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What is Gohighlevel SAAS plan

SaaS is an abbreviation for “Software-as-a-Service.” This term refers to the practice of giving access to what are essentially web apps in return for a monthly or yearly fee.

These web apps/platforms are hosted in the cloud and accessible through any web browser.

You don’t need to download or meet any special software requirements to be able to use them. You just pay your subscription fee, and that’s it – depending on the plan you subscribe to, you’ll have access to all or a part of the available features.


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Many popular e-commerce platforms, site builders, and landing page builders belong to this category. Shopify, Wix, and Leadpages are just a few examples in the sea of SaaS companies.

And HighLevel itself is a SaaS company. GoHighLevel has a pretty cool upgrade option called "SaaS Mode" that let's you white-label their entire platform and resell it under your own brand.

However, the product is confusing and it's pretty hard to get accurate information about it online, so in this post I'm going to break down exactly what GoHighLevel SaaS mode is, who it's for, if it's worth the price, and if you should upgrade your HighLevel account (or not).


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You can set up a HighLevel account and sign up for one of the plans it offers if your business or digital marketing agency needs software that allows you to do any of these things:

  • Collect, track, and convert leads.

  • Analyze different business-related stats.

  • Automate workflows, email, and marketing campaigns.

  • Build sales funnels.

  • Communicate with your audience, and more.

With GoHighLevel SaaS Mode, you can whitelabel and resell the HighLevel platform under your own brand for a monthly recurring price.

SaaS Mode let's agencies and business owners create new revenue streams by essentially rebranding the entire platform and selling the software to your clients or customers. SaaS stands for "Software as a Service".

If you're an agency owner, an example use-case could be to white label the GHL platform and charge your existing customers a subscription fee to use alongside your marketing services. This achieves two objectives:

  1. Add a new revenue stream to your business and maximize LTV (lifetime customer value)

  2. Make your service more sticky by locking your customers into a valuable software ecosystem (leaving becomes hard, and even if they stop using your services, you may retain them for your software)


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How To Get Started With SaaS Mode

Here's how to get started with GHL SaaS Mode:

  1. If you don't yet have a HighLevel account, sign up for the free trial of the Agency Unlimited Account ($297/month)

  2. During your trial, start a free trial of SaaS Mode plan

  3. If you want the annual discount, call them during your SaaS mode trial at 1-888-732-4197

  4. If you already have a GHL account, go back up to number 2 in this list and start a free trial of SaaS mode

How Much Does the SaaS Mode Cost?

The SaaS mode is available with the HighLevel Agency Pro plan. It’s a part of a package that includes other excellent features as well:

  • email, phone, and text rebilling with Twilio

  • split testing

  • advanced API access

  • agent reporting

  • and an AI-powered chatbot built on top of the Google Dialogflow.

To access the SaaS mode, you need to pay either $497/month (monthly billing) or $4,968/year (annual billing, the same as paying $414/month), which is how much the Agency Pro plan costs. For the feature set you get, this is a pretty good price.

If you’re still not convinced that the price is good, keep in mind that the Agency Pro plan includes everything from the lower-tier Freelancer plan in addition to the features we enumerated above. This means that you’ll get access to a membership builder and, more importantly, the possibility to completely white label HighLevel.


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On top of these features, with the Agency Pro plan, HighLevel provides tools like a funnel builder, two-way SMS and email, pipeline management, a website and landing page builder, and a lot more.

HighLevel SaaS being a part of the Agency Pro plan indicates that the company primarily targets agencies with this feature. The SaaS mode can save your agency from high churn rates, which tend to be significantly higher for agencies than for SaaS companies.

As a rule, users can decide fairly easily to cancel the services of an agency, but if they find a good quality SaaS – which HighLevel SaaS definitely is – they tend to stick with it.

In a nutshell, HighLevel Saas mode is the ability to white-label and resell software. Essentially, you pay for a monthly subscription on HighLevel to get access to their software, which you can then resell to other users as if it were yours.

It’s just like with physical products – agencies buy the software, create their own app with it with their own branding, and then resell it (usually for a higher price).


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