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Funnel scripts software

Funnel Scripts is a MASSIVE collection of software that allows you to create literally any kind of copy you could ever imagine for every sales scenario known to man.

Funnel Scripts is an online tool where Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson shares his best draft scripts to create a compelling copy – a copy that engages the audience and converts them to take specific actions.

These sales copies are created according to your target market, their needs, challenges, problems, and how you think your product or service can solve all of those.

If you are going to make any sales from your online store, you must have captivating texts to have your customers’ attention. Copywriters usually know how to tap into people’s emotions, figure out how they think, and get them to buy your products.

If you have ever tried to write a copy, then you know how challenging copywriting is. As an online business owner, you may have found yourself paying huge amounts of money to get a stunning copy from a professional copywriter.

Funnel Scripts software comes with scripts in several categories, so you can quickly customize it for some excellent results.

Struggling to come up with the right words that will draw in new customers will be a thing of the past, thanks to this copywriting tool.

Additionally, Funnel Scripts can help you boost your conversion rates and sales in general. The pre-designed scripts have all feature proven copywriting strategies that are sure to get more people to read your copy.

The more readers you have, the higher your chances of converting them into paying customers.

This copywriting software is an excellent tool to help you save time and money. Think about it – how long does it take you to come up with copy that other people would love to read?

With Funnel Scripts, you already have the scripts generated for you. All you need to do is customize it to suit your business.

You don’t have to spend hours thinking of the best hooks. And you can definitely save the money you’d have used to hire a copywriter.

What You’ll Find Inside The Funnel Scripts?

The Funnel Scripts Dashboard  The first thing that you’ll come across is the main dashboard. This is where you will find everything, so it may all be a little too much to take in at first.

Funnel Scripts is quite comprehensive, and a glance at the dashboard will let you know as much. The sidebar, for example, contains all the individual scripts (and they are many). You will also find various features here, which are all designed to help you make great copy.

Quick-Start Videos  One look at the dashboard and you’ll realize that the learning curve will not be easy. Luckily, there are plenty of videos to help you master the software even faster.

Once you log into your account, you will notice for quick-start videos on the dashboard. The videos are quite comprehensive and take you through the areas and features available on Funnel Scripts. Besides, you get videos to help you set up each script.

Funnel Scripts Blog Besides all the video tutorials, you can also access different tutorials via the blog. The company blog also contains updates and other important information you need to succeed in copywriting.

Top Funnel Scripts Features Reviewed

A Variety Of Scripts Reviewed Funnel Scripts included a wide range of scripts that you can use for your copy. The scripts are divided into different categories, with every category having several scripts in it:

Scripts For Videos And Sales Page Copy. This category comes with several scripts, which include:

  1. Amazon/ Ecom Scripts – these are ideal for site owners who have eCommerce stores. All you need to do is put in the details of your clients and products.

  2. CTA Scripts – you can use this to customize Call-to-actions for images, texts, and buttons.

  3. Lead Capturing Scripts – these scripts are excellent for anyone looking to generate more leads for their business. You only need to twerk the scripts a little to create copy that gets them to leave you their contact details.

  4. Million Dollar Testimonial Scripts – testimonials can work wonders for your business. Thanks to these scripts, you don’t need to worry about asking clients to leave stunning testimonials.

  5. Order Bump Scripts – Russell is big on using order bumps to boost your sales. These scripts help you get the right words to use when adding complementary products to your sales funnels.

  6. Other scripts include special offer scripts, webinar scripts, origin story scripts, and opt-in video scripts.

Bullet Scripts. These scripts help marketers use bullet points to draw in readers and boost engagement. This category includes scripts like Brunson Bullets Scripts, and Features, Benefits, and Meaning Bullet Scripts.

Email Scripts. Some of the scripts in this category are:

  • Automatic Email Follow-ups

  • Webinar Follow-ups Scripts

  • Webinar Promotion Scripts

  • Faster Teaser And Tweets Scripts

Sales Letters. These scripts are ideal for marketers who would want to create compelling sales copy. It includes:

  • PPT Sales Videos

  • Long Form Sales Letters

  • Short Form Sales Letters

Advertising Scripts. These scripts help you create enticing ad copies, and that will boost conversion rates. These scripts are:

  • Stealth Scoping Scripts

  • Facebook Scripts

  • Curiosity Ad Copy Scripts

Creating Content. These scripts help you create compelling copy that will promote your products. The scripts in this category include Free Report Scripts and Facebook Newsfeed Ad Scripts.

Title Scripts. The scripts in this category are designed to help you craft better titles for your headlines and email subject lines. The scripts include:

  • Short Scripts For Headlines

  • Subject Lines For Emails

  • Profitable Title Scripts

Downloadable Script Wizards Review If you are using any of the above scripts, you will have to use them while online. But, Funnel Scripts also features downloadable script wizards.

Thanks to this additional feature, users can download six wizards and run them on their computers conveniently.

All six wizards have different roles when it comes to creating excellent copy for your website. These six wizards are:

  • Facebook Live And Podcast

  • Masterclass Wizard

  • Perfect Webinars

  • Star Story Solutions

  • Easy Video Sales Letters

  • Easy Surveys

One of the significant differences between the online and offline versions is their main aim. The online version is designed for a faster-copywriting process. On the other hand, the offline version is designed to help with massive and in-depth copy.

Funnel Scripts Easy Fillable Forms Review

For each of the scripts presented, you will get easy-to-fill forms. All you need to do is input the relevant information, and you are good to go.

Besides, all the scripts include some samples that you can use for guidance. This way, you shouldn’t get stuck while filling the forms.

Funnel Scripts Live Training Review

If we are honest, Funnel Scripts comes with slightly too much information. You may find it overwhelming, trying to figure out where everything is and how they work.

Every thirty days, the team at Clickfunnels arranges for live training. During the training, users are taught how better to use Funnel Scripts for their businesses.

Funnel Scripts Training Videos Review The scripts collection is massive, and if you have to create them by yourself, you are bound to hit a snag at one point.

Funnel Scripts includes training videos for every script. The videos are short and precise. These, coupled with the monthly training sessions, are sure to get your business to the next level.

Funnel Scripts Bonuses

Who doesn’t love freebies? When you buy this software, you will be amazed by the three different bonuses that are included in the package.

The best thing about them is that they are hidden, and you will only come across them once you have your dashboard all set up.

The three bonuses include:

  • Inception secrets

  • Live training session by Russell

  • Funnel blueprints

  • Five last funnels

Funnel Blueprints contains templates for all the funnel scripts under different categories, while the five last funnels is a collection of funnel templates that you can use with ClickFunnels.

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