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Should I upgrade to Gohighlevel SAAS Pro Plan?

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one software solution designed to help you manage your customer relationships, automate your sales processes and boost your lead generation efforts all inside a single platform.

Sometimes you need an extra set of hands (or, in this case, brains) to get things done, and that’s where CRM tools like Go High Level come in.

But this time around, you won’t be juggling platforms, everything you need is made available inside one platform.


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Considering the number of tools stacked up together inside the GoHighLevel, using the software will probably save you cost compared to getting each third-party tool separately.

However, depending on what you want to use Go High Level for you might not be needing all the features but still, pay for it anyways.

HighLevel SaaS allows agencies to offer not just services but also software to other users. So, you can be a service and software company at the same time, as one of the HighLevel team members roughly says.

Why should you upgrade?

With GoHighLevel SaaS Mode, you can whitelabel and resell the HighLevel platform under your own brand for a monthly recurring price. SaaS Mode let's agencies and business owners create new revenue streams by essentially rebranding the entire platform and selling the software to your clients or customers. SaaS stands for "Software as a Service".


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It may sound unusual, but the power of HighLevel SaaS is the fact that it’s a SaaS that allows you not just to use but to resell it as if it was your own software.

That’s what the SaaS mode essentially means.

You pay a fixed fee to use HighLevel, but the company gives you the ability to offer the same software to other users. The HighLevel SaaS mode is a license to sell software that’s not yours – i.e., that belongs to HighLevel – as yours.

To a certain extent, you’re a reseller: you buy a product for a certain price that you can gain profit from by selling it for a higher price. And regardless of how strange this may sound, HighLevel is absolutely okay with that.

Moreover, it encourages this practice. It’s a win-win situation: you win by getting a chance to get more recurring revenue, while HighLevel wins by selling its product to more and more agencies and marketers.

As you might have guessed, the SaaS mode presupposes white labeling. Before you can offer HighLevel to other users, you need to make it look and feel like your own app.

This is where white labeling comes into the picture. It means turning the HighLevel software system into your fully-branded app. With no traces of HighLevel branding anywhere and your branding all over the app, your customers won’t even know about the role of HighLevel.

If you're an agency owner, an example use-case could be to white label the GHL platform and charge your existing customers a subscription fee to use alongside your marketing services.

This achieves two objectives:

  1. Add a new revenue stream to your business and maximize LTV (lifetime customer value)

  2. Make your service more sticky by locking your customers into a valuable software ecosystem (leaving becomes hard, and even if they stop using your services, you may retain them for your software)


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How to Get the Most Out of the HighLevel SaaS Mode

When you have your HighLevel SaaS all set up and running, you can make the most out of it by exploring as many of the possibilities that the SaaS mode brings you as possible.

Affiliate Program

For instance, you can build your own affiliate program. An affiliate program can help you develop stronger ties with your customer base, allow your customers to benefit from your SaaS company in more than one way, and increase the chances of getting more new signups through your affiliates’ efforts.

However, keep in mind that for this to work, you’ll need to have an account on an affiliate platform, such as a FirstPromoter, which integrates smoothly and works seamlessly with HighLevel, which is probably why HighLevel itself recommends it.

Online Listings

Yext is another way you can open new horizons for your clients and help their businesses. It’s an AI-powered platform that integrates with HighLevel and is available to use via the HighLevel SaaS mode.

One of the areas Yext operates in is online business listings. It cooperates with a large network of around 200 authoritative websites and portals like Google and Yelp.

This allows you to list key information about your clients – such as their name, website, address, contact information, and similar – on all these sites and keep their information updated and consistent across the web.

Yext helps with link building (also known as backlinking), which is great from an SEO standpoint and is a convenient way to increase the number of your leads.

HighLevel charges you an extra $30 for Yext, but the great news is that, similar to Twilio, you can resell it for as much as you want. The usual price agencies charge is around $99. It’s another revenue stream for you, and it’s a potentially huge SEO boost for your clients.


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We’ve been talking about integrations and how they can improve your and your clients’ businesses. Here is one more in the line of amazing and useful third-party tools that you can use with HighLevel SaaS: DropInBlog.

This app will allow your clients to include content marketing into their assortment of business tools. It includes an SEO Analyzer that helps you follow the best current SEO practices and makes sure that you publish content that can fare well in search engine rankings.

Together with Yext, DropInBlog can boost your clients’ SEO and bring them more new leads/customers. It’s a fast, elegant, and modern way to blog with HighLevel.


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