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How to upgrade to Gohighlevel SAAS Plan

HighLevel SaaS allows agencies (and their clients) to provide services and software for others so that they can be service providers and software developers simultaneously.

Before we dive into the details of the HighLevel SaaS mode, let us first discuss some general remarks on the meaning and usage of the term “SaaS.”

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is an abbreviated form of software that allows companies to offer their products online instead of selling them through retail stores. Web applications (apps) are hosted online and accessed via any web browser.

All you need to do is click “download” to get started. You pay your monthly subscription fee, and that’s all there is to it – depending on which plan you choose, you’ll get access to all or some of the available features.


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Many popular web development tools, CMSs, and landing page builders fall into this category. Shopify, WIX, and LeadPages are a few examples of SaaS companies.

And High Level itself is an online service provider. If you need a web application that lets you do any of these things, you can create an account at HighLevel and sign up for one of its plans.

It may seem strange, but the power of highlevel SaaS is that it’s an SAA that lets you not only use but also sell it as if it were your software. That’s what the “SaaS” mode means.

You pay a fixed monthly fee to use HighLevel, but the company allows you to sell the same software to other people. The HighLevel SaaS mode will enable you to sell software that isn’t yours – i.e., that belongs to High Level – as if it were yours.

If you are on the Pro Plan and have a subaccount / location in SaaS mode, you can enable any of the 3 SaaS plans for them. Once added to a SaaS plan from the system, their subscription is handled at Stripe level. If you need to upgrade / downgrade their account, you will need to do this from Stripe.


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How to change SaaS plan?

In this example, we have 3 SaaS plans, Standard, Professional and Premium. Each higher plan has more features offered.

We have a location which is on the Standard plan with basic features only.

To upgrade this location to the Professional plan, we will need to go into our Stripe account and open the customer associated with this location.


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Finding the Stripe Customer

You can search the customer in Stripe using your client's email. However, the preferred method is to search the invoice ID for this location and get the customer ID from there.

1. Go into Subaccount Settings > Company Billing and click "View" for any invoice shown in the Billing History

2. Copy the invoice number

3. Search for the invoice number on Stripe and click on the invoice to open the details


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4. Click on the customer email shown in the 'Billed to' column on the invoice, it will take you to the customer's profile in Stripe

Changing the subscription plan

Now that we are in the customer profile on Stripe, we update the client's subscription plan.

1. Click on the pencil icon to update the subscription plan

2. Remove the current price and add the new plan's price


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3. Review your changes, prorate changes if you want to adjust the billing difference in the next invoice, and then hit the update button

4. On your agency account, go to the Accounts tab > View details for the location. The plan is now upgraded but you still need to update their accessible features according to the new plan:

5. Save the updated feature set for this location, and then you're good to go!


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GoHighLevel CRM and marketing and sales platform is perfect for marketing agencies, local businesses, sales teams, and entrepreneurs that need an all-in-one marketing software platform.

It helps you save time and resources while getting more clients and generating more sales leads.

We’re confident that HighLevel SaaS will be an excellent addition to our rich collection of HighLevel products. We also agree with many HighLevel clients who think it’s a game changer. We hope you agree with our opinion and that this text has helped you decide whether HighLevel’s SaaS is right for you.


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