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Funnel Scripts Purchase

If what you have written doesn't look professional, you will lose potential customers. If the content is written is too complex to understand, you will again lose customers.

Why do you need Funnel Scripts? To be successful in Internet marketing, copywriting is essential, and no one can deny this fact. It plays a significant role in persuading your readers into buying what you are promoting.

The process of funnel scripts is entirely automated, and you need to input a few details related to your product, business, and yourself.

Once you have provided all your information, funnel scripts will take your input and generate a completely new copy from previously written sales materials.

Funnel Scripts: Pricing Plan

Funnel Scripts used to be a yearly subscription software plan at $497 – But it was recently changed to an UNLIMITED one-time payment of $797 where you will get all the features, blueprints, monthly coaching with Jim Edwards, copywriting masterclass and other scripts for life.

Funnel scripts have just one pricing plan, and that is the lifetime plan, and it will cost you $797.

It’s so costly, right?

Well, it entirely depends on your usage. If you are planning to use this application to create ten copies every year, then I would ask you rather not to purchase it.

But, if you plan to create three copies every month, then this is going to be the best investment of money.

Assuming, you need three copies every month, and you invest $50 for every such 1000 word sales page content; you are spending $1800 every year on just copywriting.

So if you choose to purchase a subscription with funnel scripts, you will save $1003 in the first year. But as you are going to have a lifetime subscription, you will always be in profit.

There is just one important thing to note:

The content generated by funnel scripts is not unique.

So, if in future you want your sales page to rank for any specific keyword on Google or other search engines, with funnel scripts content you made won’t be in even top 20 results let alone the first page.

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