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Sandbox Metaverse Review and future

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Describe The Sandbox. The Sandbox, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, is the third-largest metaverse. It enables users to create, share, and make money off of their gaming and real estate experiences. In the virtual world, people may play, construct, own their properties, and possess in-game items.

The Sandbox Metaverse Platform: An Overview

The Sandbox is a metaverse platform that opened to the public in 2021 and offers users the chance to take part in play-to-earn activities, own land, gather its cryptocurrency token SAND, and have an influence on the network's operations.

In November last year, The Sandbox earned a staggering $93 million in an investment round led by SoftBank. Chinese billionaire Adrian Cheng said his firm would purchase one of the biggest land parcels available in the game.


Given the slow acceptance of VR, The Sandbox has supposedly reached 2 million users on the consumer side.

Let's go right to the definition of "sandbox" without wasting any time. Users may buy, sell, generate, and exchange digital assets based on the Ethereum blockchain in this virtual environment. Additionally, the site offers the ability to pay for game sessions using SAND, the utility token for Sandbox, and the platform's native cryptocurrency. What may the motivations be for developing such a platform?

Sebastien Borget and Arthur Madrid, the project's creators, started Sandbox in 2011 with the main goal of profiting from the video gaming business. Both perceived a crucial opportunity to bring blockchain into the gaming sector at a time when blockchain and crypto were not yet that popular.

They wanted to create a virtual universe that would allow players to create and share blockchain-based assets. In addition to offering players complete control over their gaming experience, the Sandbox crypto token creates the foundation for monetizing in-game assets in the Sandbox.


can be purchased on some of the most popular crypto exchanges such as Kraken,, Kraken, Uniswap V2, and Liquid. Users will need to have an account on one of these exchanges in order to buy SAND.

At the time of writing, SAND is priced at $4.88 and ranks #38 in terms of market size. The success of SAND will be purely dependent on the success of The Sandbox as a Metaverse project. While there are other competitors planning to launch their own Metaverse, the Sandbox seems to have gained the attention of some industry leaders such as Nike, Atari, Binance, along with 36 other companies that now own land on The Sandbox metaverse.

In December 2021, an anonymous user spent more than $450,000 to buy LAND next to Snoop Dogg, a world-famous hip-hop singer. To date, the most expensive lot sold on The Sandbox was valued at over $4.3 million.

All of these things signal increased user interest in SAND and will help drive up its price. Therefore, holding a small portion of Metaverse tokens in your portfolio is a smart choice, and SAND should be a part of it.

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