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Gohighlevel SAAS Pro Plan Sign up

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that gives you all the functionality and tools you need to generate more leads and sales online. This platform is also known as “High Level”, but most people call it Go High Level because of its domain name.

The reason why I love GoHighLevel is that it is built by a marketing agency for marketing agencies. GoHighLevel allows its users to sell the software as their own, making it extremely easy to manage and set up client accounts.


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Here's a quick overview of the platform's standout highlights.

  • Integrated messaging tools for seamless communication with your leads and customers.

  • Pre-designed, beginner-friendly templates to help you create customized email marketing campaigns.

  • A built-in calendar to let you schedule and book appointments easily.

  • Tools to enable you to set up surveys, landing pages, and forms in an instant.

  • Ability to manage your business's reputation using review widgets.

  • Streamlined 3rd party integration with popular payment processing and social media platforms.

  • Stellar customer relationship management and pipeline-building functionalities to bolster your lead generation campaigns.

  • Analytics tools to help collect data regarding your marketing campaigns.


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GoHighLevel has a pretty cool upgrade option called "SaaS Mode" that let's you white-label their entire platform and resell it under your own brand.

However, the product is confusing and it's pretty hard to get accurate information about it online, so in this post I'm going to break down exactly what GoHighLevel SaaS mode is, who it's for, if it's worth the price, and if you should upgrade your HighLevel account (or not).

HighLevel SaaS allows agencies (and their clients) to provide services and software for others so that they can be service providers and software developers simultaneously.

It may seem strange, but the power of highlevel SaaS is that it’s an SAA that lets you not only use but also sell it as if it were your software. That’s what the “SaaS” mode means.

You pay a fixed monthly fee to use HighLevel, but the company allows you to sell the same software to other people. The HighLevel SaaS mode will enable you to sell software that isn’t yours – i.e., that belongs to High Level – as if it were yours.

How To Get Started With SaaS Mode

Here's how to get started with GHL SaaS Mode:

  1. If you don't yet have a HighLevel account, go here to sign up for the free trial of the Agency Unlimited Account ($297/month).

  2. During your trial, start a free trial of SaaS Mode plan here.

  3. If you want the annual discount, call them during your SaaS mode trial at 1-888-732-4197 (be sure to tell them Sam sent you!

  4. If you already have a GHL account, go back up to number 2 in this list and start a free trial of SaaS mode.

To provide an adequate answer, we looked at several aspects of HighLevel: SaaS mode separately from the main application, SaaS mode configurations, and the massive potential of HighLevel SAAS when combined with third-party tools.

We’re confident that HighLevel SaaS will be an excellent addition to our rich collection of HighLevel products.


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We also agree with many HighLevel clients who think it’s a game changer. We hope you agree with our opinion and that this text has helped you decide whether HighLevel’s SaaS is right for you.


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