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Gohighlevel funnel templates

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Do you run a digital marketing agency which delivers leads to local businesses? Then I’m sure you’ve been there: setting up clients’ calendars, funnels, and zapier…it’s time-consuming.

Gohighlevel Full Course(Free)- Setup to client acquisition--


And getting them to convert leads into customers?  Don’t get me started. But, now there’s a way to make it difficult for even your “headache” clients to fail. The All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platform, GoHighLevel.


GoHighLevel was designed to take the time and frustration out of getting clients to convert leads. It enables agencies to quickly and easily create automated follow up campaigns, landing pages, survey forms, scheduling, and cold outreach campaigns.

Think of Clickfunnels, Active Campaign, Calendly, Woodpecker, & Google Sheets… one software. GoHighLevel provides new users a range of pre-made sales funnels, landing page templates, automated SMS & email follow up campaigns.

Pre-made examples include Attorneys, Chiropractors, Dentists, & Pest Control. This makes it duplicating campaigns for new clients quick, easy, and, importantly, outsourceable to your VA.

A sales funnel is the collection of ideal events a lead goes through to become a prospect and then move from a prospect into a customer. That process can be made up of as little as two events: a landing page and an opt-in point – or as complex as some of the other sales funnels.


Funnel Templates!


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