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Is Builderall worth it?

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Builderall is an all in one marketing software solution that is designed for everyone. It accomplishes almost everything other pages builders do, but at a cheaper price.

Is Builderall worth it? Let’s dig in and find out how much value they offer.

What is included with their different packages and what is Builderall?

They promote it as an all in one digital marketing platform meaning that you control and have access to everything from a single dashboard.

You will find many reviews about this product. Some are from other companies that try the bait and switch game while others are enrolled in their affiliate marketing program trying to just make some money.

The real question should be, what are you trying to do with the platform and will it do the job that you need it to do?

Does it offer the value of similar platforms? How about the training courses do they provide the information that you need to learn about the digital marketing tools?

Can you promote the product and what does it pay? These are some of the questions that we will cover in this post.

Is Builderall Worth It Compared To The Money You’d Pay For The Top Marketing Tools?

You really cannot do a fair comparison of Builderall because it is like comparing apples to oranges.

But we will look at some of the companies that have similar products because you’ll have so many affiliate marketers trying to do the old bait and switch tactic.

You really need to work with the product to get a feel of the platform.

That is why we started putting together free affiliate marketing training lessons for beginners. Just to help people out.

Builderall does have an awesome community and the people support one another. They have recently upgraded a lot of their digital marketing tools and are constantly working toward perfecting their digital marketing platform.

We have used Builderall and can give you some great insights into the tools that they provide. You be the judge and see, is Builderall worth it?

If you are not willing/able to spend $100+/month on those types of platforms, then Builderall is definitely the best option for you in terms of an all in one marketing platform.


I don’t think you can have a Builderall review without addressing this section. There is a misconception that people think Builderall is a scam. 

It’s hard to understand why this is the case since it is a real SAAS program that solves real problems for people.

But I think that the way some people promote Builderall can come across as scammy. You see, Builderall was heavily promoted in the online marketing community as more of a way to make money than what it was originally designed to do.

Part of the reason for this is because their affiliate commissions are high, so people who promote it as a way to just make money are only focused on the dollar sign.

So Builderall is definitely NOT as scam, especially if you use it as an all in one online marketing platform as it was designed to be used as.

And if you are looking at Builderall as a way to make money, yes it does have a good affiliate program – but don’t expect to get rich off of it overnight.


Builderall like almost every other piece of software gets a mixed bag of reviews from people. I looked around the internet to get fair and balanced Builderall reviews so you don’t have to.

On Trustpilot Builderall received an overall score of 3.5:

Here are some additional fair and balanced quotes I found on a Reddit discussion board:

(Builderall) is for the people who have a limited budget and also for those who don’t have any blog or websites.

While compared to the click funnel, Builderall is cheaper(price starts at $9) and has many tools.

The Builderall dashboard interface is user-friendly, and a couple of weeks ago they updated the interface and server.

But the only problem which I am facing with Builderall is with their drag and drop pixel page builder. While creating the landing pages we need to adjust the elements manually for both mobile and desktop versions.

Builderall’s flagship product the Drag and Drop site Builder is a great builder and is more than capable of catering to most businesses needs. You can build websites, funnels, blogs and membership sites.

The autoresponder is good despite having some deliverability issues last year and most of the other tools function as they should.

Some of the other tools such as the presentation builder and video editor are not great…

Clickfunnels makes it easier and quicker for you to create sales funnels, that’s a fact. They focus on funnels so they are better at it.

Builderall is an affordable solution that has most of the tools any small business could need at a very affordable price.

Do they have all the bells and whistles of their overpriced counterparts? No!

But for $50 a month you are not going to get the functionality of 20 $5,000+ a month softwares combined.


Should you be using BuilderAll for your online business? For many users, they still prefer using ClickFunnels, even though this platform is more expensive.

However, for those in search of an alternative that is more affordable to Kartra or ClickFunnels, BuilderAll might be the next best option. If you decide to put your online company on the BuilderAll platform, it offers you the opportunity to save a lot of money.

This is because you are not required to buy separate autoresponders, web hosting along with several other software-tool expenses. 

The affiliate program is also great, that offers you an incentive to develop your own affiliate team. It is true, there are a few mixed-up functionalities to BuilderAll, but there is also so much you are able to do when using this platform. It does require a bit of your time to learn how everything works.

Builderall can be used by literally anyone. Due to the extensive list of features and tools, I’m sure you will find something that meets your businesses needs and goals. If you are looking for a budget all in one builder then yes this is great, but what if you are looking for a feature set out for a specific purpose?

If so, Then I would recommend forking some extra cash per month, and use a platform that has mastered that specific element of digital marketing you are looking to implement. On the contrary, If you are looking for an all in one builder, but one which offers much better quality and user experience, then again I would considering spending some more cash per month, and use something like Kartra or Clickfunnels.

Is Builderall worth it? Absolutely, in fact there is nothing out there that will currently beat Builderall in terms of value for monwey. But there are many other platforms which beat it in terms of quality and user experience which is a big let down for Builderall.

Choosing a platform to use for your online business is a serious matter.. This choice could make, break or influence you success in the online world.

As a result I would definitely not cheap out on such marketing platform just to save a few bucks as it could hit me pretty hard in the long run!

I have been fortunate enough to be able to use tools that are considered the best in market. I have to say that there is a huge difference between user experience and quality between those said tools and Builderall. As I mentioned before, you can tell that Builderall is a budget friendly software…

It has everything you need, and more. But the problem is that it does everything fairly averagely, at best. It is a jack of all trades, master of none.

Builderall is definitely worth it being a great value for money platform for beginners and people with low capital , but not a great platform compared to the other alternatives mentioned.

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