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Which is the best copywriting software?

Developing and maintaining a top-notch copy is no easy feat. It takes a great deal of research, time, and skills to create a copy that not only ranks on search engines but also engages and converts your target audience.

And even the best copywriters and editors can do with some help.

That’s why I’m examining the best copywriting software that any copywriter can use to improve their content quality, surpass competitors, and boost conversion rate.

What is Copywriting Software?

Copywriting requires multiple steps, including research, drafting copy, revising content, optimizing, publishing, updating, and a lot more.

It’s a lot to process, I know. But it’s not something you can ignore either. After all, a good copy can boost your conversion rate by 113% or even more.

Thankfully, you can turn to several copywriting tools to make the entire process simpler.

Copywriting software tools consist of a suite of tools that can help you enhance your copy by checking grammar issues, optimizing it for search engines, making it engaging, etc.

You may or may not find an all-inclusive copywriting tool depending on your requirements. But a good thing about working online is that you can use most of the tools simultaneously.

Currently, with the evolution of technology, a lot of copywriting softwares have come into notice. To save you a great deal of time, I am going to list and explore all the top copywriting tools.

1. Jarvis

Having started just a year ago in 2020, Jarvis has come a long way to become the best AI copywriting tool. The software has very smartly named its artificial intelligence as Jarvis, you know the one that Iron Man uses in the Marvel comics. And, as of now, the team behind this software has officially rebranded to Jarvis.

Just like the comics version, Jarvis can now take commands from you (new feature – Boss Mode) and will automatically create all types of content. In addition to this, it also generates content for blog posts, product descriptions, social media & Google ads, headlines, SEO titles, meta descriptions, and much more.

And hence, it naturally qualifies to be one of the best copywriting software. Besides this, you should know that in just a year, Jarvis has a clientele of more than 10,000 users. So you could easily assume how efficient it is in terms of AI copywriting.

Features That Make Jarvis The Best AI Copywriting Tool

  • Use Of Advanced AI – Jarvis uses state-of-the-art technology i.e. GPT-3 learning model to create all types of content for you. If you don’t know about it, GPT-3 is a third-generation language prediction model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.

  • Ability To Adjust Tone – You will also have the flexibility to adjust the tone of your content. It will certainly help you match the tone of your business so that the overall essence stays intact. It offers a plethora of options for tones, some of them include funny, intelligent, clever, etc.

  • Multilanguage Compatibility – If you want to target a global audience, you can use this copywriting software to generate copies in multiple languages. As of now, the software is freshly updated to the point where it can effortlessly translate content into 26 languages. Some of the most used languages are English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, etc.

  • Generates Unique Copies – Despite offering all the copywriting features to over 10,000+ users, Jarvis is known to create unique content. The software entertains no duplicacy and hence it creates unique content for all of its users without compromising the overall content quality.

  • Perfect Grammar Use – In addition to creating unique content, Jarvis also ensures that your content is free of any grammatical errors. Therefore, it has an in-built grammar checker to remove all the errors and present you with perfect content.

  • Team Members – The software allows you to add multiple team members to your account. If you represent a content writing team or an agency, it will allow you to easily delegate tasks between your team members.

  • Boss Mode (Latest Feature) – Jarvis has been recently updated to the point where it can create any type of content through the Jarvis Commands. This feature is called the “Boss Mode”. To use this feature, you simply have to write a command like – Jarvis, write me a meta description in the long-form editor.

What Types Of Content Can Jarvis Write?

Since Jarvis is a complete and easy copywriting software, it facilitates the generation of all types of content. Currently, it supports more than 40 different types of copywriting skills.

To enlist them in a much convenient manner, I have grouped most of them according to their general use.

  • Blog Posts – The software is completely efficient in creating short to longer content for your blog posts. Besides this, it can also create an intro paragraph for you or the outline of your blog post. Generating blog ideas and headlines is also possible with Jarvis.

  • Social Media – Not only can you create social media ads via Jarvis but you can also create social media posts with relevant captions. The software can write high-converting ad copies for Facebook. Also, it can write answers on your behalf on Quora and also update your LinkedIn bio. Writing video scripts for your YouTube videos is also possible with Jarvis.

  • eCommerce – Jarvis also functions as a product description generator for your eCommerce products. You can generate multiple copies of a single product with product benefits. It also works great with Amazon products and stores as well.

  • SEO & SEM – In addition to writing SEO-optimized blog posts, meta descriptions & titles, Jarvis will also create Google Ads for you.

  • Website – This copywriting software uses AIDA & PAS marketing frameworks to create copies for sales pages and landing pages. It is also smart enough to create attention-grabbing headlines and relevant sub-headings for your websites.

There are a multitude of other features and copywriting templates in Jarvis. For instance, in its latest software update, it has launched a “Text Summarizer” feature that can condense a paragraph into a sentence.

Jarvis Pricing

The software already impresses us with its set of features and efficiency. But it takes a step further when it comes to pricing.

Jarvis is a premium copywriting tool, meaning that there’s no free trial of a free plan. But for my readers, I have managed to strike a deal with the team. This enables my readers to claim the 5 days free trial with 10,000 words limit.

Once the trial period ends, you will have to upgrade to its monthly subscription plans to be able to continue using the software.

  • Starter – $29/month for automatically generating content of up to 20,000 words in a month. You’d get access to all the features but with slight limitations. For example, you’d get only 5 project folders and 400 words input limit. Other than this, you can invite unlimited team members.

  • Pro – For lifting all the limits and generating content with unlimited words, you’d have to pay $109/month. You will also get unlimited project folders and complete access to the software. But team members are restricted to only 1. For inviting new members, you’d have to pay an additional fee of $25/member.

  • Pro + Boss Mode – To be able to access the Boss Mode or Jarvis Commands feature, you’d have to subscribe to this plan of $119/month. Moreover, in this plan, you’d also get to generate unlimited words for all types of content. For me, this feature makes Jarvis the best AI copywriting tool.

Rest assured, your payment is protected by a 7 days money-back guarantee.

2. Writesonic

Another top automated copywriting software that uses artificial intelligence is Writesonic. The software was launched during the peak time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since most of us were working from home, it saw a great response from the users.

It was initially launched on AppSumo as a lifetime deal. The customers found it to be very useful to eliminate their writer’s block. And, without any doubt, Writesonic generated content with top-notch quality and with almost perfect readability.

Because of its success and surge in popularity, many high-profile websites like Entrepreneur, TNW, TechRadar, etc. feature Writesonic. And, as of now, more than 10,000 users are currently using this copywriting tool to generate all types of content.

Features That Make Writesonic The Best AI Copywriting Tool

  • Supports Multiple Languages – To help you convey your message in any language, Writesonic allows you to generate content in 24 global languages. This is the best way to target customers based on their geographic location. English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Polish, etc, are just to name a few of the compatible languages.

  • Easy To Use – While it may offer tons of features that may seem high-tech, using it to generate content is significantly easier. First of all, you’d have to select the type of content that you want to create. Next, you will have to enter a couple of lines as seed content. And within a span of few seconds, you will have multiple variants of that content.

  • Uses Latest A.I. – Writesonic uses the latest and the best technology for artificial intelligence i.e. GPT-3. It is basically a language learning model that predicts and creates content as if it is actually written by a human writer.

  • Automatically Fixes Grammar – Just so you could leave an everlasting impression on your potential customers or subscribers, Writesonic comes with a grammar checker. The module will automatically detect the errors in the generated content and prompt you to correct them.

  • Analyzes Readability – And, to make sure that your message is properly conveyed in your generated content, Writesonic analyzes the readability of the text. Usually, the content is of good quality and doesn’t require any changes. Rarely but possibly, if you find the content quality a bit less, you can use the readability checker to get recommendations for improvements.

What Types Of Content Can Writesonic Write?

Just like any other AI copywriting tool, Writesonic is also capable of writing different types of content. Currently, it generates content for more than 20 copy types.

Before you start the content creation process, Writesonic asks you for which copy type you’d like to generate the content. After this, it uses either the AIDA or the PAS marketing frameworks to write content.

  • Website – Writesonic is well efficient in automatically writing content for websites such as landing pages, sales pages, headlines, SEO meta descriptions, and a section for features & their benefits.

  • Digital Ads – Not only the software allows you to create ads for Facebook but it also enables you to create Google Ads as well. Besides this, the team at Writesonic is working tirelessly to release the feature where this tool can create ad copies for Twitter and Instagram.

  • Blogs – If you are looking to generate a full-fledged blog post for your website, Writesonic can help you create in no time. In addition to this, the software also offers other important tools such as blog intros, blog ideas, outlines, and content expander. You will also be able to use its content paraphraser as well.

  • eCommerce – Writesonic has great proficiency in creating product descriptions for your eCommerce store. It can create different description copies of a single product in a single attempt. You can then use it across your website or store without having to worry about using duplicate content.

Writesonic Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Writesonic impresses us with its very flexible and generous plans. For starters, it offers 10 free credits to generate any type of content for the new users.

If you exhaust the free credits, you’d have to then subscribe to its yearly or monthly plans. You’d love to know that you’d get complete access to its features, irrespective of which plan you choose. Although, you’d have certain usage restrictions on the features.

Apart from this, the best part about Writesonic pricing is that it comes with a 60% discount, applicable on all the plans. To avail the discount, you’d have to use the coupon code “SONIC60” at checkout.

  • Starter – It will cost you $11.60/month to use the software. The Basic and Advanced features come with a limitation of 75 monthly credits.

  • Professional – At the same time, by paying $39.60/month, you’d get unlimited credits for Basic features. But for Advanced features, you will bear the limitation of 150 monthly credits.

  • Business – Lastly, this plan is ideal for large businesses or enterprises and it will charge you $199.60/month. You’d get unlimited credits for Basic features but there’s a 1,200 monthly credit limit on Advanced features.

Before purchasing, I would advise you to check the distribution of features in the Basic and Advanced sections. Aside from this, you should be relieved to know that your purchase will be backed up by a 7 days refund policy.

3. Copysmith

Copysmith is a classic example of the best AI copywriting tool that you can use. The software, just like its competitors, was launched in 2020, and since then it has been tackling the writer’s block of its users.

Not just this, but it has also streamlined the process of content creation for many of its users. Now, with Copysmith, they have the luxury to create as much unique content as possible, and that too in a small amount of time.

When this software was launched on Appsumo with a lifetime access deal, the Appsumo customers rushed to get their access instantly.

Evidently, the users of Copysmith consider it to be an ideal copywriting app. And, after testing the software myself, I too agree that it has a lot of potential to serve your content needs.

Features That Make Copysmith The Best AI Copywriting Tool

  • Simple Usability – Even if you have never used the software before, Copysmith makes it easier for you to generate content. You simply need to select what type of content you’d want to create and add a couple of seed sentences. It will then automatically create content for you.

  • Uses GTP-3 Model – Copysmith also uses the GPT-3 model, the third generation technology of language prediction model. With the help of this artificial technology, Copysmith creates content with great readability as if it is written by a professional writer.

  • Content Management – The software takes content management very seriously. Hence, it offers you the means to save your content in different folders. If you are a freelancer or represent an agency, this feature would be beneficial in managing the content for your different clients.

  • Team Collaboration – Again, if you represent an agency or if you are a part of a marketing team, you can easily share the content with your team members. The exchange of ideas and suggestions between your teammates will help you improve the quality of your content.

  • Chrome Extension – Copysmith also comes with a sleek Chrome extension. With the help of this extension, you can quickly transfer ideas from your browser to your Copysmith workspace.

  • Shopify Plugin – The Shopify plugin of Copysmith is ideally used for creating product descriptions for your eCommerce products. This feature is capable enough of creating unique and multiple product descriptions of a single product. It enables you to use a different version on your Shopify store and your website.

What Types Of Content Can Copysmith Write?

Since Copysmith is an AI copywriting SaaS, you can expect it to write content for different needs. Currently, the software can efficiently create content for 32 different copywriting templates.

And, just like its competitors, the tool wisely uses AIDA and PAS marketing frameworks to generate content. Due to these frameworks, you can expect your content to persuade your potential customer to perform desired actions.

  • Ad Copies – Like any copywriter software, Copysmith creates ad copies for social media and Google ads. The copies are automatically written to boost engagement and also conversions for your business.

  • Blogs & Articles – Copysmith offers you the flexibility to create detailed blog posts in a single go. Additionally, the software allows you to find some blog ideas and create blog outlines. Not to forget, you can also summarize articles into key sentences and there’s a feature of content rewriter as well.

  • eCommerce – Apart from providing you with a Shopify plugin, Copysmith is also capable of writing product descriptions for your eCommerce websites. In addition to this, the software also writes descriptions for your Amazon products.

  • Website Copies – A trademark of a great copywriter is to write great sales copies. This is what Copysmith is capable of doing. It can effortlessly create sales page copies, landing pages, headlines, and relevant taglines. Not to forget, the tool can also create SEO meta descriptions for your pages as well.

  • Social Posts – Copysmith has the potential to create social media posts as well. It can automatically write captions for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts. Lastly, it can also write YouTube video descriptions as well.

Copysmith Pricing

To help you quickly get started, Copysmith offers a 3 days free trial. The trial period will grant complete access to the software so that you can test out all of its features.

Next, it offers you three pricing plans with monthly and yearly billing options. While most of the basic features are available in all the plans, advanced features are only accessible in higher plans. Moreover, there are certain usage restrictions as well.

  • Starter – It starts at $19/month and gives 50 monthly credits and grants access to basic features only. Keep in mind that the long-form blog generator is unavailable in this plan.

  • Professional – The plan is chargeable at the rate of $59/month and gives access to the blog generator with unlimited credits but with 100 monthly plagiarism checks.

  • Enterprise – This plan is ideal for enterprise-level businesses and costs $499/month. You get unlimited credits for all the features.

4. Anyword

Anyword is a leader in the AI-based copywriting market and naturally qualified to be termed as the best AI copywriting tool. It was founded in 2012 under the name Keywee and recently changed its name to Anyword.

Anyword has a lot of advantages, and one of its most impressive features is the predictive performance score. What does this mean? Every version of copy that Anyword generates for its long list of featured content types comes with a numbered score.

This score gives you an idea of how well the copy will convert the audience, i.e., the higher the number, the greater the chance of a conversion.

This score is based on Anyword’s “Big Data” collection that leverages ad spending worth more than $250 million. With this information, Anyword’s AI can understand what language appeals to which audience on a statistical level, and that is the score that you see.

Features That Make Anyword The Best AI Copywriting Tool

  • Rapid And Easy Content Creation – Anyword can get you started in only three steps. Just copy and paste your homepage URL, choose the type of content you want to build, and click “Generate”.

  • Predictive Performance Score – As mentioned above, each Anyword copy version is graded according to conversion potential. This reduces the need for A/B testing and shortens the optimization process. The same score also gives you basic audience demographic data (age and gender) that tells you how well the copy will perform according to audience profile.

  • The Fun Factor – Anyword is very fast at generating content, and it’s actually pretty fun to see what it comes up with in a short amount of time. Anyword can produce all kinds of copy that includes up-to-date idioms and slang.

  • Custom Mode – Another fascinating aspect of Anyword’s capabilities is that it can mimic any style. Obviously, it will match the language of your brand and incorporate the keywords of your choice. But if you like a certain technique that you read on a social media channel, or even on a competitor’s website, Anyword can duplicate that as well.

  • Continuous Optimization – This feature is a bit like cruise control. Instead of posting, checking, and reposting your marketing copy, Anyword will do it for you across channels and through the sales funnel so that the message is always the optimal one.

What Types Of Content Can Anyword Write?

Anyword uses AI to generate many kinds of formats, but can also adjust its approach for numerous types of channels.

For the clever marketer, this means an ability to be present across a wide spectrum of media and with an ever-changing range of writing styles, but without needing a huge team of writers to constantly generate and optimize ad copy or content.

  • Content Formats – For advertising and editorial promotions, Anyword creates headlines, descriptions, primary texts, and captions. For landing pages, it writes product names and descriptions, CTAs, sales copy, and SEO meta descriptions. Similarly, when it comes to blogs, this AI copywriting tool will create titles, intro paragraphs, outlines, and even the entire post. Finally, you can spice up your emails with subject lines built by Anyword, and rely on the same technology to produce SMS promotional text messages.

  • Social Channels – Anyword can create copy for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Reddit, Pinterest, and several native advertising media. It’s important to note that Anyword does not just churn out repetitious copy for each channel. It actually incorporates the rules for each channel for every piece of copy. For example, it stays within the recommended character limits for headlines and captions.

  • Content Copywriting Styles – Of course, Anyword will build marketing texts using plain old paragraphs. But it also generates texts using a list structure and can even write according to the classic copywriting formulas of PAS and AIDA. Plus, to reiterate, Anyword’s Custom Mode will actually mimic the writing style of any copy that you specify.

Anyword Pricing

A free trial offer is based on Anyword’s Starter plan and gives you the opportunity to check out the software’s basic features for one seat for seven days.

Next up is the Pro plan, which moves you immediately to advanced features like predictive performance score, Custom Mode, and Continuous Optimization.

Finally, Anyword offers its Enterprise plan, which adds complex features such as applying AI to your copy performance history, customized language models, and API integration.

  • Starter – This plan charges $19/month for a single seat and a 15,000 word allowance. That’s a really reasonable price for getting access to many of the software’s capabilities and the ability to observe how it affects your conversion rates.

  • Pro – You get everything that Starter offers plus the advanced tools listed above, multiple seats, and unlimited word allowances. Pricing is customized per client.

  • Enterprise – This is the Cadillac of Anyword’s pricing plans. You’ll receive the added functionality described above as well as fully managed traffic acquisition. Pricing is once again customized per client.

5. CopyAI

Keeping the streak of finding and exploring newly launched SaaS applications, I would like you to meet CopyAI. This AI copywriter was created and launched in 2020. Over time, its popularity blew up and it soon became the favorite copywriting tool.

Now, CopyAI is so efficient that it is safe to say that it spoon-feeds you high-converting copies and content ideas. As a matter of fact, if you start using CopyAI, you won’t have to stay stuck in writer’s block or create a stale copy.

And, it goes without mentioning that with the ability to create content in a short amount of time, you will never miss your deadline. In fact, with the help of CopyAI, you will have the power to take multiple projects and finish them in a single day. Therefore, we can establish that it would be a great fit for freelancers and agencies.

Features That Make CopyAI The Best AI Copywriting Tool

  • Latest AI Technology – CopyAI uses the GPT-3 writing model to generate the best quality content. As I have said earlier, it is the latest version (3rd) of a unique language learning model. The software incorporates this technology to create human-like content in no time.

  • Beginner Friendly – One of the best characteristics of CopyAI is that it is very easy to use. You simply have to select the type of content that you want to create, enter a couple of sentences, and click the “Generate” button. Besides this, there isn’t any learning curve to using this AI copywriter.

  • Provides A Chrome Extension – To make your content generation process an absolute breeze, CopyAI provides you with a Chrome extension. Simply install the extension in your browser and start generating content from all the web pages.

  • Offers Shopify Plugin – Apart from conventional content creation, CopyAI offers niche-specific features as well. It provides a Shopify plugin that can effortlessly create product descriptions for all of your eCommerce products. And, the best part is that in a single attempt, it can generate multiple unique copies of descriptions for a single product.

  • Access To 70+ Tools – Since CopyAI is a complete AI copywriting tool, it does offer a huge range of inbuilt tools. You can create different types of content with the help of these 70+ content tools.

What Types Of Content Can CopyAI Write?

Now, there are multiple copywriting softwares in competition with CopyAI. And, most of them offer conventional but proven marketing frameworks i.e. AIDA and PAS (so does CopyAI). But the stuff that makes CopyAI superior to its competitors is the availability of the Before-After bridge content framework as well.

Besides this, as I have said, it offers more than 70 tools and features to seamlessly generate content with artificial intelligence. Just to name a few, here’s what you can create with CopyAI

  • Digital Ad Copies – CopyAI can very efficiently create ad copies for Facebook and LinkedIn ads. Not just this, it also has the power to create Google ads as well. The users who use this feature say that the generated ad copies are persuasive enough to drive better engagements.

  • Content For Social Platforms – A great way to boost engagement on your social media channels is by creating content for it via CopyAI. The software has the potential to generate captions for all social media posts. It is popularly used for its Instagram caption generator as well. Not to forget, you can also brainstorm ideas for your social media posts.

  • Website Copies – This copywriter is very prolific in creating conversion-oriented website copies as well. You can easily generate hero text, relevant subheadings, and SEO meta descriptions for your site pages.

  • eCommerce – In addition to automatically writing product descriptions for your eCommerce products, CopyAI can also write product benefits as well. With the help of this tool, you can also create microcopies for your eCommerce store.

  • Blog Content – It goes without mentioning that CopyAI can also create blog content for you. For starters, it helps you create titles, and based on these titles, it can generate blog outlines and blog intros. Ultimately, it can easily create detailed blog posts for you.

CopyAI Pricing

CopyAI doesn’t fail to impress us when it comes to pricing. The copywriter initially allows you to test the features by granting you 7 days free trial. In the free trial, you are only allowed 100 runs per day.

Once you are fully satisfied or have exhausted the trial period, you’d have to subscribe to its premium plans. It offers 2 plans with monthly and yearly billing cycles. Rest assured, both the plans will provide unlimited content generation runs and complete access to the software.

  • Solo – This plan is ideal for small businesses, bloggers, etc. To sign up for this plan, you’d have to pay $49/month. With this, you will have complete access to the software and its premium community.

  • Custom – At the same time, if you represent an enterprise-level business or marketing agency, you can sign up for this plan. Although, you’d have to request custom pricing. Besides this, the plan will provide you with collaboration features once they are launched.

Wrapping Up

Now that we have explored all the AI copywriting tool in detail, it’s time for you to choose one and start using it to generate content automatically.

Although, given the huge set of features, it is possible that you are still unable to choose the best copywriter.

In this case, I would suggest you sign up for their free trial. All the softwares offer generous free plans that would allow you to test out the application thoroughly.

And, once you are completely satisfied, you can upgrade to its premium plans.

If you are short on time and looking for my personal recommendation then I would suggest you go with either Jarvis or Writesonic.

Both the software packs all the essential features, have great customer reviews, and offer affordable pricing plans. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any other queries.

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