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How Funnel Scripts works

FunnelScripts as a copywriting tool is perfect for individuals and business owners who don't want the spend time learning how to write great copy.

The busy entrepreneur who can't afford to spend another time learning how to create contents for their sales and marketing pages, and who don't have the hundreds of dollars to invest on copywriting or the thousands of dollars required to hire a professional copywriter.

Funnel Scripts is your “in-house” professional copywriter.

Available 24/7

If you sell physical products online, like eCommerce, or involved in affiliate marketing or digital marketing, you definitely can't underestimate the importance of copywriting.


If you are looking for a streamline process to automate the process of producing great marketing copy for your business, and don't want to delegate this task to some expensive copywriting agency, then funnel script was rightly meant for you.

What You Get Inside Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts main content consists of scripts for sales copy, text sales letters, video sales letters, case studies, testimonials, bullet points, paid ads, web page copy, email copy and subject lines, and headlines.

There are about eleven categories of script writers inside of funnel scripts with over sixty (60) script hosted online based on their uses and in this review, we shall go over some of these scripts.

Each script is accompanied by a short training video that shows you how to use the script. In addition, there are 6 downloadable “Wizards” to help you with your copy writing offline.

Some of the scripts you get are:

  • Sales Copy & Video Scripts

  • Case studies and Testimonial Scripts

  • Sales Letter Scripts

  • Advertising Scripts

  • Bullet Scripts

  • Content Creation Scripts

  • Tittle and Headline Scripts

  • Email Scripts

  • DotCom Scripts

  • Expert Secrets Scripts

  • OFA Scripts

And some of the downloadable wizard scripts that comes with the funnel scripts software includes:

  • Perfect Webinar Wizard

  • Star Story Solution Wizard

  • Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard

  • Easy VSL Wizard

  • Easy Survey Wizard

  • MasterClass Wizard

FunnelScripts also come with tons of premium high end products which is givwn to you as a bonus contents, short video training containing each and every scripts plus monthly live training and coaching showing you best ways possible to using the funnel scripts software.

How Does It Work

As stated over and over, Funnel Scripts is an incredibly easy to use tool. You aren’t even required to download a software and install it to our PC because it is web-based!

What makes Funnel Scripts absolutely easy to use is that all you are required to do is to fill in what is asked in form. The scripts are even editable!

What this means is that you get to do away with the hassles of having to create your own scripts from scratch. You get to learn awesome pointers as well from the training videos available. You get to do your copywriting tasks while leveling up your copywriting skills while you’re at it.

Also, creating copies with the script writers is made even easier with the tutorial videos and extended training! What’s not to love?!

Now, we'll be going through some of the features and benefits of some of these scripts and wizard in this section of our funnel scripts review.

Sales Copy & Video Scripts

The sales copy and video script helps you create copy for every moving part of your sales page. And in this category, you will find script writers like the;

  • Order Bump Scripts to create copy for your order bumps at the end of your checkout.

  • One Time Offer (OTO) Script to create copy for your one time offers and increase the total cart value of each customer.

  • Special Offer Scripts to help you create copy that prime your audience and help announce your special offers.

  • Promote Your Webinar Scripts to help you come up with copy content to get people to sign up for your webinars, Facebook live or online events.

Case studies & Testimonial Scripts

To help you come up with case studies and testimonial. And in this category, you can find templates like the;

  • Case Studies Script to come up with amazing case studies with customized question to build trust and increase your presence and credibility online

  • Million Dollar Testimonial Script to create testimonials that helps drive sales to your funnel.

Sales Letter Scripts

The sales letter script provides you with templates that can be used to write sales letters and video sales letters, and under this category, you find templates like the;

  • Long Form Sales Letter Script for writing long form sales letters in a quick and painless process.

  • Short Form Sales Letter Script for writing short form sales letters that straight and direct to the point

  • PPT Video Sales Letter Scripts for creating your PowerPoint script for your sales letter.

Advertising Scripts

This gives you incredible and specific templates you can use specifically for paid advertising. And in this category, you find script writers like the;

  • PPC Ad Script to be used for your pay-per-click advertising

  • Facebook Newsfeed Ad Script for copy that is perfectly suited for Facebook ads

  • Curiosity Ad Copy Script to create curious driven ads that are guaranteed to drive clicks and flood of traffic to your offer

Bullet Scripts

This includes bullet script templates for writing bullets for sales pages, landing page, and email copy.

Here you will find templates like the;

  • Brunson Bullet Script to help you model Russell just the way he writes bullets for his sales, webinar and optin funnels.

  • FBM Bullet Script following the format of what it is, what it does, and what it means to them. And you can use this bullet format for any type of product.

Content Creation Scripts

The content creation scripts help you create core content pages of your marketing material, and in this section you get script writer like the;

  • About Me Script to help come up with content copy for the “About Me” section of your website.

  • Decision Tree Scripts that allows you create reasonable questions that helps you guide your audience in the right direction and helps you understand them better.

  • Free Report Script to help you come up with copy contents for your free reports, such as your cover letter, ad copy and lots more.

Tittle and Headline Scripts

This allows you to come up with templates which allows you to create headlines for blog post and email subject lines for your emails.

Here, you will come across templates like the;

  • Dirty Little Secrets Scripts to create subject lines, headlines and titles that start with phrases like… “My dirty little secrets…”

  • Email Subject Line Scripts with over 200+ subject line ideas at your disposal.

  • Killer Headlines to produce killer headlines for blog post and contents.

  • Million Dollar Sales Headline Scripts with over 135 amazing headline you can use to crush your competition, driving sales even in competitive market.

  • Million Dollar Content Headline Scripts with over 50+ impressive headlines for blog post and video contents

  • Short Headline Scripts for headlines that can be used in your Facebook Ads, News Feeds, twitter headlines and other place where shorter amount of texts are required.

  • Timeless Classic Headline Scripts for a little taste of timeless classics, and attention grabbing headline, like in the days of the old.

Email Scripts

These scripts help you create copy for your email marketing and in this section you find templates such as the;

  • Auto Follow-Up Scripts your follow up email sequence to load into your autoresponder to follow up with your subscribers.

  • Onboarding Email Sequence that allows you to familiarize yourself to your subscribers, getting them to know you and get familiar from receiving emails from you. Here, you can create up to eleven (11) email onboarding sequences for your subscribers.

DotCom Scripts

The DotCom Secret script writer is based off on Russell DotCom Secrets book which talks about the fundamentals of online marketing, basic introduction to sales funnels and how to lead a customer through a series of action by creating your true customer avatar.

This category contains fundamental scripts templates like the;

  • Amazon & E-commerce Scripts which allows you to come up with basic template for selling any type of physical or Amazon-kind of products. It helps you create your bullet points, product descriptions and tittle for these kind of products.

  • Call To Action (CTA) Scripts helps you create custom call to actions for your images, text and buttons for your funnels

  • Lead Capture Scripts helps you with template and scripts to create your squeeze pages for your free ebooks, reports and other free offerings to help you grow your email list.

Expert Secrets Scripts

This scripts writer is also based off on Russell Brunson's most popular Expert Secret book which talks about building and positioning yourself as an expert in your chosen field, and get others to people to pay you for your knowledge.

In this category, you find scripts like the;

  • Curiosity Hook Scripts which allows you to build curiosity as you launch new products into the marketplace.

  • Ask Campaign Scripts which creates the copy you paste into your survey page allowing you to ask your clients what they want to learn in your MasterClass.

  • Epiphany Bridge Scripts which allows you to create your personal story allow your audience to connect and resonate with your and your background story.

OFA Scripts

The OFA Scripts are based on Russell Brunson's One Funnel Away Challenge training which is one of his most thorough and beginner's friendly training and coaching program on funnel building.

These scripts contains writers like the:

  • Niche and Offer Scripts which allows you to research your niche and brainstorm your offer.

  • Question Hook Scripts to generate questions you can as well use as hooks for your funnels.

  • Optin Hook Story Scripts to come up with your hook stories and offer including your call-to-action to get people to optin to your funnel

  • Offer Stack Scripts which guide you through the process of creating amazing offer descriptions for each of your offer stack.


Let's go through some of the downloadable wizards and what you get with each wizard in funnel script.

The Perfect Webinar Wizard

The Perfect Webinar Scripts allows you to uses Russell Brunson's Perfect Webinar formula which have generate over 100 Million Dollars to create the perfect webinar for your product offerings.

The Perfect Webinar Wizard scripts will help you to write you webinar scripts, promotional emails for the webinar, your follow-up emails, your ad copy for the webinar, and a whole lot more. This is the perfect solution for anyone who sell his products and offering through webinar.

The Star Story Solution Wizard

The Star Story Wizard allows you to come up with persuasive and heart touching stories that allows your audience to relate and connect with you and your story.

It allows you to tell the ultimate story in a striking compelling way that carries your audience along as you tell your story.

It takes about 30 minutes to fill out the Star Story template and after that, you will have a compelling story to tell your audience at a much deeper emotional level, toward making a sale.

The Podcast and Facebook Live Wizard

The podcast wizard allows you to create your interview scripts and it is as easy as answering about 16 different questions for our interview.

It also help you produce some custom promotional contents for your interview, and this is always helpful if you want to conduct an interview in your marketing.

The Easy VSL Wizard

The VSL Wizard allows you to come up with your video sales letter scripts for your product or service.

After filling the VSL Wizard form, it comes out with the two video sales letter script based on the two proven type of sales copy known as;

  • The “Problem, Agitate, Solve” Scripts

  • The “Great Big Promise” Scripts

You can then turn these into slides for your presentations.

The Easy Survey Wizard

Wants to create survey funnel to grab key information from your audience? The Easy Survey Script ask thirteen (13) different questions about your products and service.

Based on your answers, the software also suggests a list of additional questions for you in case the ones the script suggests don’t apply to your audience.

This allows you to create the perfect survey funnel.

The MasterClass Wizard

This uses the MasterClass concept in Expert Secrets to establish you as an expert in your field. And this wizard allows you to put a MasterClass and build out your promotional content for your MasterClass.

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