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Gohighlevel cost

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Starting an online business requires considerably less startup capital than an equivalent brick and mortar store due to lower overheads and barriers to entry.

That does not mean that starting an online business is free and as with any business there are costs involved in registering and setting up your business structure, finding suppliers and acquiring stock for sale, distribution and marketing.

HighLevel is a suite of software applications to build sales funnels and websites developed by HighLevel Inc, which consists of the landing page builder, website builder, sales funnel builder, the shopping cart, built in autoresponder, live conversations, power dialer along with other white label services and made for running ads, selling digital services , info products and so much more.

It's The #1 Platform For Digital Marketers And Agency Owners.

GoHighLevel pricing is very reasonable I think and it competes with all the major sales funnel companies.

There are also a big factors that are often overlooked: training costs and the overall value of your time. When it comes to cost, gohighlevel has two basic plans.

Cost Plan 1

The single location plan costs $99 a month and as the name suggests, can be used only for a single location.

Cost Plan 2

The agency plan costs $297 a month and has unlimited access to a number of locations. 

The agency plan gives the most value for money as you can serve many clients across various locations. 

There is a white label plan as well that costs an additional $497 to the agency package, so it is $794 a month. You will get a fully white-labeled mobile app and also a custom zap set up for your brand in zapier. 

It is also possible to get some specific services like HIPPA compliance done by HighLevel team for your account for an additional charge. This is very useful for agencies serving clients in the medical and personal care industry. 

There is an annual plan as well costing $2970 for the agency plan that gives 2 months for free.

Is it worth it?

YES!…if you have more than one client. During my onboarding the GoHighLevel support member said most agencies cancel because they lack clients and cashflow.

It saved me money, and I only had 5 clients paying $700-1400..

Client Costs

So I saved $40 per client, & 200 overall. I would save $400 if I had 20 clients, $800 if I had 40 etc.

My Agency Costs

Cost Comparison


Does the GoHighLevel pricing only work for large agencies? NO

You’ll get a better ROI with GoHighLevel with just 2 clients to your name! But it’s 24 extra you say! No, the best savings with GoHighLevel are time.

I used to waste time setting up client’s chatbots, getting passwords, explaining the costs of zapier. It was often 4 hours set up per account. GoHighLevel allows you to take ‘snapshots’ and copy calendars, funnels, and email marketing campaigns to new clients.

I saved about 3 hours for each new client set up using GoHighLevel. If your time is worth $60 per hour that’s $180 extra saved per client!

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