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Gohighlevel Integrations

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

HighLevel is a platform for marketing agencies to manage all levels of their clients business, from marketing automation to customer communications and beyond. Everything a marketing agency needs to run their business in one place.

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The number and robustness of the integrations could make or break such a tool. Thankfully, additional to many native integrations available, HighLevel has a well tested Zapier integration that makes integration with almost any other app possible.

HighLevel also has integration with Yext Listings which is great in easily updating the contact information of local businesses across so many channels & directories Yext has a partnership with.

It also improves the search rankings of local businesses by building citations. These citations act as backlinks to the local business websites which will tremendously improve their search engine optimization.

GoHighLevel Benefits

So what are the benefits of ad agencies using GoHighLevel instead of combining Clickfunnels, Calendly, ActiveCampaign etc?

  • The GoHighLevel support rocks! I’d marry it if I could. Seriously. Live chat responds very quickly, the Facebook group has other marketers willing to help you, and the team will jump on zoom calls to assist tough cases. Managing multiple tickets across different softwares just seems pointless when GoHighLevel handles everything.

Get 14 day Free Trial of Gohighlevel now. Click this link.

  • You’ll Save Hours. It took 4 hours for me to set up clients before GoHighLevel. That’s done to one with the software (in the same niche). How? Snapshots. These are a combination of your funnels, email/SMS campaigns, and automations rolled into a template. You can then install this onto a new client account. It makes onboarding quicker, and saves you money as it’s easier to create SOPs for VAs to make edits within one CRM.

  • Whitelabeling. Before GoHighLevel I’d have to introduce clients to multiple third-party softwares like Calendly & ActiveCampaign. It worked, but I always felt the flash of my shiny agency dullen when requesting they pay other companies to manage aspects of the campaign. 

With GoHighLevel this isn’t the case. Instead, when clients sign in they will see your logo in the top left. I haven’t yet edited my URL, but it’s possible too.

  • You’ll Save Money (If You Have A Few Clients).

It wouldn’t be a complete review without talking about the GoHighLevel pricing. $300 a month for the agency plan (the one you’ll want). Is it worth it? YES. I managed to save about $40 per client with GoHighLevel and $176 from my agency costs. Check out more calculations below!

Get 14 day Free Trial of Gohighlevel now. Click this link.

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