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How to create google ads in getresponse

GetResponse Landing Pages integrate with the most popular analytics and remarketing platforms. Google Ads conversion tracking enables you to check the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Google Ads will allow you to market your business to contacts with even more precision. They make it possible to target your potential customers when they search for specific keywords on Google.

Google Ads integration will make is simpler to reach your contacts where they are and while they are looking for a specific business. Our simple step-by-step editor will guide you through the process.

The ads you create can show in specific areas and for specific languages and they will be displayed both on desktop and mobile.

Google Ads conversion tracking is available for two types of landing pages:

  • Landing pages that redirect to a default thank-you page. A thank-you page is crucial for conversion. A user visit to the thank-you page, means the user completed a task you wanted them to do. Or,

  • Landing pages that contain a form. We send conversion data after the form is submitted, even if you don’t redirect to a thank-you page.

If you have a Google Ads account, you can automatically enable conversion tracking on your landing pages. Just enter a conversion label and conversion ID in your landing page configuration.

Google Ads conversion tracking helps you check the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. These campaigns bring active customers to your landing pages. When you track landing pages, you can verify how an Google Ads campaign affects signups or form submissions.

How do I integrate Google Ads conversion tracking on a landing page?

What you’ll need

  • A working Google Ads account If you don’t have an Google Ads account, go to, click Start now, and follow the Google instructions.

  • A Google Ads conversion setup If you don’t have a Google Ads conversion yet, see

  • A landing page

How do I find the integration ID in Google Ads?

1. Sign into your Google Ads account.

2. Click Tools&Settings and then click Conversions under Measurements.

3. Click on the name of your conversion to enter its settings.

4. Click Tag setup to expand the section.

5. Select Use Google Tag Manager. 6. Copy the Conversion ID and Conversion label. You will need them in your landing page settings to set up the integration.

How do I include the tracking code in my landing page?

To add Google Ads tracking code to your landing page:

  1. Log into your GetResponse account, go to Menu>> Landing pages.

  2. Edit the settings of your page by hovering over the Action menu (vertical ellipsis) and selecting Edit settings.

  3. Scroll down and expand the AdWords conversion tracking section.

  4. Paste the values you copied from Google Ads.

  • Paste the value of Conversion ID in the Conversion ID field.

  • Paste the value of Conversion label in the Conversion label field.

5. Click Save to save the changes or Publish if you want to set the page live.

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