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Gohighlevel Training

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

HighLevel is a new item targeting the exact same consumer base with a different approach. It’s a truly intriguing instructions for a new SaaS product to take.

HighLevel promises to bring a lot of performance under a single tool that will allow a marketing company to stop utilizing numerous other individual tools created for a specific function like e-mail marketing, two-way text messaging, etc - gohighlevel glassdoor.

Gohighlevel Full Course(Free)- Setup to client acquisition--


The very first thing to do in a campaign is established a time window so that all the marketing messages and emails go out within a specific time interval.


The Facts About Gohighlevel Training

SMTP like SendGrid or Gmail. Again, the clean and minimalistic UI makes the preliminary set-up process quite a breeze. The control panel offers an excellent visual representation of the marketing funnel for each client with statistics and numbers on prospects, pipeline worth, opportunities, visits won, conversion rate, etc.

It shows a great bird’s eye view of whatever that is happening that arises from your marketing efforts for your customers. Campaigns, as the name recommends, is the place where all the outbound activities consisting of e-mails, text and voice calls are set up.


Gohighlevel Training for Dummies

First is a" when “condition, which suggests that a lead will be contributed to a campaign just within a specific time period to fire up the triggers and automation.

The next one is an "if” condition, which will add a lead only if it is generated within a specific time interval and if it out of this period, it will never be included.

If there are numerous users or colleagues in your firm, the leads can be found in will be designated in a round-robin. Then comes a really cool feature called “next campaign”. What this uses is a method to forward the leads of this campaign to a different and various campaign (gohighlevel training).


This will be considerably helpful if the outcomes of the current project are not so encouraging and yo would desire the result in go through an entirely different nurturing series. This shuts down and terminates the automation series once the goal of the action is attained.

For example, let us consider the goal of the campaign is to get a booking and the project has an e-mail, a text message and an automatic voice hire series. If the consumer reacts and validates the reserving just with the first of contact, which is the e-mail, the subsequent text and voice call will be turned off.

All the triggers in the projects can be conserved under different folders for much better company and management of customers. Evaluations are an integral part of gaining an existence online for local services.

HighLevel makes it very easy to produce reviews by sending out review requests to clients at a specified time frame that can be set (gohighlevel review). There is likewise an evaluation widget which can be installed on.


Get This Report on Gohighlevel Training

The customer’s site that will pull the reviews from Google and Facebook. Conditions can be set on the minimum stars enabled to be shown. HighLevel has a built-in funnel builder that is incredibly easy to utilize and construct a whole marketing funnel for your clients consisting of kinds, landing pages, etc. That is really fantastic as it saves a lot of time and cash.

Gohighlevel Support

This is something HighLevel absolutely excels in. The customer support to solve issues for users and getting feedback to improve the product further is simply fantastic.

The official Facebook support group is highly engaging where many issues are discussed and fellow users help each other with tips and solutions. Even the founder is very active in the group answering any potential issue that users need help with. 

There is a dedicated ideas board where all the users actively give out ideas for new features and the founders are really responsive to these. The most voted ideas are monitored, taken into consideration and implemented depending on the priority.


There is a good level of helpful documentation available that provided answers to most of the general queries.

Additionally, there is also a Slack channel for any support queries discussions and that is extremely active as well.  

Apart from the co-founders, users can also interact directly with the development team to get issues sorted out. That's not many SaaS companies do, even early-stage startups, so massive praise for it. 

If there are lots of users or teammates in your company, the leads coming in will be designated in a round-robin. Then comes a really cool function called “next campaign”. What this offers is a method to forward the leads of this campaign to a separate and various campaign. This will be considerably beneficial if the results of the present campaign are not so encouraging and yo would desire the cause go through a totally various nurturing series.

Gohighlevel Support for Dummies

This shuts down and terminates the automation sequence once the goal of the reaction is achieved. For example, let us consider the objective of the project is to get a booking and the project has an email, a text and an automated voice employ series. If the consumer responds and verifies the scheduling simply with the first of contact, which is the e-mail, the subsequent text message and voice call will be turned off.

What makes Gohighlevel unique?

Gohighlevel is built For Agencies, By Agencies.


With over 40k agencies using GHL that have generated over 150 million leads. Gohighlevel has the tools you’ll need, and they are adding new features consistently.

Everything is native, so you don’t have to build complex systems, string together dozens of software, create 50 zaps, and hope that everything works and nothing brings down the entire system.

They are constantly updating their platform, including;

  • Adding new features to existing systems (like improving their email capabilities, more tagging options, etc.)

  • Bringing on entirely new systems, like their recently launched full website builder

  • Speeding up their platform so that your team and your clients are getting things done faster within GHL

  • They even have a place where you can make recommendations and vote on new features to add (which they deliver on)

You can white label it so your clients can’t just steal everything and stop paying you. Honestly, it simply works.



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