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Gohighlevel SAAS Plan features list

SaaS is an abbreviation for “Software-as-a-Service.” This term refers to the practice of giving access to what are essentially web apps in return for a monthly or yearly fee.

These web apps/platforms are hosted in the cloud and accessible through any web browser. You don’t need to download or meet any special software requirements to be able to use them. You just pay your subscription fee, and that’s it – depending on the plan you subscribe to, you’ll have access to all or a part of the available features.


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Many popular e-commerce platforms, site builders, and landing page builders belong to this category. Shopify, Wix, and Leadpages are just a few examples in the sea of SaaS companies.

And HighLevel itself is a SaaS company.

The features are aplenty and they cover so much ground you can cancel a lot of now redundant software. Thanks to Go High Level you can run all in one marketing software that just gets sales.

A lot of care and thought has gone into this software to make it a full-funnel marketing platform.


(Enter value within affiliate upgrade field = fp_ref=abdullah-marketing31 ) Some Key Highlights:

  • Builds landing pages & websites

  • Builds connected integrated sales funnels

  • Email marketing at your fingertips

  • SMS two-way messaging built-in

  • Paid ad campaign reporting

  • Local SEO reporting and linkbuilding options

  • Lead capture forms & quizzes

  • Intelligent tagging and triggers

  • Inbuilt automation to the likes of Zapier

  • CRM lead pipeline board

  • Sales Funnel visualisation dashboard

  • Sub-accounts for franchises or agencies

  • SMS and email marketing

  • Scale clients with add on phone numbers

There are possibly another 40 features I could rattle off to impress you but these are the main ones that grabbed my attention. Having all this on one easy to use platform is nuts. An entire business can be managed from this software with ease and another win is that you can manage teams in here as well.

I love this feature and how granular the controls are for permissions of access.

Customers are limited by what ever plan limits you put in place. Imagine your sales figures when you fully determine the sales prices for subscriptions and add on features to clients on your agency plan of HighLevel.


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Customers will pay you for the services and management of their funnels. This wont change its too complex. Even if you give away the free version or create funnels that lead to the business signing on to your marketing agency plan you still win.

Leads equals sales. Your system is what builds businesses and you know it. Now you just need to showcase that so leads can clearly see that an account on this system managed by you will grow thier business. It's a win because you will solve their problem for them.

All you need to do is show up and manage their campaign either yourself or by using the whitelabel reseller options within the marketplace.

The interesting thing about GHL that many competitors can not hold a candle in comparison is the limitations. For the price of the subscription, a lot of competitors put limits on plans, where Go High Level shines is the lack of limits placed on subscribers.

Maximum features and you can create unlimited campaigns and customers email marketing sequences and automations as you want for the monthly fee.


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Additional Configurations

You can set the price for each plan and customize the features available for each plan.

  • Give your customers free Twilio and Mailgun credits.

  • Create a snapshot for a plan, so you don’t lose any changes made if you create a new account using that plan.

  • Create a funnel/pricing page for each product and edit them according to their purposes.

  • Add a two-step checkout form to your pricing page so users can purchase your plans.

It would help if you created a workflow that informs you about a newly registered user. You can start your onboarding process for them, which many consider an essential key to your success as a Saas company.


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How to Get the Most Out of the HighLevel SaaS Mode

When you have your HighLevel SaaS all set up and running, you can make the most out of it by exploring as many of the possibilities that the SaaS mode brings you as possible.

Affiliate Program

For instance, you can build your own affiliate program. An affiliate program can help you develop stronger ties with your customer base, allow your customers to benefit from your SaaS company in more than one way, and increase the chances of getting more new signups through your affiliates’ efforts.

However, keep in mind that for this to work, you’ll need to have an account on an affiliate platform, such as a FirstPromoter, which integrates smoothly and works seamlessly with HighLevel, which is probably why HighLevel itself recommends it.

Online Listings

Yext is another way you can open new horizons for your clients and help their businesses. It’s an AI-powered platform that integrates with HighLevel and is available to use via the HighLevel SaaS mode.


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One of the areas Yext operates in is online business listings. It cooperates with a large network of around 200 authoritative websites and portals like Google and Yelp.

This allows you to list key information about your clients – such as their name, website, address, contact information, and similar – on all these sites and keep their information updated and consistent across the web.

Yext helps with link building (also known as backlinking), which is great from an SEO standpoint and is a convenient way to increase the number of your leads.

HighLevel charges you an extra $30 for Yext, but the great news is that, similar to Twilio, you can resell it for as much as you want. The usual price agencies charge is around $99. It’s another revenue stream for you, and it’s a potentially huge SEO boost for your clients.


We’ve been talking about integrations and how they can improve your and your clients’ businesses. Here is one more in the line of amazing and useful third-party tools that you can use with HighLevel SaaS: DropInBlog.


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This app will allow your clients to include content marketing into their assortment of business tools. It includes an SEO Analyzer that helps you follow the best current SEO practices and makes sure that you publish content that can fare well in search engine rankings.

Together with Yext, DropInBlog can boost your clients’ SEO and bring them more new leads/customers. It’s a fast, elegant, and modern way to blog with HighLevel.

My Key Takeaway

This software is best for anyone who drives paid traffic, runs an appointment setting business or provides marketing services for clients. The ability to do everything in one platform is what most marketers dream of.

Saying that yes it is designed for marketers by marketers but that doesn't mean business owners can not make the most of this.

For any business owner who depends on appointments and providing services, this is the software that will grow your online business and referrals again and again.

I am still tinkering with the best way to use this for eCommerce businesses but no doubt it will be just as useful for a store as a service provider.

The marketing overview dashboard gives me everything business focused at a glance. If I need to dive in deeper to specific dashboard I can get that customers specific dashboard in a click.


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For the price, you pay this is hands down over delivery by the creators. I don't think its the peak either as new features are being developed and the community as it grows so does the integrations and endless feature set.

I also want to highlight that customer support has been top notch I always get my problems resolved. I'm very happy with the software, the development team behind it and the future roadmap of where they want to take Go High level as an organisation.

My final words are if you are serious about growing your online business give GHL a try at the very least and see if you can pay for one subscription software to do it all.


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