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Gohighlevel Pricing Tutorial and Comparison

While online marketing has opened doors of endless opportunities for many businesses, it is challenging, especially if you don’t go about it correctly.

Business owners have had to acquire different online marketing tools from various sources for a long time, and this strategy hasn’t worked quite well. Then, a couple of marketing platforms claimed to offer marketing tools in a single platform.

Then GoHighLevel came and completely revolutionized marketing automation and lead management. However, most of these tools aren’t on the same level regarding quality. So, a couple of features work well while others don’t.


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The GoHighLevel CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform offers all the marketing tools a business needs to succeed under one umbrella. And the good thing? All these features work exceptionally well!

Who Is GoHighLevel For?

Growing your business is the primary goal of Gohighlevel, but it combines all fields to create the best strategy to scale your business and achieve lucrative results. Business owners who need growth marketing are typically in one of the following situations:

  • You just launched a startup and have limited to no experience in marketing

  • You drive plenty of organic traffic to your website, but you lack any growth on your pillar channel

  • You are about to launch a new product or service and need a go-to-market strategy

  • Your product is growing in demand but you lack the resources to establish genuine relationships with potential customers

  • You have allotted a hefty budget for paid marketing but do not have much ROI

  • Your business wants to improve its branding across all platforms

  • You have valuable content but are unable to market it accordingly


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In a nutshell, if you find your business is struggling with any metric of the AARRR -acquisition, activation, retention, referral, revenue-, then highlevel is the solution with an end-to-end strategy that your business needs.

What Can GoHighLevel Do?

GoHighLevel is the solution for business owners tired of “duct-taping” multiple sales and marketing tools from various sources to run their businesses. Here’s a glimpse of what this platform can do for you.

As the global market is changing quickly and businesses struggle to survive, standing out is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses, especially new ones.

There is no way around the necessity of developing strategies that are not only unique and engaging, but they must be beneficial for both the customer and the business.

The customer-centric approach goes beyond just acquiring new customers and aims to build long-term relationships with your existing customers.

With this platform, you can build membership sites to sell digital products like online courses. You can design the site to reflect what your business is all about

  • You can build sales funnels and share them with potential clients

  • You create a complete business website for your company and use your domain

  • You can also create SMS and email campaigns

  • You can have a comprehensive call-tracking section and so much more!


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GoHighLevel Pricing - How Much Does GoHighLevel Cost?

Depending on the GoHighLevel pricing plan you choose, GoHighLevel offers several pricing options that will cost you between $97 - $794 per month.

Here's the overview of what we'll be covering in this HighLevel pricing guide:

  • The 14-day GoHighLevel free trial

  • Agency Starter Account, $97 per month

  • Agency Unlimited Account, $297 per month

  • Agency Pro Account, $497 per month. GoHighLevel SaaS pricing for their Agency SaaS Pro Plan

  • White Label Account - This is an upgrade to the Unlimited Account and an additional $497 per month (Total is $794 per month

  • Annual Discount - you can get up to months free with GoHighLevel on annual plans (details below)

The free trial is generous, with all plan features included, and you'll only be charged after the 14 days.


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You can get a free 14-day trial for any plan including the Agency Starter Account, and then pay $97/ per month, or the Agency Unlimited Account, which costs $297/month after the trial, or the Agency Pro account which will bill you at $497/month after the trial.

As the three main accounts include the 14-day free trial period, going for the Agency Unlimited Account may be the best option to try out the full software suite - you can always downgrade later.

How much is GoHighLevel Agency Starter Plan?

The GoHighLevel Agency Starter plan costs $97 per month. This plan is best for business owners and entrepreneurs who want an all-in-one solution without paying high monthly fees for different platforms.

It is also great for marketers, agencies, and sales pros, as you can add one business account to this plan. You get all the GoHighLevel features (more on this soon).

How much is GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited/Freelancer Plan?

The GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited plan, also called the Freelancer plan inside GoHighLevel, costs $297 per month. This plan is great for marketing agencies that want to scale as it comes with the ability to create unlimited business accounts so you can manage as many accounts as you want for your clients and other businesses.


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You can also white-label the entire GoHighLevel software with this plan so that each business account you add will have your complete branding inside their GoHighLevel dashboard.

This plan also comes with all the features in the Starter plan, which makes the Starter plan the preferred plan for GoHighLevel users that are not marketing agencies.

How much is GoHighLevel Agency Pro/SaaS Mode Plan?

The GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan is also called the GoHighLevel SaaS mode. This plan is not shown on GoHighLevel’s homepage; you can only access it after you create your GoHighLevel account.

GoHighLevel SaaS mode or Agency Pro plan costs $497 per month. The one benefit of this plan is that it lets you resell the GoHighLevel software as your own and keep 100% of the profit. All on autopilot.

The plan is similar to the Agency Unlimited/Freelancer plan but has some key differences.

Difference Between GoHighLevel SaaS Mode and Freelancer Plan

In the GoHighLevel SaaS Mode or Agency Pro plan, you get everything in the Agency Unlimited/Freelancer plan.

The one key difference is that the Agency Unlimited/Freelancer plan lets you only add business accounts manually from your GoHighLevel dashboard.

But the GoHighLevel SaaS Mode or Agency Pro plan lets you automate the selling of the GoHighLevel software as your own instead of as an agency. You will sell the GoHighLevel software with your own sales page, checkout page, and sales funnel and get to keep 100% of the profit for yourself.

With the GoHighLevel SaaS Mode, you get a system that lets you automatically configure and set up new client accounts when they sign up. You can also set it to automatically add funnels, campaigns, settings, and more to your client accounts immediately after they sign up.

To me, this plan is great for marketing agencies as it lets them create an additional high-ticket recurring income stream for their business.


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How much is GoHighLevel White Label Mobile App Plan?

The GoHighLevel White Label plan costs an additional $497 per month to the price of any GoHighLevel plan you choose. However, it is only available from the Agency Unlimited/Freelancer plan.

This plan allows you to customize, white-label, and rebrand the GoHighLevel mobile app for use by you and your clients. The GoHighLevel mobile application is available for both Android and iOS. However, it is called “Lead Connector” in app stores.

I love GoHighLevel’s mobile application because it lets me reply to leads that use my desktop chat widget even when I am not on my desktop computer. I also use the software to make phone calls with the app.

Which GoHighLevel plan should you choose?

If you take a proper look at the GoHighLevel pricing plans, you will see that the Starter plan gives you full access to all the software’s main features. The main difference is that you can only add 1 sub-account or business account. So I feel the Starter plan is great for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

However, if you are a marketing agency or manage a sales team, then the GoHighLevel SaaS Mode/Agency Pro plan is great for you.

The GoHighLevel SaaS Mode plan gives you unlimited access to everything GoHighLevel offers, plus you also get access to white-label the mobile app and the GoHighLevel software, resell them on autopilot as your own, and keep 100% of the profit.

Is HighLevel Worth The Cost?

GoHighLevel CRM helps you consolidate your marketing tools, develop websites, landing pages, and funnels in one go - you'll save money by ditching other tools like your email system, CRM, calendar tool, page builder, and a ton more.


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And, in comparison to the competition, GoHighLevel offers a relatively lower price without compromising quality.

In fact, looking at GoHighLevel vs ClickFunnels (one of their top competitors in the funnel building space), GoHighLevel really stands out with it's focus on marketing automation and built-in CRM.

GoHighLevel features include CRM, marketing automation, email marketing system, and full website, funnel, and membership site system.

You can create automated and customized follow-up campaigns to engage your leads through Facebook Messenger, SMS, voice calls, voicemail drops, and other channels and increase response rates.


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