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Gohighlevel SAAS plan review 2023

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Go High Level also known as High Level is a "one stop shop" marketing tool for agency owners or small business owners. Business owners can leverage High Level's powerful tool set to help run just about every area of their day to day from customer acquisition, booked appointments, follow up, and more.


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The GoHighLevel platform will save you money, save you time, and enable you to make more sales without the stress of using multiple systems bolted together with zaps.

The software offers landing pages, sales funnels, CRM, email marketing, SMS marketing, reputation management, a social media scheduling tool, membership areas (course), call tracking, AI conversation bot, and more on a single platform. That’s right, you get all the functionality of those individual platforms consolidated into one.

And then there’s SAAS mode – the ability to resell the software under your own brand for a monthly payment/subscription. SAAS mode provides a way to increase the amount your clients pay you each month and helps you keep clients for longer.


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GoHighLevel Pricing - Why Is It Worth The Cost?

You may be wondering if the GoHighLevel pricing is justifiable for your business and needs. This program comes in a few different tiers that offer additional features and options. You can find which plan gives you the tools you need the most and then get started. GoHighLevel offers 3 types of accounts:

  1. Agency Starter Account at $97 Per Month.

  2. Agency Unlimited Account at $297 Per Month.

  3. White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade at $497 Per Month.


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A huge value proposition for HighLevel is that they help you consolidate your marketing software in one place and ultimately save money.

Take a look at how much you can save on your complete marketing stack:

Agency Starter Account, $97 Per Month

With the Agency Starter Account, you will get access to everything you need for a single business. This tier opens up most of the features offered by the system for one business.

You get access to all of the main tools plus It gives you access to Twilio, which provides you with the GoHighLevel API for two-way texting. You can also set up a Mailgun account, which allows unlimited sending.


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The agency plan gives you access to one account login, either for yourself or for a client... you don’t get unlimited sub-accounts unless you’re on the Agency Unlimited plan.

The agency plan is an excellent option if you are new and are just starting to wade into the world of marketing. It is a great place to start, just like the name says.

Agency Unlimited Account, $297 Per Month

The Agency Unlimited Account comes with all the features you get with the Agency Starter Account with some added benefits like sub accounts.

You can make as many accounts as you need for clients and other businesses. It also allows you to make a branded desktop app. You can customize the app to feel unique to your business when your client and customers visit it.

The Agency Unlimited Account is an excellent option for businesses of any size. It lets you create a personalized customer experience that will help you stand out.

GoHighLevel White Label Option, An Additional $497 Per Month

The White Label Option is an add-on that you can use with the Agency Unlimited Account. It is an additional $497 a month for a total of $794.


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It gives you the ability to make a customized mobile app. The app allows you to provide a unique mobile experience for your customers, and to access your data from your phone. You can also use a personalized Zapier zap that looks great for your company.

The GoHighLevel White Label Option allows you to market yourself in more unique ways. You’ll be able to add a new revenue stream for your agency and provide a more professional and sticky user experience for your clients. This personal design will help your company stand out from other companies. It makes your brand more noticeable and recognizable.

GoHighLevel Annual Discount

Currently, there is no annual payment option for GoHighLevel.

With no yearly payment, there is no discount. Right now, you have to pay by the month for all the different plan levels. You can cancel your plan at any time, and there are no annual contracts.

GoHighLevel Supercharged Pro SaaS Plan (High Level SaaS Plan)

A new plan was recently added to the High Level pricing lineup called the Pro SasS plan, which allows you to essentially create your own SaaS business reselling High Level and all of it's features.

High Level SaaS costs $497/month for unlimited access. You'll need a Pro High Level account to set up High Level SaaS.


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