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Is Gohighlevel really best software for Marketing Agencies?

Let’s face it. Running a business is hard. You’re juggling clients, staff and finances all while trying to grow the business into something bigger. It’s not easy to do this on your own, and many business fail very early because of this.

However, things become easier when you have a team behind you who are also working hard to help grow the business.That’s where GoHighLevel comes in.

With features like robust campaign tracking, intuitive dashboards, and detailed reporting tools, GoHighLevel makes it simple to stay on top of your marketing efforts and ensure that they are achieving the desired results.


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This software is everything you need to run a successful digital marketing agency. You are getting enterprise software at an unbelievable price point.

What is Go High Level?

Go High Level is a marketing software platform designed for agency owners in mind. If you work with multiple small businesses this software is a must for you.

Its powerful features make it easy to track, manage, and optimize your online marketing campaigns, helping you get the best results from your efforts. Whether you are an experienced marketer or just starting out this software should be your foundation.


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The best way to think of HighLevel CRM is in two ways:

  1. It’s a platform for agency owners

  2. It’s a platform for clients of agency owners

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform designed to make it easy for agencies to get their clients results.

According to their official website, GoHighLevel is used by over 15,000 agencies that serve 523,000 businesses. The tool has been used to generate over 622 million leads and 9 billion conversations.

Who is HighLevel CRM Suitable For?

The HighLevel CRM is perfect for digital marketing agency owners that offer lead generation, advertising or sales prospecting services to their clients.

And GoHighLevel is equally as powerful for the clients of these agencies, which can use the platform to increase leads, book more appointments, nurture their existing customers and clients, get sales and improve their reputation.

My favorite feature is the ability to white label and resell the software.


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GoHighLevel helps you:

  • Effortlessly onboard new agency clients

  • See your agency stats all in one beautiful dashboard

  • Use snapshots/templates to create websites and “out of the box” marketing campaigns for a variety of industries

  • Build your own SaaS business by reselling GoHighLevel as white label marketing tool and funnel builder to your own customers and clients

  • Provide your agency clients with a dashboard to track leads and sales

  • Manage your agency clients using the powerful HighLevel CRM that lets you add contact details, create tasks, notes, reminders and appointments

  • Provide the same powerful CRM functionality to your agency clients so they can keep track of their clients and nurture them

  • Build websites and sales funnels within minutes for yourself or your clients

  • Send emails, newsletters and SMS messages to prospects and clients

  • Create automated workflows, campaigns and triggers that move prospects and clients through different client journeys based on actions they take

  • Manage invoices, payments and orders for your clients

  • Provide clients with a built-in appointment scheduler, calendar and email reminders (similar to Calendly)

  • Build forms and surveys for your clients

  • Offer online courses, memberships, subscriptions and digital products and provide the same possibility to your agency clients

  • Create a chat widget for your website or your clients website

  • Provide clients with an easy way to get reviews and manage their online reputation

  • Track your advertising, conversions, calls and appointments with detailed statistics and provide the same stats in a beautiful dashboard to your agency clients

That’s a lot of functionality packed into one single platform.


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While HighLevel CRM was specifically built for marketing agency owners, you can see that a wide variety of people can benefit from GoHighLevel even if they don’t run an agency.

GoHighLevel allows you to get rid of a lot of other tools including Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Calendly, Typeform, ActiveCampaign and other platforms. HighLevel does everything that these tools do in one platform.

How do we use GoHighLevel for Our Clients?

At our marketing agency, we use Go High Level to help our clients manage and optimize their online marketing campaigns.

With its powerful tracking and reporting tools, intuitive dashboards, and detailed optimization features, Go High Level gives us everything we need to succeed in the digital marketing world.

From startups to established businesses, our clients rely on us to help them achieve their marketing goals and GoHighLevel is an essential part of making that happen.

We use GoHighLevel to help provide businesses with the tools they are looking for. Every business needs email marketing, SMS marketing, a website, call tracking, appointment, and booking software, tracking, and reputation marketing.

With GoHighLevel we can provide that to customers all under one roof with one piece of software.

If a small business went out and tried to buy all of this software on their own they would have to go to multiple software companies and learn multiple software platforms and it would probably end customing them upwards of $1,000+ a month.


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With GoHighLevel we can offer small businesses everything they need with full packages starting as low as $297 a month and still be highly profitable. It is a win-win for your small business customer and you.


I rarely come across a tool that gets me as excited and has so many use cases and so much potential as GoHighLevel.

It’s a completely game changer and without a doubt the #1 best platform for marketing agency owners. The platform is so feature packed that it might make sense to use GoHighLevel even if you’re not an agency owner.

Any business that generates leads, books appointments and sells digital products could save a tremendous amount of money by switching to the Agency Starter Account.

And if you run any sort of agency and feel like your clients could benefit from any of the features I walked you through in this GoHighLevel review, it might be worth getting the Agency Unlimited Plan and using GoHighLevel as a white label software to compliment the services you already offer your clients.

For example, even if you’re an online course coach (I scaled an online course coaching program to 7-figures) and don’t even run an agency, you could use HighLevel to provide clients with a white label online course platform at a monthly recurring fee to generate residual income.

My friend found a way to re-sell GoHighLevel to artists in the music industry and built a thriving SaaS business.

He doesn’t even own an agency. He was just creative enough to see the potential of GoHighLevel, benefit from the white label feature and profit from it in a smart way.

I believe you can and should do the same thing.


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Get the GoHighLevel Agency Starter Account if:

  • You run any kind of online business and want to use GoHighLevel’s powerful CRM, sales funnel builder, automation builder, calendar booking app and other features to manage your own business

  • You want to save monthly software costs and get rid of other tools (like Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Calendly, Typeform, Pipedrive, SalesForce etc.) and have everything in a single platform

Get the GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited Account if:

  • You’re a marketing agency owner

  • You’re an advertising agency owner

  • You’re a lead generation or outreach agency owner

  • You help clients with sales, closing or managing sales teams

  • You’re a coach, trainer or course seller and want to re-sell your own white label version of GoHighLevel to provide your customers with some features of GoHighLevel (such as the sales funnel builder, website builder etc.)

  • You want to re-sell your own white label version of GoHighLevel and run your own SaaS business

Switch to the GoHighLevel White Label Mobile App if:

  • You’re an agency owner and already making six or seven-figures a year


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