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Gohighlevel survey

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

GoHighlevel is a new-age marketing tool that consolidates the most useful marketing tools under a single umbrella. It’s a marketer’s best friend. Because Go Highlevel does so much, it’s hard to actually say “what it is” without excluding some of “what it is”.

How We Use Gohighlevel At Our Agency

Method 1: Automating Client Acquisiton and Onboarding

One feature that we absolutely love about GoHighlevel is that it consolidates and automates a multi-channel outreach approach.

Previously, most of our outbound marketing for link building and client acquisition was all done through email.

When we added GoHighlevel to our agency, we were quickly able to replace both Woodpecker and Mailchimp while getting a higher quality service through Gohighlevel.

Our process now for Client Acquisition includes multiple touch points:

Day 1: Email

Day 2: Text

Day 6: Email

Day 7: Voicemail

Day 13: Email

Day 15: text

And we’ve seen our response rates skyrocket from around 4% using could emails to around 10-12% by combining text and the voicemail feature.

We’ve set it up so that if you’re interested in trying out GoHighlevel and use the link connected to our account, then you’ll automatically get some our templates emailed to you and built in your account.

In doing our own research, we found that to add both text marketing automation and voicemail marketing automation would require 2 more services (on top of Woodpecker and Mailchimp), which would cost an extra $200/mo. 

On top of that, we’d also need to somehow use Zapier to integrate and glue it all together.

Pro Tip: Once we built out a campaign that worked, we just hired a few more people to constantly prospect a list of potential clients and enhance that lists quality. Every week, we upload about 100-200 highly targeted prospects into our funnel and schedule between 10-20 client appointments all through GoHighlevel. 

While we’re on that note, for the clients that don’t sign up, we add them to a nurture sequence so that our agency stays in touch and is providing value to them.

For the ones that do close, they get an on-boarding sequence (automated) so that we can get access to the typical things an agency would need (Google Analytics, FB accounts, Search Console, Website/Hosting/DNS access, etc..).

Method 2: Automating Our Link Building

I know this section will only appeal to the very small percentage of readers out there who build links for your clients. The same methods that we use for client outreach, can also be used for link building.

We have dedicated team members that prospect websites we’re interested in getting links from. We then plug them into a multi-channel outreach campaign, funnel them into a form where they give us the information we need (TAT, pricing, content guidelines, niches, etc…) then that gets zapped to our partners list.

If you want to receive a copy of our link building templates, funnels, and playbook, then when you start your 14 day free trial of GoHighlevel using the link below, we’ll automatically send it to you.

Method 3: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is the most undervalued and neglected part of digital marketing. Most marketers focus on the front end – how to get leads in through the door, but never bother to figure out how to get leads to close.

We’ve dramatically increased our client’s ROI and decreased their customer acquisition cost by implementing GoHighlevel through several steps in the sales process, with the big one being when it comes to appointment booking.

By connecting GoHighlevel with Facebook Ads and Google Ads, you’re able to do quite a few things that lead to way higher conversion rates:

  1. Book appointments on the spot. What makes this special is that we use appointment reminder sequences via mobile and email. When a prospect books an actual appointment, they make a greater mental commitment to the service they’re interested in. By adding appointment reminders, you dramatically increase the rate at which people show up for a service by 30% at worst and 80% for outlandishly good clients.

  2. Force calling means that when somebody fills out a lead form, either through PPC, or Facebook ads, then they instantly get a call to connect them with you or your client. By using this system, you strike while the hammer is hot and thus dramatically improve your conversion rates.

Including this little bit of CRO into your marketing not only increases the conversions you get for yourself, but for your clients, thus making you a more valuable marketer to them.

Method 4: The Ultimate Client Retention System

If you have ROI tracking and appointment booking in your business then it’s like rigging a slot machine in your favor so that everyday is payday, because now, your clients will (most likely) never fire you.

So why read this section? Because I’m going to show you how we use GoHighlevel to develop the ultimate client retention system.

If you implement what I show you in this GoHighlevel review, you can almost guarantee that you’ll retain all of your clients.

The only 2 reasons a client should ever fire you are because:

  1. They don’t like you.

  2. You don’t deliver results.

While I can’t help you with your personality in this GoHighlevel review, I can help you with the latter.

The thing about results is that if you can’t translate what you’re doing into ROI, then to the client, you’re not really producing results.

Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say a Black Swan even happens that sends the global economy into chaos and now your client has to tighten up their operations. They’re figuring out who to keep and who to fire.

GoHighlevel Review Scenario 1:

If the client knows that they spend $3,000/mo with you and net $21,000 back, then they know you bring in a 7x ROI net.

GoHighlevel Review Scenario 2:

But, if your client spends $3,000/mo with you and know that you “rank them for the #1 position on Search Engines” then they no longer know with clarity the ROI.

So, because they’re playing it safe, they’re probably going to cut costs/fire you because it’s not clear to them how much money you bring in.

GoHighlevel let’s you track inbound calls, texts, leads, and then organizes them into a pipeline for your clients (all automated) so that you have irrefutable proof of the results you generate for your clients.

In short, it bridges the gap between your marketing efforts and the results that the client is getting.

Additionally, besides bridging that gap, there’s one more thing I want to mention in this GoHighlevel Review. And it’s that because you’re using GoHighlevel to provide so many services (see the first image of this article), then you become irreplaceable.

Because for a client to replace you, they have to sacrifice/replace their:

  • SMS Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Voicemail Marketing

  • Appointment Booking

  • Web Funnels

  • CRM

  • Primary Marketing (SEM / Social Media Marketing)

  • Business Automation

Delivering these services to your clients doesn’t take much. The results your clients get are incredible. But the hook is that for them to leave you, they have to either give up so much or replace everything they’re losing.

Being irreplaceable and proving your ROI is a bullet proof strategy for client retention.

Method 5: Business Automation

We’re not bot coders or script writers, and because of that, we always thought automating our business would be hard. 

GoHighlevel saves us hundreds of hours of work each week through automation – and the best part? It was pretty easy to set up. Through their systems of triggers and campaigns we’re able to automate nearly everything on the customer fulfillment end.

For example, we can:

  1. Send out automated voicemails wishing our customers a happy birthday.

  2. Let customers use our calendar to schedule appointments. This sequence also comes with automated follow up reminders which dramatically increases conversion rates.

  3. Automate our follow up and nurture sequences.

  4. Automate our on-boarding messages and packages.

  5. Automate our reporting and call tracking.

Those are just some examples but list goes on and on. On top of helping our business out, this is a service that we’ve been able to offer to our clients that’s saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee expenses and time.

As just 1 example, in the past, some of our contractor clients would have their admin manually call people and remind them to schedule maintenance.

Through GoHighlevel we were able to automate this process using a voicemail campaign and literally save them 3 weeks worth of dedicated work. So what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today!

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