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Gohighlevel SAAS plan Pricing

GoHighLevel is is an all-in-one marketing platform that gives you all the tools you need to generate leads and close more sales online.

Understanding GoHighLevel Pricing will ensure you choose the best plan for your business and you can grow into the next pricing level up only when you need to.


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One of the best things about GoHighLevel is that it’s built by a marketing agency for marketing agencies. With GoHighLevel, you can sell the platform as your own and efficiently manage and set up client accounts.

So whether you’re looking to promote your own business or offer GoHighLevel as a service to your clients, this platform makes it easy to set up and manage marketing campaigns.

If you are running a small company and landing pages searching for a CRM to automate your business, there are a wide variety of options and it is just impossible to try and choose the best one.

GoHighLevel comes with three pricing plans.

The lowest GoHighLevel pricing plan costs $97/month, the other and the most popular GoHighLevel pricing plan is called Unlimited costing $297/month, and the most expensive pricing plan is GoHighLevelWhite Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade which costs $497/month.

The main differences between the plans are the number of accounts, and custom app, and other features allocated per month.


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GoHighLevel SaaS Pricing

So how much does HighLevel SaaS mode cost? SaaS mode costs $497/ month, or with an annual discount, $4,970.00 per year.

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Annual Discount

You can get two months of SaaS Mode free with the annual discount option, which amounts to a savings of approximately $994.00.

Here's how to get the SaaS Mode Discount: If you don't already have a HighLevel account, start a trial here, then call their billing department to upgrade to SaaS mode and activate a yearly plan on your account at 1-888-732-4197. If you already have a GHL account, you'll need to upgrade to the Agency Saas Pro plan here.

SaaS Mode Features

SaaS Mode is basically two different feature sets: Features for your clients (because it's a SaaS), and features for you (the license holder).

For your clients, they get:

  • 2-way text messaging

  • Web chat widget

  • Google My Business (GMB) chat

  • Facebook Messenger chat

  • Reputation Management

  • Missed-call text back

For agencies, you get:

  • SaaS Dashboard

  • Automatic Twilio Re-billing

  • Dunning (non-payment lockout)

  • Auto user + permission generation

  • Auto sub-account generation

  • SaaS Snapshots (With GoHighLevel SaaS Snapshots you can export an entire SaaS account to another GHL account)

  • and so much more!


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Is SaaS Mode Worth It & Who Is It For?

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode is definitely worth it and fills a much needed space in the marketing tools industry, but let's be clear: SaaS mode is expensive and only for certain businesses that have an existing need to white label the HighLevel platform.

GoHighLevel Pricing Recommendation – Should you buy it?

I have been using GoHighLevel for the last 18 months, and I recommend you use it. I have moved my whole business and all my client businesses onto GoHighLevel.

Recommendation for Business Owners

If you are a business owner, I recommend moving all your marketing platforms into GoHighLevel. My main reasons for this recommendation are:

  1. You will save money

  2. Less integration between 3rd party apps

  3. Easier to maintain one piece of software

  4. GoHighLevel’s feature set is perfect for small business

Recommendation for Marketing Agencies and Web Designers

If you run a marketing agency, I recommend you move to GoHighLevel, but for different reasons. They include:

  1. GoHighLevel is an all in one platform

  2. One platform means fewer integration headaches

  3. You can make recurring income when you sell GoHighLevel

  4. No work is required for this type of recurring income

  5. It is cheaper for clients to invest in GoHighLevel than ten other platforms

  6. You can get clients up and running in a fraction of the time with the Snapshots feature

If you're an agency with dozens of clients, SaaS mode will help you create new revenue streams, add value to your clients, and lock them into your ecosystem.


(Enter value within affiliate upgrade field = fp_ref=abdullah-marketing31 ) If you're a new company who just wants to clone HighLevel and resell it from ground-zero with no clients or existing revenue, you're in for an uphill battle. Why would anyone buy your product vs HighLevel itself? You'll need a clear way to differentiate your product if that's your goal, and at the end of the day the product is still HighLevel.


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