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Funnel scripts unlimited

It is a platform that can produce all your writings like emails, sales pages, webinars, and others. I know what you are thinking. It is almost impossible to do something like that. But, let’s how does it work.

Funnel Scripts has pre-written and proven to work scripts of emails, sales pages etc.

You as a user of the software, input some data about your product, benefits, what it does etc.

Then, funnel scripts, with a single click, produces multiple copies of writings that you can choose to use.

After countless entrepreneurs wasted time, spent loads of cash, drove traffic to non-converting copy and hired expensive copywriters, Funnel Scripts came to market.

Funnel Scripts was developed by Jim Edwards - a copywriting wizard - and Russell Brunson - CEO of ClickFunnels.

Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards quickly realized the issue ‘Funnel Hackers’ were having when it came to writing great copy that compelled readers to take action…

It was no secret that hiring talented copywriters gets very expensive, especially for startups. So when ‘Funnel Hackers’ got their hands on Funnel Scripts, it was sought to be a revolutionary solution.

For the first time ever, Russell and Jim are offering UNLIMITED access to Funnel Scripts. In the past, they’ve only done monthly and yearly subscriptions, but now you can pay just ONCE for everything, including future updates.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s inside Funnel Scripts (ahem, it’s a lot):

  • Over 60+ total scripts ($98,300)

    • DotCom Secrets Scripts ($16,000)

    • Expert Secrets Scripts ($19,000)

    • One Funnel Away Scripts ($10,000)

    • Case Study/Testimonial Scripts ($2,000)

    • Bullet Scripts ($2,300)

    • Advertising Scripts ($6,000)

    • Content Creation Scripts ($4,000)

    • Email Scripts ($18,100)

    • Titles, Headlines, and Subject Lines ($17,000)

    • Sales Letter Scripts ($7,000)

    • BONUS SCRIPT: Amazon and Ecomm Scripts ($1,000)

  • 6 downloadable wizards ($16,000)

    • Perfect Webinar Wizard

    • VSL Wizard

    • Easy Survey Script

    • Star Story Solution Script

    • Master Class Wizard

    • Podcast and FB Live Wizard

  • 3 email sequences

  • 2 Funnel Scripts ‘Recipes’ (Product Launch and Simple VSL Sales Page Funnel)

  • Free live monthly trainings

  • Funnel Scripts Blueprints and Training

  • BONUS #1: Inception Secrets (exclusive sales training Russell did in front of a select group of marketers)

  • BONUS #2: 5 Fast Funnels (Optin, Sales, Webinar, Invisible, Free + Shipping)

  • BONUS #3: Copywriting Secrets Masterclass ($1,997)

  • BONUS #4: Funnel Blueprints ($997)

  • BONUS #5: Live Monthly Trainings with Jim ($6,000)

Overall, it’s an epic sales copy-creating machine. All you have to do is fill out a form, whack a button, copy and paste, and put it right over into your funnel.

Funnel Scripts used to be a yearly subscription software plan at $497 – But it was recently changed to an UNLIMITED one-time payment of $797 where you will get all the features, blueprints, monthly coaching with Jim Edwards, copywriting masterclass and other scripts for life.

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