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GetResponse for webinars

GetResponse Webinars are interactive, web-based seminars with people who want to know more about what you offer. They are a great way to build your marketing list.

The webinar room offers you not only audio and video streaming but also access to online polling, desktop sharing, file sharing, and a digital whiteboard. Participants can collaborate with you and other attendees using the live chat box to share feedback and ask questions.

Webinar participants can join webinars from mobile devices via Safari and Chrome or using the GetResponse Webinars app. You can also use the app to run a webinar.

Setup & Webinar Types

GetResponse is a fully loaded all-in-one marketing platform, so you can:

  • Host webinars (live and on-demand)

  • Run email marketing campaigns (newsletters, targeted messages)

  • Create automated workflows (audience segmentation, cart abandonment, lead scoring)

  • Conduct surveys

  • Track leads and sales (drag & drop sales pipeline, lead nurturing)

Usually having your email lists, templates, webinars, analytics, data all included in one marketing platform is a good idea. Unless it gets too expensive.

What are on-demand webinars and how to use them?

On-demand webinars allow you to conduct automatic, prerecorded webinars without the need to be present during the event. Each contact who gets the link to your on-demand webinar is able to start it on their own while simultaneously subscribing to your list.

On-demand webinars are based on the recordings of your live webinars. It’s a brand new way to engage your contacts with your content if you plan to use the same webinar repeatedly.

There is no registration required for the on-demand webinars and we also don’t send reminders. People join your list and the webinar by providing their name and email address on the sign-in page.

The webinar sign-in page language is based on the language of the list to which the webinar is linked.

What is the difference between live webinars and on-demand webinars?

Live webinars allow you to interact with the audience. They also give people a specific date when they can join the event. Participants can collaborate with you and other attendees using the live chat box to share feedback and ask questions.

You need to start the event and let people in, in order for them to watch your webinar. This requires your presence to run the event. The webinars can be streamed to Facebook or YouTube.

You can also use many features of the webinar room to make the webinar interactive. Please see here to see the features available in the webinar room.

On-demand webinars allow your contacts to watch the webinar disregarding the difference between your time zone and theirs. You don’t have to be present to moderate the webinar or to let people in.

The webinar starts once people submit their name and email address and click a button on the next page to start the webinar. You have to record the event in advance and then you can share it with your audience.

Since the webinar is based on the recording of a live webinar, there’s no way to interact with the audience during it. You can display Call to Action buttons to attract the viewer’s attention during the event and prompt them to take a specific action.

The on-demand webinars ensure the webinar runs smoothly for your attendee and there are no internet connection or audio issues. It also allows your audience to decide when they have enough free time to attend your event. On-demand webinars are also the best choice if you decide to share exactly the same content repeatedly.

GetResponse Webinar Funnel Pages

You can immediately tell GetResponse has gone above and beyond with the webinar funnel design and customization options. After creating a webinar funnel, it will be visualized right away.

It’s crystal clear what steps your attendees will be going through. And it will show exactly how many people have gone through each step.

There are loads of Registration Page templates to choose from. Some templates are designed specifically for webinars.

But you can take any template and just add the webinar registration form from the toolbox. The rich toolbox and text editor give you powers to design the Registration Page exactly as you like. Here are some of my favorite tools from the Funnel Page editor toolbox:

  • Product box (to showcase your product)

  • Webinar Registration form (with custom fields)

  • Call-to-Action button

  • Countdown clock (until the webinar start)

  • Exit pop-up (proven to boost registration rate)

The exit pop-ups will prompt the visitor to register. You can customize the message.

Marketing Emails + Webinar Reminder Emails

An important thing to notice on the GetResponse webinar funnel is that there are 2 types of emails:

  • Marketing emails (Sent right after registration)

  • Webinar reminder emails (Sent x minutes/hours/days before the webinar)

Let’s talk about each one separately.

Registration Confirmation Email

This email can be configured on the webinar funnel page. There are tons of flashy templates that you can choose from. There are also abundant customization options. At least 50% of all emails get opened on a mobile device.

So, the mobile responsiveness is especially important on all your emails. That’s why GetResponse email editor is constantly showing a mobile preview on the right-hand side while you edit.

GetResponse email editor constantly shows the mobile preview on the right-hand side

On the funnel, you’ll see real-time email insights for your marketing emails:

  • How many emails were sent?

  • What was the email open rate?

  • What was the click rate?

  • How many recipients clicked on email call-to-action?

Webinar Reminder Emails

The webinar reminder emails can be configured under the webinar settings (not under the webinar funnel). The reminders can be set up:

  • 1 day before the webinar

  • 1 hour before the webinar

  • 30 minutes before the webinar

  • 5 minutes before the webinar

  • At the webinar start time

How do I enable webinars in my GetResponse account? Does it cost extra?

Webinars are a paid add-on in the Basic package, you can enable it under Billing>>My add-ons for $40/mo (100 attendees) or for $99/mo (500 attendees).

If you have chosen the Plus or Professional package, webinars are included, so there are no extra costs. Depending on your package, you can host up to 100 or up to 300 attendees during your webinar.

Note: North American accounts may not have access to purchase or enable add-ons. Webinars are still available through the Plus (Webinars 100) and Professional (Webinars 300) packages upon upgrade.

The payment is recurrent and it will renew every 30 days. It includes unlimited webinars with no more than one webinar running at a time, meaning that simultaneous webinars are not possible.

If you’ve signed up for a GetResponse 30-Day Free Trial, you can host webinars with up to 10 attendees.

Is there an app for GetResponse webinars?

Webinar participants can join webinars from mobile devices using the GetResponse Webinars app. You can also use the app to run a webinar.

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