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Gohighlevel Pricing Updated 2023

What is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel, often referred to as HighLevel, is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform specifically designed for marketing agencies. The platform was established in 2018 to address the need for a comprehensive software solution that could cater to all the requirements of marketing agencies and their clients. Over time, GoHighLevel has evolved into a leading platform in the market, offering an attractive pricing model to agencies.

GoHighLevel Pricing Plans at a Glance

Regardless of the GoHighLevel pricing plan you choose, you gain access to all the platform's features. To get started, you can opt for the GoHighLevel free trial and assess its suitability for your marketing agency.

  1. Starter Plan – $97/month

    • Includes 3 client account

    • Suitable for small businesses and agency owners

2. Agency Unlimited – $297/month

  • Offers unlimited client accounts

  • White label feature to brand the software for your company

3. Agency Pro/Saas – $497/month

  • Provides unlimited client accounts

  • White label feature for branding

  • Saas mode for automated client onboarding

  • ReBilling capability for texts, emails, and phone calls

4. White Label Mobile App – $497/month (Add-on)

  • Allows agencies to brand the GoHighLevel mobile app and use it as their own custom app.

GoHighLevel Starter Plan

The GoHighLevel Agency Starter plan is ideal for agency owners and small businesses. It offers access to all HighLevel features at an affordable monthly rate. This plan includes unlimited users but is limited to just one client account, making it suitable for direct use in your own business. As your agency grows and you need to add more client accounts, you can upgrade to the GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited plan.

GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited Plan

The GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited plan is designed for agencies that wish to use the white label feature to resell the software to their clients. This plan allows agencies to offer the HighLevel software to clients at their desired price while paying the same fixed monthly fee to HighLevel. By adopting this plan, agencies can diversify their revenue streams and provide clients with the tools to run their businesses more effectively.

GoHighLevel Agency Pro/Saas Plan

The GoHighLevel Agency Pro plan is not publicly advertised on the website and is available only as an upgrade from the Starter or Agency Unlimited plans. This plan is specifically targeted at agencies looking to provide Saas services and scale rapidly through automated onboarding processes.

GoHighLevel White Label Mobile App

GoHighLevel offers two mobile apps, namely "Go HighLevel" and "Lead Connector," which provide access to data within the platform. Most agencies prefer the Lead Connector app since it doesn't bear the Go HighLevel branding.

For those seeking a fully customized experience, GoHighLevel allows agencies to personalize the mobile app with their logo and company name, transforming it into their unique application. However, this customization is available at an additional monthly cost and is separate from the pricing plans.

How to Choose the Right GoHighLevel Pricing Plan?

When deciding between GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited and Agency Pro/Saas plans, consider the following factors:

  1. Client Onboarding

    • Agency Unlimited: Manual setup of client accounts.

    • Agency Pro: Automated client onboarding through sales funnels, including email login instructions.

2. Billing for Clients

  • Agency Unlimited: Requires manual rebilling for texts, phone calls, and emails each month.

  • Agency Pro: Enables automated billing to clients' credit cards, saving time and costs.

3. ReBilling

  • Agency Unlimited: Does not allow charging clients for individual texts, phone calls, and emails.

  • Agency Pro: Enables the agency to upcharge clients for these services, potentially increasing revenue significantly.

Other GoHighLevel Feature Pricing Charges

Apart from the regular pricing plans, GoHighLevel may entail additional costs based on usage:

  1. Twilio: Charges for phone calls and text messages made through HighLevel.

  2. Mailgun: Charges for email usage made through HighLevel.

  3. Yext: Charges for using the business listing synchronization service.

  4. WordPress: Additional charges for managing clients' websites.

  5. UpHex: Fixed monthly fee for the integration of third-party Facebook ad services.

Is GoHighLevel Pricing Worth the Cost?

GoHighLevel offers a compelling proposition for small businesses and agencies by consolidating various tools into one platform. The intuitive user interface reduces learning curves, making it an efficient choice. Depending on your business requirements, the pricing plans can provide valuable features like white-labeling, automation, and ReBilling capabilities, which can add significant revenue streams to your agency.

Overall, GoHighLevel is considered a top-notch sales and marketing software, offering immense value for its cost.

How to Sign Up with GoHighLevel Free Trial?

To get started with your extended free trial of HighLevel, simply sign up using the provided link.

GoHighLevel Pricing FAQ

  • GoHighLevel does not offer a free plan but provides a 14-day free trial.

  • The starter plan allows only one account, while other plans offer unlimited accounts.

  • Yes, you can cancel your HighLevel plan during the trial period without any charges.

  • GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited and Pro/Saas plans allow you to brand the application for your business.

  • GoHighLevel provides an annual plan that includes two months free.

  • White Labeling allows you to brand the GoHighLevel software as your own.

  • The platform benefits any business or marketing agency that requires its comprehensive features.

In conclusion, GoHighLevel pricing is justified given the platform's extensive capabilities and potential for revenue growth. Agencies looking to streamline their operations and provide clients with top-notch services should consider GoHighLevel as a valuable investment.

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