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How Gohighlevel SAAS Plan can help Agencies

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that gives you all the functionality and tools you need to generate more leads and sales online. This platform is also known as “High Level”, but most people call it Go High Level because of its domain name.

The reason why I love GoHighLevel is that it is built by a marketing agency for marketing agencies. GoHighLevel allows its users to sell the software as their own, making it extremely easy to manage and set up client accounts.

HighLevel recently rolled out the SaaS plan for agencies. You can choose what you charge your clients, what credits you’ll offer for free, and whether or not to offer a free trial.


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HighLevel SaaS Mode Overview

HighLevel SaaS allows agencies (and their clients) to provide services and software for others so that they can be service providers and software developers simultaneously.

It may seem strange, but the power of highlevel SaaS is that it’s an SAA that lets you not only use but also sell it as if it were your software. That’s what the “SaaS” mode means.

You pay a fixed monthly fee to use HighLevel, but the company allows you to sell the same software to other people. The HighLevel SaaS mode will enable you to sell software that isn’t yours – i.e., that belongs to High Level – as if it were yours.

HighLevel SaaS included in the Agency Pro Plan indicates that the company primarily aims to target agencies with this feature. The SaaS model can help an agency avoid high churn rates, which are typically far higher for agencies than SAAS companies.

Typically, users can choose whether or not to cancel the service of an agency reasonably quickly, but if they find something suitable, they tend to stay with it.


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HighLevel SaaS Mode Specifics

Because the HighLevel SaaS considers both agencies (the HighLevel Saas) and their clients (the LowLevel Saas), it includes two different sets of features. Here are some examples of them:


You don’t need to worry about these things when using our service. They’re already taken care of for you. It would be best if you had nothing additional to set up or configu­re beyond what was already set up and configured for you.

For Twilio rebilling to be enabled, it must be turned on. However, if you don’t use Twilio for two-way messaging, it would be a waste to pay for it.

Another thing you should be aware of when using Twilio is that you can choose between two modes: SaaS mode only used for Twilio rebilling and not create custom pricing plans or use the default ones.


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Client features include the webchat widget, which is also called the High Level Live Chat widget. It can be used for lead generation purposes. This widget allows communication between your clients and those they’re trying to reach.

The web chat widget is unique because it allows for two-way text messaging, which lets you continue communicating even after the user leaves the site.

We’ve all experienced waiting for a response from customer support and being virtually forced to keep the site open the whole time. HighLevel helps your clients and prospective clients eliminate this inefficient communication, increasing the likelihood of site visitors becoming leads.


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Another helpful feature is reputation management. It allows them to be influential without pushing their views onto others. It works by sending reviews with links to clients’ customers. You can choose between sending an email or an SMS.

You can use it to show only positive reviews (4.5 or higher), while some positive reviews can be displayed on your client’s websites as testimonials.

You can take Twilio costs and mark them up. These tools help you create margin. Your clients are paying a markup for text and email software—why not do it through you instead?

You can create a landing page and have clients sign up through that page. It’s exactly how they do it at HighLevel. After the client fills out the order form, an account is added, the credentials are sent, the credit card is captured, and when the person logs in they see the exact feature set that you defined—nothing more.

If you don’t know how to set it up, HighLevel offers a service to do it for you. You can charge the client a setup fee and use some of that to pay HighLevel. They’ll set everything up and do a small training on the basic features. HighLevel has options for ongoing support as well.


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This is a great play to create instantaneous value for leads that don’t qualify to work with your agency! HighLevel is continuing to add new features and integrations to help you and your clients succeed.

Our Conclusion About SaaS Mode

We’ve answered the question “What is HighLevel SaaS?” here. To provide an adequate answer, we looked at several aspects of HighLevel: SaaS mode separately from the main application, SaaS mode configurations, and the massive potential of HighLevel SAA when combined with third-party tools.

We’re confident that HighLevel SaaS will be an excellent addition to our rich collection of HighLevel products.

We also agree with many HighLevel clients who think it’s a game changer. We hope you agree with our opinion and that this text has helped you decide whether HighLevel’s SaaS is right for you.


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