and our clients also really enjoy the single-channel platform that consolidates every sales/lead channel for our clients to communicate through. It's helped us keep our clients accountable, and it's made our relationships much more transparent.

It's really hard to imagine our processes and workflows without the amazing technology team from GoHighLevel. The community of doers is also amazing and we feel right at home with other people who share the same heart and hustle philosophy as us.

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