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Gohighlevel Pros and Cons

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

The only 2 elements a customer ought to ever previously release you are considering that: 1. They do not like you. 2. You do not provide outcomes. While I can't assist you with your personality in this GoHighlevel evaluation, I can help you with the latter. The important things about results is that, then to the client, you're not producing results.

They're identifying who to keep as well as who to fire Gohigh Level Android App. If the client understands that they invest $3,000/ mo with you in addition to net $21,000 back, they understand you create a 7x ROI web.

Yet, if your customer invests $3,000/ mo with you and recognizes that you" rate them for the # 1 setting on Online online search engine" they no more recognize with clearness the ROI.

GoHighlevel lets you track inbound calls, messages, leads, and afterwards arrange them into a pipeline for your customers (all automated). This method, you have irrefutable evidence of the outcomes you produce for your customers. It bridges the gap between your marketing efforts and the outcomes that the customer is getting.

In addition to it's that since you're using GoHighlevel to offer numerous solutions (see the first image of this write-up), you wind up being irreplaceable. Considering that for a client to change you, they require to sacrifice/replace their: SMS Marketing Email Marketing Voicemail Marketing and marketing Consultation Booking Web Funnels CRM.

In this Go High Level review, we are going to take a deep dive into what sets Go High Level (GHL) apart from established competitors, and whether GHL is worth switching over to.


Let’s start by looking at the pros.

Your clients can’t just steal the entire system

One of the biggest benefits of GHL is that your agency has so much control over everything.

You don’t have to set up assets in your clients’ accounts, only to see them leave a month later and take all of your hard work with them.

GHL Streamlines everything

You don’t need multiple systems that need to be integrated between each other. No more tying together dozens of software with Zapier and hoping nothing breaks.

With GHL, so many tools are native to the platform and they work perfectly because of that.

Clone entire accounts between clients with everything set up

If you work with multiple clients in the same industry, chances are you’re building the same or similar campaigns for all of them.

Even if you’ve made everything templated, it still requires a lot of work to set up new accounts and tie everything together.

With GHL… you can clone entire accounts with a click of a button.

Short learning curve

The beauty of GHL is that they are not trying to recreate the wheel.

They know that users of popular software (like Clickfunnels, Active Campaign, and others) like doing things a certain way… users don’t want to relearn everything from scratch.

So… expect to see a lot of functionality being similar to your favorite software interfaces.

Oh, they also have lots of tutorials and AMAZING customer support (get answers within minutes, not hours or days).

Massive follow-up potential

Originally, GHL was built as a powerful follow-up platform. You could send emails, 2-way SMS, and social media (like Facebook Messenger), and more.

It’s even more powerful now because it has a built-in CRM that allows you to tag prospects based on their actions and easily remove them from campaigns when they’ve completed an action (it even tracks calls and removes prospects from follow-up campaigns automatically).

Easy to track everything, including calls, texts, clicks, responses

Clients only stick around when they see that they’re getting far more value in return.

Proving that your campaigns are generating significantly more value than they are paying you… is critical if you want to grow your agency.

GHL makes tracking easy and tracks each step of the stage.

You can easily white label it

Your clients won’t have a clue as to what software you’re using to get them great results.

And even if they did realize you’re using GHL. The platform is designed for agencies and agencies only!


It replaces so many software that you’ll easily save money each month on software:

  1. Replaces Calendly, 

  2. CRMs like Pipedrive, 

  3. Funnel and landing page builders like Clickfunnels, 

  4. Autoresponders and email campaign senders, 

  5. Form and survey builders …

They even rolled out a full website builder (where you can clone entire websites between client accounts).


Now let’s look at the cons…

It’s not good for e-commerce

If you have many e-commerce clients, GHL is not right for you.

Their development focus has centered around marketing agencies that are doing lead generation.

Auto Dealers, Chiropractors, CrossFit, Gyms, Dentist, Hair Salons, Home Services, Mortgage Lenders, Pest Control, Restaurants, solar, etc.

Basically, any type of brick and mortar business where you are running lead generation type campaigns.

But not so much people trying to sell a physical product or doing dropshipping, etc.

Honestly, I researched for additional cons but I couldn’t find much…

Even though the platform is newer than most of their competitors, it’s surprisingly way less buggy than some of the competitors. I often find more bugs on established platforms (that only do one thing like building funnels or sending emails) then I do with GHL.

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