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Funnel scripts review

Copywriting is one of the most powerful things in online marketing today. It’s a simple concept-- words are meaningful. Words can bring in customers and create conversions, and words can turn people into brand ambassadors.  Because of this, it’s crucial to do an excellent job at perfecting your copy before starting an advertising campaign. Unfortunately for many business owners, this isn’t such a simple task. Becoming a decent writer is a skill that could take a significant amount of time and work.

Purchase Funnel Scripts Lifetime Access- Official Offer + All bonuses - No Future Payments Guaranteed Even if you are a good writer, there are certain skills you’ll need to have to properly write copy that is engaging and business-friendly. In many cases, business owners will hire copywriters to take on the task, which can be costly.

Funnel Scripts boasts itself as a solution to writing great copy by providing a simple way to get proven copy for a broad range of marketing needs. If you’ve been doing some research into producing top-tier content for your business, there is a good chance you’ve heard about Funnel Scripts.

What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a type of copy-generating SaaS platform by marketing pros Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson, and is a product under ClickFunnels.  The two share their ideal and most effective draft scripts to help users create compelling and marketable copy that is engaging for audiences and can lead to conversions.  The sales copies they help users create are based on the user’s target market, user needs, challenges, and issue-- all centered around how one’s product or service can solve them all.

By purchasing Funnel Scripts, you will receive access to the following features

  • A large variety of scripts that include opt-in scripts, ad scripts for Facebook and other social media, sales scripts, video sales scripts, and the “Perfect Webinar” script which as “made Russell Brunson millions of dollars.” 

  • Four downloadable script wizards, which include the Perfect Webinar Wizard, Easy Survey Wizard, Video Sales Letter Wizard, and Star, Story, Solution Wizard. 

  • Easy fillable forms for each script that include samples for guidance. 

  • Training videos for each and every script that are fairly short, as well as monthly training calls. 

  • Live training every thirty days on the best ways to use Funnel Scripts for your business. 

Like, Funnel Scripts serves as an all-in-one dashboard for creating copy as its main function. Funnel Scripts makes it possible to make a wide variety of copy, including:

  • Video sales letters 

  • Email subject lines 

  • Product descriptions 

  • Lead capture pages  

  • Webinar opt-ins 

  •  Ad copies 

  •  Sales copies 

  •  Call to Action (CTA) copies 

  •  Email scripts 

  •  Headlines 

Aim of Funnel Scripts

Funnel Script’s aim is to replace the need for copywriters by providing custom sales copy for every aspect of a business. The sales copy itself is generated by combining a mix of proven pre-written sales material with user input (information about one’s product, benefits, etc.). This platform is targeted towards business owners who sell products and capture leads via the internet.  Because copy is such an important part of the online marketing world, Funnel Script attempts to assert itself as a major solution to all of a business owner’s copy problems. The platform is also designed for business owners who are overworked and do not have the time to write material from scratch.

Who Is Funnel Scripts Targeted Towards?

If you’re selling products or capturing leads online, you absolutely need copy that engages and converts your prospects.

Some people have the time and talent to write this material themselves, from scratch. If that’s you, then you probably don’t need FunnelScripts.

But for those who are more inclined to hire this task out to (an often expensive) copywriter so you can focus on other areas of your business — then Funnel Scripts is for you.

FunnelScripts is designed for busy, cash-strapped entrepreneurs who need proven sales copy on demand, without having to sell off their eldest daughter for the privilege.

Cost of Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts used to be a yearly subscription software plan at $497 – But it was recently changed to an UNLIMITED one-time payment of $797 where you will get all the features, blueprints, monthly coaching with Jim Edwards, copywriting masterclass and other scripts for life.

What does Funnel Scripts look like?

The moment you log into your Funnel Scripts account (i.e. after you purchase a membership) you’ll be bombarded with quite a lot of content.

On one hand, there are a massive amount of features and walkthroughs that could be valuable. On the other, the learning curve is a little intimidating.

You’ll be able to use a number of quick-start videos to learn how to use Funnel Scripts, and the videos are quite comprehensive. The downloadable wizards are neatly listed below the quick-start guides.

The sidebar is where most of the action happens. There, you can access your dashboard, the Funnel Scripts blog (tutorials, updates, etc.), a number of popular scripts, and more.

The scripts are broken down into subtypes, including Expert Secrets scripts, DotCom Secrets scripts, etc. 

Once you click on a script, you’ll be taken to a base page for that specific script that is accompanied by a video tutorial. Once finished, simply start the template process and fill in the required fields with your desired information. 

The input fields provide a somewhat adequate direction for you to take with the copy. Once finished, you only need to click “build” and wait for the template to generate your fresh new copy.

The pros of Funnel Scripts

There are some positive sides of Funnel Scripts that could be considered worthwhile for your use cases.

1. It produces decent copy

Funnel Scripts is indeed good for generating quick and easy copy that doesn’t always fall flat.  While it’s not easy to predict whether or not a piece of copy will resonate with customers (whether you’re using this platform or not), the way Funnel Scripts is set up makes it easy to edit content for readability with ease and speed. Many reviewers of the platform have noted that after testing some of their scripts, they noticed that the text they used modeled tried and true copywriting techniques and formulas that made it easy for customers and potential customers to engage with their brand. This, however, can vary significantly depending on your own input and the specific scripts you decide to use.

2. Hidden bonuses are abundant

This could be considered a pro with a few cons underneath. Bonuses can be found at the bottom of the navigation sidebar (only visible when you make an account) and currently include the following:

  • Funnel Blueprints. This is an interactive PDF file that breaks down each script to help users understand which specific script is right for their specific needs. 

  • Inception Secrets. This is a recording of a live training session from Russel Brunson that focuses on selling things to people while making them think that purchasing was their idea. 

  • 5 Fast Shared Funnels. This is a collection of pre-made ClickFunnels funnels that you can easily import into your account if you have a ClickFunnels account. 

3. The downloadable wizards are pretty handy

This platform has a serious wealth of web-based scripts that are easy to work through, as well as some offline downloadable wizards that can be used without an internet connection.  The downloadable wizards are typically used for high-volume requests that can create massive scripts. Similarly, the templates within the wizards are customizable enough to fit into any business niche or need.

The cons of Funnel Scripts

There are a number of downsides to Funnel Scripts that depend on your specific preferences and needs.

1. The cost

On one hand, depending on the type of copywriter you hire and their rates, Funnel Scripts could be considered cheaper than hiring a copywriter for a whole year.  However, the platform is still quite pricey. Rarely, if ever, does the platform offer some kind of discount or deal for use.  The only known Funnel Scripts special offer is one that offers bonus deals that “are worth $127,394” for only $797 for unlimited access This, unfortunately, is still very steep for a discount. For one payment of $797, users will receive the following:

  • Funnel Scripts Unlimited, which include DotComSecrets scripts, Expert Secrets scripts, and O.F.A. scripts. 

  • Funnel Script Blueprints 

  • A live monthly coaching session with Jim Edwards 

  • The Copywriting Secrets Masterclass 

  •  60+ additional scripts 

The deal also boards “exclusive bonuses” that are not explicitly listed from Funnel Scripts to users, and can only be found after purchasing a membership. (These bonuses are the three we mentioned earlier.) It’s a little disappointing that Funnel Scripts tries to assert itself as a less expensive solution to copywriting woes when there are affordable copywriters out there. If you only need to use the platform once or twice, it certainly won’t be worth the cost. If you use the platform on a weekly or daily basis and generate an enormous amount of copy regularly, Funnel Scripts may be worth this one-time investment.

2. Lack of evidence

This platform offers quite a bit in terms of promises, but there is little evidence of the product in action.  It’s understandable that the brand behind Funnel Scripts would not want to reveal too much insider information, but there seems to be a wealth of advertised promises and vague titles without any substantial samples or demos to try before you buy.  The platform does offer a free webinar, but that webinar only really focuses on one small aspect of what the platform can help users do-- write very quick copy.  If there were more “try before you buy” features available, Funnel Scripts would likely seem like less of a risk. To put it simply, there is a lot of “telling you what we do” without actually telling anyone what they do.


Thank you for taking the time to read this in-depth Funnel Scripts review. In my honest opinion, there’s no one else I’d rather learn copy from than Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards…

But that reminds me, Funnel Scripts makes it so that you don’t have to learn copywriting if you don’t want to! Russell and Jim decided to turn their copywriting knowledge into a MEGA-software package that does most of the thinking for you.

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

All you have to do is fill out the forms, click “Build,” and BA-DA-BOOM!…

It spits out scripts for FB ads, email sequences, sales pages, VSLs, and everything in between.

To me, that’s reason enough to join Funnel Scripts…

If I didn’t already own it, I’d buy Funnel Scripts in a heartbeat, but the fact that they over-deliver with so many unreal bonuses makes the decision even easier.

People have paid $25K to learn the information inside Jim’s Copywriting Secrets Master Class alone…

And that’s just one of the many things that they toss in as a free thank you gift.

PLUS you get tons of training videos and tutorials like the Funnel Blueprints Course and LIVE monthly trainings with Jim.

So YES, Funnel Scripts is a no-brainer.

If you paid a medium-grade copywriter from Upwork to write just one copy of each of these scripts, it would cost over $100K… But for a limited time only it’s all included for a one-time fee of $797.

I’d recommend that if you can afford this small investment, then without a doubt buy Funnel Scripts. It will pay for itself almost instantly.

So the only remaining question is…what are you waiting for?!

The price will be going up soon, and there’s never been a better time to get your hands on this epic package.

As Russell and Jim always say “you’re always just one great sales letter away from being rich!”

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