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Funnel scripts vs automatic script

The biggest difference between those products and services that have sold millions and those that fail miserably, has almost nothing to do with the quality of what’s being sold.

While, of course, quality is important, it doesn’t make the sale … it’s the copywriting that does that. That’s because you have to be able to explain the benefits of what you’re selling, in order to get people to buy. And, if you can’t explain those benefits better than your competition, you’ll likely get crushed. Which is why I believe that effective sales copy--copy that gets people to take action--is key to building a succcesful business.

However, there’s a big problem …

It’s Not Easy to have "Great Sales Copy" (i.e. a sales message that works) In Fact, It’s Incredibly Difficult!

Until now, we’ve really only had 2 straightforward options for getting sales copy:

  1. You can write the sales message yourself

  2. You can hire a “professional” copywriter to write it for you.

But with those options, come several additional problems… First, learning to write effective sales copy is far from easy. The greatest copywriters in the world have devoted their entire lives--hundreds of thousands of hours--crafting that very skill.

If you don’t have the time OR the motivation to learn how to write amazing sales copy, or you just aren’t confident you could ever be good at it … then, of course, you have the option of hiring a copywriter.

This automatic script vs Funnel Scripts post is going to unlock the true powers of the two copywriting giants but most importantly by the time you leave here today you’ll know this one thing…

Copywriting is one of the most important elements in customer acquisition. My guess(and it’s an experienced on) is that you have a quality product but you know that will only Take you so far, am I right?

Quality Sales Copy? This is the single difference between YOU making 100’s, $1,000’s, $1,000,000’s of dollars, but you can’t go at it alone, and you can’t just throw up words and hope it’ll stick.

You don’t want to waste hours, energy, effort, money on a copywriter(that won’t solve anything) and while you want to learn the skills, it’s best that you have an automated software that can guide you, so let me show you how that can work for you.

What is automatic script?

Automatic Script is professional copywriting software that automates the process of creating your sales messages. You'll never stare at a blank canvas, wondering what to write, again!

The beauty of Automatic Script is that it automates the process of writing effective sales copy that ordinarily, could cost you thousands of dollars, tons of time, and lots of trial-and-error to obtain. No more staring at a blank page, wondering what to write!

Going Inside Automatic Scripts

So, with Automatic Script, you’ll get TONS of copywriting scripts I developed using everything I learned from those legendary copywriters … without the time, risk, or expense!

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about staring at a blank page (wondering what to write) again, because with Automatic Script, you can quickly create just about any kind of sales message you could ever need, like:

  • Sales Letters

  • Facebook Ads

  • Stand-Alone Emails

  • Email Campaigns

  • Google AdWords Ads

  • Facebook CTAs

  • Headlines

  • Webinars

  • Upsells

  • Opt-In Pages

  • Order Bumps

  • Phone Scripts

  • Testimonials

  • Video Scripts

And it doesn’t even matter what you’re selling! Automatic Script can be used by any and all businesses…

No matter your niche No matter if you’re selling a digital product or a physical product No matter if you’re selling a product or if you’re selling a service It doesn’t even matter if you’re just giving something away for free …

How Much Does Automatic Script Cost?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much Automatic Script costs.

We have 2 different pricing levels for you to choose from. Click the "Get Automatic Script" button below to visit our pricing page and then select the level that best fits your needs.

Both versions are priced very low, considering the:

  1. Fees that professional copywriters charge (as much as $20K for one sales letter!)

  2. Huge variety of sales scripts you’ll have access to

  3. The ROI you could get, in the form of more sales, and higher conversions

What Is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel scripts is an All-In-One Copywriting software that’ll help you get ALL of your sales letters, scripts and webinar slides, emails and ads written...In as little as 10 minutes WITHOUT hiring an expensive copywriter!

Kind of Like Script Engage, it’s an all-in-one sales copy solution but the difference is that it has more functionality and flexibility than Script Engage in terms of generating copy much faster. But does that matter?

Heck yes! Especially as an entrepreneur/bushiness owner who wants to get their copy out o the way so they can focus on other parts like product creations, getting targeted traffic, costs, outsourcing other projects and more.

Going Inside Funnel Scripts

Creator of Funnel Scripts is Jim Edwards who was a long-time worker in the Real Estate Industry and saw a necessity for producing quality copy in the newspaper articles at the time, and went on to create copy that converted over 500%!

By the way, he’s also the creator of Copywriting Secrets, his FREE book on how to write copy that sells of which I did a review on you can see - check out copywriting secrets here.

On the Funnel Script main page, Jim states there are 3 secrets you need to know to getting ALL of your scripts, sales letters, webinar slides, emails, and ads written in just MINUTES…

  • Secret #1: The #1 reason your funnel isn’t converting is your COPY…

  • Secret #2: You don’t have to HIRE a world class copywriter…

  • Secret #3You don’t have to BECOME a world class Copywriter…

How Much Does Funnel Script Cost?

You can get all of Funnel Scripts attributes and also rewards for a swipe of a cost at $797 every year. Think of that! It will just cost you a little over $65 a month and you obtain unlimited access to Funnel Scripts broad selection of writers.

Now this may seem a bit much but it is invaluable on how much time this will save you and extra income it will generate for you!  For $65 a month are you willing to see how much it can boost your performance?

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