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Getresponse review

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing software platform that helps you create content, boost sales, and increase traffic to your website. Integrated email marketing, autoresponders, and landing pages let you automate essential tasks and launch effective marketing campaigns.

Advanced analytics make it easy to track conversions, leads, and ROI, and learn what your customers want. Customizable template scenarios do the work for you – no coding necessary.

This one is Opt-in Email marketing tool and comes with free guides for newbies to help you get started with Email Marketing.

Features of Getresponse Autoresponder service

Getresponse is an Email marketing software which offers most of the essential features that a professional Email marketing services should have.

Before, I go ahead with more about Getresponse in this review, let’s look at some of the significant features of this tool:

  • Autoresponder Service

  • Webinars support

  • Create landing pages

  • Mobile optimized

  • RSS to Email

  • Import contacts

  • Email Statistics (Clicks & open)

  • Easy to customize Email newsletter with pre-defined templates

  • Analytic integration

  • Social integration

  • Great support

  • Schedule Emails

Now, these are just few of the features they offer, and there are many more, which we expect from a professional auto-responder service. It offers 30 days complete free trial without the need of any credit card details. This is very useful for Bloggers, who believe in “Try before buy”.

Why you need Opt-in Email marketing tool?

There is the huge line of difference between opt-in Email marketing and spam Email marketing. Opt-in Email subscription, Subscriber allow us to send the Email by clicking on the link in their Email.

This way, what ever Email you will be sending, it will be going to receiver Email with his permission. Where as, in Spam Email marketing, people fetch the thousands of Emails and blast them with promotional email, which most of the time lands in Spam folder.

Getresponse takes care of it with their Opt-in Email feature, and your mails will always land into the inbox.  You can always track the number of clicks and no. of opened Email from statistics tab inside your get response Dashboard.

Here are some of the advantages of Opt-in Email Marketing:

  • Maintain your reputation

  • Only interested subscriber gets into list

  • Your Email marketing cost remains low

  • Your list becomes more targeted and valuable

  • Increase sales and traffic through Emails

  • Help you to create targeted Email campaigns

  • Your Email will hit the inbox instead of Spam box

Before we move ahead with Getresponse review, here is a quick tip to get started with get response.

#1 Create a Free Getresponse account

#2 Add contacts: You can add contacts via an Email contact list you have, or you can use various services to import the contact list. Here is a list of supported service for contact import:

#3 You can also use your Gmail and Yahoo Mail account to import contacts and in all the ways, added subscriber will get an email notification and opt-in link, which they need to click to confirm the subscription. So if you are making a switch to Getresponse, make sure you notify your readers and subscriber via the old tool, Blog post, and your Social media networks.

You can also create the Web form (Email subscription forms) and embed it on your Blog sidebar or below blog post for more signup.

#4 Create your Email newsletter and send it to your list.

#5 Get response Auto Responder service offer Google analytic integration too, which will help you to add advanced tracking in your Email newsletter.  They have a huge list of beautiful Email templates, which you can use for free for your Email newsletter.

Their advanced HTML Email Editor will help you to create good looking Newsletter within minutes and without the need to any coding knowledge.

Another Interesting feature of Getresponse is Email Inspector, which shows, how your Email will appear on various browser and devices.

This is very useful, especially when number of smartphone browser and Email clients are increasing. It will make sure, your Email newsletter remains attractive, irrespective of browser or platform used to check your mail.

Getresponse team also takes care of their customer by sending Email marketing tips, and keep educating them about best practices and things you can do to make your marketing campaign more effective.

User-friendliness / interface

On the whole, Getresponse is pretty straightforward to use. Its interface was redesigned recently, and it’s now a reasonably uncluttered and intuitive affair.

It's certainly easy enough to do all the basics in Getresponse: import contacts, create campaigns, set up autoresponders and check statistics. In particular, segment management is excellent.

However, Getresponse’s form designer and landing page creator tools could benefit from a bit of an overhaul — unlike most features of the product, they haven’t been improved much as part of the interface revamp. They are not particularly user-friendly.

In terms of how the Getresponse interface stacks up against those of its competitors, I would argue that Campaign Monitor is a bit more user friendly, and that the Mailchimp interface features a cleaner design. Aweber’s interface probably comes closest in terms of look and feel.

Traditionally, Getresponse’s main usability failing involved its email editor: it was clunky and buggy.

However, the new version of the email creator has improved things considerably — it’s got a cleaner interface, doesn’t crash, and it is easy to use. It’s probably not quite as good as those offered by some competing apps, but it’s perfectly acceptable.

One thing the new email editor is currently missing — although I’m told it’s on the way — is a means to set ‘global’ styles for text (i.e., set headings to black font x, body copy to grey font y etc.). If you want to format your copy, you’ll need to do it on the fly. It’s not a showstopper but it would be good if Getresponse can sort this issue out.

Getresponse’s new email creator interface — currently available in BETA mode — is much better than the older version.


Up until very recently Getresponse customer support was amongst the most comprehensive available for email marketing tools: the company offered phone support alongside live chat support, email support and various online tutorials / resources.

Sadly, the phone support has now been discontinued. Instead you'll have to use live chat (24/7) or email support.

To be fair, most similar e-marketing platform providers only offer these two channels — if phone support is a deal-breaker for you then you might want to consider Aweber, which still provides it.

And the email support provided by Getresponse is available in 8 languages, which is commendable. These are: English, Polish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese.

In terms of the quality of Getresponse support, I've not had to use it very often (a good thing) but when I have, I've found it to be a bit of a mixed bag (less of a good thing).

Some of the live chat support I've received has been excellent, and I haven't had to wait very long at all to chat with an agent.

My experience of email support hasn’t been quite as good — more to-and-fro has been necessary to get my queries addressed properly.

But overall, I’ve been happy enough with the quality of support. As with a lot of support desks, it will often boil down to who you get on the day.

Pricing and other details related to Getresponse

Getresponse offers one month completely free unlimited plans and after one month, if you are satisfied with their performance and effectiveness, you can opt for any paid subscription.

Here is GetResponse pricing chart, which increases with the number of subscribers you get.

Pricing is reasonable compared to it’s all close alternatives. Also, they offer an iOS App & Android app, which will help you to manage your campaign and Getresponse account directly from your Android phone.

If you a serious Internet Marketer or Blogger, building Email list should be your priority and you can select from various options available around. Getresponse is one of those first options, that are more likely to come across and their free trial account and amazing HTML email template creator will give you all the reasons to get started right away.

Getresponse review: summary

Getresponse represents one of the more cost-effective ways to host and communicate with an email database; it’s priced pretty competitively in its marketplace.

It's also one of the more interesting products of its kind — in that it provides email marketing, automation, landing pages, e-commerce, sales funnels and webinars all under one roof. 

It's hard to think of any competing email marketing solution that offers this 'all round' proposition, and its free trial length of 30 days is generous too.

Some improvements to Getresponse definitely need to be made however. Probably the most important thing Getresponse need to look at is introducing a GDPR compliant cookie consent mechanism for the landing pages.

I’d like to see more controls offered when it comes to data capture forms introduced — you should have the option to switch them on or off on mobile.

And finally, facilitating two-factor authentication during login should be a priority for the company.

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