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What is importance of copywriting?

Copywriting for your website is more than just words strung together to show people what your business is about.

Good copywriting should reflect the values that your business holds close, while creating a lasting impact on the viewers, eventually driving them to engage in the action you want them to.

Each business must ensure that their content is created to a high standard, whether that’s within product descriptions, website content or printed advertising. In this week’s blog, we’re telling you the importance of good copywriting.

Copywriting generally means the creation of content. This can be for a website, brochure, product description or any other form of advertising.

The aim of copywriting is to persuade people to purchase a product or service from a company. A good copywriter will use language to encourage you to buy from a company, but not directly tell you to.

A copywriter will show your customers how your product and services will offer them value and make their lives easier.

As well as creating the original content for various platforms, copywriters are expected to check over pieces of text to ensure that there are no spelling and grammatical errors.

There’s potential that you may lose clients if your content is not well written and has grammatical errors in it. A key area that a copywriter must consider is the language choices they are making and whether it fits the typical language of the target audience.

Without taking this into consideration, it is quite likely that the audience will lose interest in the content.

Why is good copywriting important?

1. Helps to build a brand

Your branding is how you portray your business to other people, this can have a big impact on the buying habits of your target audience.

It’s likely that you’ll want your brand to appear professional and of high quality, hiring a copywriter to ensure that there are no errors within your content will create a good brand image.

2. Content that can be understood

A lot of the time, when you’re an expert in your field of work, you may find it hard to explain things to other people at a beginner’s level.

Copywriters often have the right amount of knowledge to create high quality and informative content that will drive sales for your business. Before beginning to create content, a good copywriter will ensure that they have researched the subject well.

3. Valuable content

Your website is often your first chance to impress users. A good copywriter will ensure that your content is clear and concise, giving just the right information to hook your audience and persuade them to purchase from you.

Your content will be more valuable, due to a copywriter knowing exactly what is needed from each piece of content. For example, on a website, a home page is informative, while a product description is meant to encourage customers to purchase a service or product.

4. Target the right audience

A key part of a copywriter’s job is to do in depth research before they start creating content. Within this research, they should learn about the company and exactly what the content entails.

They will also need to research the target audience of the company, so that they can ensure that the content they create is appropriate. By targeting the right audience, your business is much more likely to gain clients and make sales in the future.

5. Save time for you

As a business owner, there’s a lot of things to think about, with a copywriter on hand, you can save yourself a bit of time. Copywriters can be hired to create regular blog content, which your users will enjoy reading.

A Regular blog content will help your site’s SEO and also offers your content writer the chance to use some high ranking keywords that are appropriate for your business.

What Features Do The Best Copywriting Software Have?

Copywriting software can be of different types. A/B testing tools. Content management tools. Grammar checkers. They all help you craft a winning copy, one way or another.

Here are some of the features that your copywriting software tools should have:

  • Content Editing – You want to make your readers believe that you are a professional writer. An editing tool can help you craft a copy with concise sentences, power words and remove convoluted prose.

  • Grammar & Spelling Checker – A quick grammar check before you send out your copy will be the difference between a well-received piece of content and a questionable one with amateur mistakes. It should also eliminate typos and spelling errors.

  • Headline Generator – The best headline generator tool will help you develop SEO-friendly and eye-catching headlines that drive traffic, shares, and search results.

  • Online Plagiarism Checker – It will scan your content for unoriginal and plagiarized material.

  • A/B Testing – Add value to your copy by creating numerous versions of the same content, compare their performance and then pick the best version.

  • Competitive Analysis Tool – It will help you discover the top-performing content on your competitor’s website so that you can emulate the practices they’re using.

  • Project Organization & Management – You need a platform that lets you plan, organize, and track all your content in one place. Such tools should also allow seamless team collaboration, integrations, and a feedback delivery system.

Other features that you should consider include data analysis, keyword research, graphic design, automation, ad copy optimization, etc.

What makes great Copywriting?

Copywriting is an essential part of Conversion Rate Optimization. However, what works for a one webpage might not work for another. Professional copywriters use different styles depending on the context and their goals, for example:

  • Landing Pages tend to feature direct sales-copy, focusing on the benefits that a product or service can offer the customer. High-converting landing pages are built on clear, compelling value propositions.

  • Product Pages use a passive voice and focus on information, with lots of detail crammed into a small amount of text. A/B testing has shown that product descriptions can significantly increase sales, and a recent survey showed that 98% of shoppers had abandoned a purchase due to poor content.

  • Emails often adopt a more conversational style than landing pages, but also focus on benefits for the reader. Personalising the subject line for an email can increase open rates by up to 50%.

  • Blog Articles can vary quite a lot in style, but they tend to be less formal and reflect their subject matter.

Whilst varying their content to suit the medium, professional marketers still apply contrasting styles in order to maintain their brand’s “tone of voice” or achieve a specific goal.

The copywriting tools in this collection can help you to produce the highest standard of written content with less time and effort.

Copywriting Artificial Intelligence – What Is It Good For?

If you don’t have a writer on board to create content for your business, many software tools can help boost your marketing efforts with quality copy written by artificial intelligence. They use natural language processing to generate compelling copy and content.

Conversion AI is one of the most popular pieces of AI-driven writing software because its algorithms mimic human behavior while creating compelling ad copy or blog posts from scratch in seconds rather than hours.

Shortly AI not only generates unique articles but also allows users to edit them afterward through a slick interface that’s easy to navigate.

The best one for your business will ultimately depend on what you plan to use your valuable content for and how much of it you need.

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