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Gohighlevel onboarding

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

If you’re someone who is looking for ways to save time through business automation and make money, then Gohighlevel is the right tool for you. GoHighlevel is a new-age marketing tool that attempts to consolidate the most useful marketing tools under a single umbrella. It’s a marketer’s best friend.


GoHighlevel helps us with:

  • Client acquisition.

  • Link building (It’s an SEO thing).

  • Automating our business (this was a monumental & breakthrough moment for our agency).

  • Client fulfillment.

  • It’s our ultimate client retention tool.

  • Serves as a scalable CRM for ourselves and for our clients.

  • Reputation management.

  • Building out funnels.

  • Call tracking, revenue tracking, and lead tracking.

  • Increasing ROI on adspend and existing clients.

Additionally, you’ll get an on-boarding call with the GoHighlevel team to get you started.

On-boarding Video 1: Getting Started + Twilio & MailGun Setup

Important Note: In January of 2020, Mailgun removed the ability to receive replies from their free tier. Those who created MailGun accounts prior to the change should be grandfathered in as far as being able to receive mail, but if you created your Mailgun account after December of 2019, you'll need to upgrade to Mailgun's lowest paid plan in order to receive emails in HighLevel. Please watch our How To Set Up Replies With Mailgun video for more information.


Even if you are outside of the USA, you still need to select US when creating your sending domain in order for Mailgun to work correctly.

Also, before beginning this video, please be signed into your Mailgun account and your Domain Registrar account so that you are ready to make updates to the DNS of your domain.

Highlevel Step by Step for beginners

Onboarding Video 1


On-boarding Video 2: Adding A Product

On-boarding Video 3: Building Funnels!


On-boarding Video 4: Adding a Location

On-boarding Video 5: Completing Location Setup


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